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  1. Looks like he’s hooked Lou! Nothing wrong with that at all, I been hooked since I was a kid too! I’ve used that trick too! If he ever needs a hand or advice let me know. I will be glad to help. Been working on them for 20+ years as you know, and BHC is correct he can make a few extra bucks especially if he learns to work on the internal engin (Trans/bottom end).
  2. Thanks Jay!! I can’t wait to finally hold it in my hands!! FYI to all, mine is the second one down with the sticker off of his G2...
  3. I just wasn’t sure of the laws since this is a privately stocked pond on a private property. The owners (business) don’t want you there during business hours, but fortunately they don’t work weekends and don’t mind if you fish then. I don’t want to stir the pot since they are generous enough to not mind anyone there, but at the same time it is frustrating to watch these people take so much. It’s more for the kids too since this is basically the first spot I ever really fished as a kid, and has clear banks etc. I guess I could just try and talk these ppl into moderation but I doubt that will go anywhere...
  4. The last few years I have attended a local children’s fishing derby with my nephew and he always did well. The people that organize the event really do it well and stock a lot, and some nice (3lb+) trout also. The pond is fairly deep, and is capable of holding these trout well into the summer months for good, easy, local, weekend fishing. My problem is that after the derby and for a few weekends some “outsiders” come and literally fill buckets with these trout. I’ve personally witnessed individuals catching well over the standard limit of 6 by 2-3x. Do the standard f&g laws apply in this situation. It seems the local police don’t care, and this pond is in the suburbs and not something a co would know/care to investigate maybe. I’m just wondering if it’s worth a call. What are your guys’ thoughts on this? Not trying to stir up trouble, but laws are laws and more people could enjoy something other than your typical 1lb bass for a while at least.
  5. Don’t know what shop you went to (I am wondering though), or where you are located, but Simon Peter sport is one of the best around.
  6. I have a Henry 22 and my brother has a golden boy in 22. I love mine, it’s very smooth and shoots straight. Good quality. I’m actually very interested in their .410 lever action based off the .45-70, looks nice.
  7. Does the state require reporting after depredation permits are issued. I honestly don’t know the details behind this program. I agree 100% that as a whole we have a healthy deer heard, with low and high population zones. Unfortunately I think that some or maybe even the majority of the high population zones are also zones that don’t have a lot of huntable land (zone 36 for example). This further skews the numbers because the number of deer harvests in these areas are lower even though there are more deer, just can’t get to them. Think Bergen county.....
  8. Maybe I missed it while reading through this thread, but can we find out how many depredation permits are given out to farmers throughout the state? Even better if it was broken down by zones.... what about predator population by zone? I do believe, and can personally confirm that in zones where there isn’t much open public land (or any for that matter), the coyote populations are booming. What effect does this have on non-huntable deer populations? I have my own opinions about this topic, but without all the data, none of our personal management approaches matter.... To be honest, and in my opinion, I would bet that unless the state was to separate out each zone, and customize seasons/bag limits we would not see a HUGE difference in number of deer taken just by simply changing bag limits or reducing the length of seasons, etc. I know that the majority of hunters I know and myself only take roughly 3 deer per year personally and choose to stop there. I also know that some of these hunters additionally hunt with farmer depredation permits and can easily double or triple that number but it seems the state doesn’t include those permits in the totals? Maybe I missed it and I hope I did..
  9. Only one I kept was from my first buck ever that’s hanging on the wall with the tag hanging from one of his points
  10. Screaminta


    Nice! Used to love rabbit hunting with my dad....
  11. Did the state ever stock rabbits? Serious question, I’ve never heard this before...
  12. Funny you say that, I actually pm’d him a while ago about when/where he got his dog because of the similarities. They are similar in age but no relation lol.
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