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  1. bob kudile

    New Gun

    think of the winchester 94, the ammo used back in the day were silver tips with a flat tip slightly larger than the primer dia. the rounds are loaded thru the loading gate and are stacked end to end in the mag. tube under spring pressure. the lever revolution ammo is a new spin on the mag. tube rifle winchester, marlin etc. they are not intended for rifles that are single shot or magazine loaded. as nomad and nmco2 said.
  2. bob kudile

    Just One Lure?

    the only guys using the gold cp swing were sitting in the mud on a lawn chair wearing a budweiser hat with a fish stringer in the slow water. the phobbe rules the rapids.
  3. bob kudile

    Just One Lure?

    the best spinning lure, drum roll, is the phobbe wobbler. gold for sunny days and silver for cloudy days. first tested in 1954 stevens state park when a grown man told me at 7:45 i would not catch a trout on that today. at 8:30 after i had my limit, the same man offered to buy my biggest trout. that lure was recommended to me by binkey of the tackle box garfield , nj . my grandson will carry on the tradition of the phobbe next week at the west penn rod and gun club kids fishing day.
  4. bob kudile

    Just One Lure?

    no one has posted the best one yet . still waiting.
  5. bob kudile

    two more crows down - the smart ones got away

    mazzgolf, setup with an owl on a fence post with some crow decoys on the ground spread around. if you have a crow come in try to wing him so he is flopping around with a broken wing and crowing like mad. the other crows will come to rescue him from the owl. my two sons and i had the best day one time with crows coming in and we were shooting them at 6' standing out in the open. a bunch of crows on the ground feeding will have a watch crow in a tree. if you can get him all hell will break loose as they will attack him on the ground. you will need two guns and a helper to load for you.
  6. bob kudile

    WTB or for trade Brass Bar stock

    mcmaster carr
  7. bob kudile

    Fox hunting tips needed

    go to a golf course at night and bait a trap attached to a chain and a grappling hook. in the early morning return and glass the tree line for the fox.
  8. bob kudile

    Downed tree loaded with poison ivy...

    he is just ball busting .
  9. bob kudile

    Turkey huntings future?

    nj marine, parris island 1956 for me right after the movie battle cry with tab hunter.
  10. bob kudile

    Turkey huntings future?

    njmarine, i put a super tight hastings choke on my rem mag 10 turkey barrel. i hit two turkeys and sent them running never to be found. i went to the sand pit and shot at some paper at about the same distance. the paper showed me elongated rough holes and my choke was so tight it was deforming the pellets. i went back to the rem. mod. flush stock choke and never looked back. i only shoot big beards up close and my surroundings must be beautiful and suriene. i use decoys because i suck at calling.
  11. bob kudile

    Turkey huntings future?

    one day a few years back i set up by a rock wall. a jake was raising hell with a bunch of hens in some heavy cover, as they came into sight, one of the hens broke away. she was all upset and came over the wall and ran over my legs. the jake was in the middle of the other hens,i stood up and there was a big covey rise including the jake,what a sight.
  12. bob kudile

    Hold over trout streams near central Jersey

    the toms you must use pork roll.
  13. bob kudile

    Presidential Portrait Fail

    the hands are huge, its a shot at trumps small hands. the ears were off limits to the press when he was first elected.
  14. bob kudile

    The Back Meadows

    you need a sneakbox or longer lines on your decoys that reach the grass line. shoot the black over dry land, and have a rolled up chicken wire with burlap carry in blind and pond box.
  15. i went wednesday from 10 opening to 7 closing and did not see it all. spent time with some of the guys from the tv show north woods law (maine). talked with some maine guides about the old days. talked to some outfitters from kansas about pheasant and quail hunting and made a special deal with one them for me and my dog. i am planning a trip to bowman,nd with a stop in kansas on the way home. busted the canada guys about their prime minister and his people kind statement to a woman who use the term mankind. they think he is there obama. some duck and goose guides invited me to have dinner with them,get me drunk and spot burn some south jersey duck marsh honey holes i have. i go every year, midweek,always a good day out. i skip the bow and boat part. saw some of the dock dogs working out, checked out the trucks and john deere tractors and a quick look at the guns, i have all i can use.