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  1. My daughter made her pick from our litter. Blackthorn Call Me The Breeze (call name Kiera)
  2. 1 week old and all 11 are gaining weight!
  3. Daisy started to whelp at 1244 and finished up at 830. 8 boys and 3 girls.
  4. Bob and Blackthorn Absolutely Bonnie G earned their Master Hunter title today! Next up the NAVHDA Invitational!!!
  5. Blackthorn All fired Up (Amy) Fiona on point Amy honoring and Daisy honoring Amy on point Fiona and Daisy honoring Mom-ma Daisy flanked by daughters Amy(l) and Fiona ®
  6. Snapped these as Daisy was coming in on a retrieve: The approach the leap She stuck the landing !
  7. Fiona on an honor Staying steady while in a stare down with a cock bird Daisy Teamwork
  8. On point with a retrieve in her mouth
  9. Blackthorn Against The Wind (Fiona)
  10. Coach both my girls softball teams and dog training all summer long until the season opens again!
  11. I have been fortunate to hunt many places and many different types of game but without a doubt it was sitting with my daughter this year as she harvested her first deer. This was her first time out and her first shot at any animal and she spined the buck and dropped it.
  12. I use my dogs to guide. I set the law down before we go out and the first unsafe thing that occurs the hunt is over. I have yet to end a hunt and at no time felt like myself or my dogs were in danger. Plenty of upsides. My 2 year old has probably seen more birds than most dogs will get to point in a lifetime. It is nice to get paid to put your dogs on birds!
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