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  1. bob kudile


    the ads eat up my data.
  2. bob kudile


    i am getting all kinds of ads popping up this week ,watts up with that. anyone else having this problem?
  3. bob kudile

    Deciding when it's time

    7 years ago i had to put down the second of my last two gsp's two years after the first one. two weeks later i had a gsp puppy picked out. it eased the pain and was the best move.
  4. bob kudile

    Septic Question

    i had a new septic installed after the orig. failed. it included a line from the washing machine to a lint trap with an easy access to clean, then to the field. this was in wyckoff bergen county. when we moved into the house we had the old system cleaned and pumped. it was made up of two solids tanks and an overflow tank and no field. the old dutchman came with his helper to pump and clean. i got a call from the wife and she said you will not believe what i am looking at. the big old dutchman had the helper by the ankiels and was holding him down in the solids tank. the helper had what looked like a paddle and was scraping the tank walls. we laugh to this day about that seen. the old dutchman said no ridex but to throw a dead cat into the solids tank and that will take care of things.
  5. bob kudile

    Favorite home defense gun

    winchester mod 97 riot gun for me.
  6. bob kudile

    phil is at it again

    he just bought his own dem fake news staff.
  7. bob kudile

    40 years

    back in the 50's it was the route 3 and route 46 in lodi for me. both were were used as mv inspection stations week days before dark also. on saturday afternoons my wife and the three kids would go to old luther barretts farm on barrett road in vernon/warwick bdr.. the boys and i would hunt woodchucks and the wife and dtr. would help luther milk his cows by hand. right before dark we would hit the warwick drive in.
  8. bob kudile

    Female age to spay

    i never owned a female gsp. i have owned 4 male gsp's the first one was not neutered and it was a mistake as i never intended to breed him. the others were neutered around 9/12 mo. depending on the start of hunting season. the vets all advised not to early and to let the dog develop. all 3 neutered gsp showed no problems and are easy to live with. my current vet is a hunter and owns a wire hair and is in navhda. his dog is a national champ and not neutered, he will be a cash cow.
  9. bob kudile

    Phil’s vacation

    nothing posted about this today how come ?
  10. gomez you must a joy to be with on a long car trip or in a duck blind. i know my reply is stupid.
  11. bob kudile

    Weed Killer

    i use roundup for non selective weed control with a 2.5 garden sprayer. i use 24d for broadleaf control in the lawn ,not good for crabgrass and will kill some plants you dont want to kill. the farmer that plants my land just sprayed his soybeans with roundup that are roundup ready and are not harmed by roundup. one time i got too close to his alfalfa, with 24d,and killed a bunch. i had to go to his house and fess up and beg for forgiveness. forgiveness granted and i never did that again.
  12. bob kudile

    Discharging a firearm to scare a bear-legal?

    use rubber buckshot or #9 birdshot at 100' min.
  13. bob kudile

    Farmer shooting coyote ?

    go to the three s rule. shoot, shovel, and shut up
  14. bob kudile

    New Gun

    think of the winchester 94, the ammo used back in the day were silver tips with a flat tip slightly larger than the primer dia. the rounds are loaded thru the loading gate and are stacked end to end in the mag. tube under spring pressure. the lever revolution ammo is a new spin on the mag. tube rifle winchester, marlin etc. they are not intended for rifles that are single shot or magazine loaded. as nomad and nmco2 said.
  15. bob kudile

    Just One Lure?

    the only guys using the gold cp swing were sitting in the mud on a lawn chair wearing a budweiser hat with a fish stringer in the slow water. the phobbe rules the rapids.