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  1. bob kudile


    how do i stop the adds ? the pages are full of adds after each post.
  2. winchester model 88 308 cal. pre 64 glass bedded 2.5 post leo scope.
  3. i use one of those, its called big bubba butt buster. i use it on my turkey chair, and you can sit all day without ass burn. my chair came from mid west turkey supply about 15 years ago. they dont list it anymore. my gsp sits in the chair in front of the fire place all winter. he can look up and see the tv when pa outdoor life is on,and when chewey .com is on. the ups driver lets him jump into the truck and drives him up the driveway and then lets him pick out his chewey .com box and open it.
  4. i stated coopers can be had in all cal's
  5. just wait a few days and will, will have it for sale.
  6. go with 7mm rem mag. look into cooper rifles, made in montana ,as long as you want to spend some coin. 221 fireball,17 m 4 and 203 ruger. 17 m4 steps out at 4000 fps. 221 fireball is the parent case for the 17m4 and the 203 ruger is my go to rifle. these cals are for woodchucks crows fox etc. the coopers can be had in all cals.
  7. i own a sp mag 10 turkey combo. great goose and turkey gun . at 700.00 someone snap it up.
  8. when mounting a scope i use a 1" straight tube in the rings with 1 or 2 pc base . adjust the scope windage to the mid point of the clicks so left or right clicks are equal. mount the rings and base assembly on the rifle. using 1" points in the rings check the alignment of that assembly adjust if reqd so the points are aligned. adjust the base so the 1" tube is aligned with the barrel now you are ready to lap the rings. now the scope has no stress and windage is at the mid point of adjustment. last step use a lazer bore sight to set your final windage. i use the cast iron top of my table saw
  9. about 10 years ago i poled all the montana outfitters at the harrisburg sport show, what rifle cal. for western mule deer and antalope. 7 mm rem mag. came up as the most popular. the rifle i got was a rem 700 a/p custom shop. i worked up a load using the hornaday 139 gr. boat tail . my son and i have killed mule deer and antalope dead one shot from 100 to 500 yds in those 10 years. the rifle is sighted in at 300 yds. 500/600 yd shots need a 2 to 3 in hold over from center of body mass.
  10. i have a lyman all american reloader set up for 12 ga. i would have to pull it out and get all the parts together. i live in pa but can meet up at cracker barrel in clinton.
  11. back in the 60's my gsp took off after a deer at the mills , all he had on was a bell. in about 15 min i found him pointing the deer under an apple tree. it was the worst 15 min of my life, after a week i would be a basket case. back in the day the word was to leave your hunting jacket at the seen for the dog to find. however in those days there were no coyotes,that would be my fear today. finding the gsp brought tears to my eyes. my gsp's today have beeper collars and hunt close. i dont even like to hunt in bear country. ' '
  12. i did not see any posts about the decoy show, how was it?
  13. spicy grilled catfish for me and grilled rainbow trout for the wife, at cracker barrel.
  14. #8 or 71/2 shot any choke. the minute you light a match they will be all over you. i use hornet/wasp spray. hold your ground and get the wounded ones.
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