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  1. contact russell t. kudile for all fly fishing info. pa., ny.,me.,fl., and western states.
  2. winchester mod 12 , 12 ga. with 26" barrel and briley choke tubes.
  3. rpk0620 i did say pm me if interested. thanks, bob kudile
  4. i have a sneak box for sale built by carl adams for his personal use. i purchased it from carl in the mid 60's as he was on in years and decided to sell it , he never used it. i have not used it for 10 to 12 years and it is a barn queen. pm me if interested. bob kudile
  5. thanks all for the help just what i wanted. bob kudile
  6. looking for a vet in north jersey for acl operation. thanks, bob kudile
  7. coopers can be had in all cals. my son and i teamed up on a 700 rem. 7mm rem. mag from the custom shop. it is 12 for 12 kills in 10 trips to montana. it has a 4.5 x 20x leo. 139 gr.. boat tail hornaday. at the pa outdoor show i poled all the outfitters from mt and wy what was the best cal. and 7 mm rem mag won hands down. the important thing is cleaning use a bore guide. coated cleaning rod and a brissell brush butches bore cleaner and kano mix. swab with patches until patches come clean.
  8. it would be easy for me to list the states i have not been to. i have lived in nj ,pa and maine.
  9. bob kudile


    pauls diner rt 46 mt lakes and matthuews diner waldwick ( greek)
  10. i have a ruger 7722 that i had tricked out into a 22 k hornet by randy at conn. prec. reamer. now it shoots. i have dies to form the k hornet or you can fire form reg. 22 hornet. you can read about the k hornet on the conn. prec. reamer web site. i had the full treatment trigger, chamber and crown. without this rework the ruger is not worth a damn. reloading the hornet is tricky. i used ill gun powder and a lee crimp die. the shape of this rifle is like new.
  11. stevens crack shot. single shot hammer gun lever action. safe gun for young kid to learn on. never start out with a semi. my sons over 50 now still use pump shot guns with 3 shot plug. when hunting birds out west 3 shot plug is not reqd. this is not good for an eastern kid who grew up with 3 shots. all day long they could here me say safe on.
  12. go to bear basin outfitters on the web. i have bought leo scopes from them in the past without a problem. another is the woodchuck den,i have not bought a scope but plenty of reloading supplies. bob kudile
  13. winchester model 62 22 cal slide action. got it for christmas. it was bought at the tackle box in garfield nj from binkie wilson and his partners jake and lenney. i was 16 now 84 and still have it, and my grandson shoots it when he comes up from md.
  14. fox model b double 28" mod and full 75.00 new from covals sport shop hasbrouck heights nj. i was 15 years old and still have it. one saturday morning i took it for ride on the 35 inter city bus to the cedar woods along rt 3 in secaucus. thats were the older kids who could drive would go after school.
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