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  1. Archer.... what type of barrel do u have for the 390? I may be interested...
  2. Bowhio, Send over his resume, no guarantees but my company usually hires 2-3 interns a year. We’re in rockaway FYI.
  3. Give Exit 74 Fabrications a call. I know they have done this type stuff before. Worth a call at least.
  4. Hmm then it could have been condensation. Maybe instead of bringing it inside, you could store it in a garage?
  5. Im assuming this is a break open muzzleloader. If so, I always verify I can see through the breech plug down the barrel before loading and powder/pellets. Also, as other have said, I am OCD about cleaning. I clean the barrel/breech plug after every shot. I store with some “preservative” but before going hunting I clean it all with alcohol, then dry patches. Before loading I fire 1-2 primers to “dirty” the barrel and then verify it’s all clear through the breech plug, then load.
  6. Congrats jay!!! Just had my first 2 months ago!!
  7. I will say the aerolites shot as well in my MR, just likes the thought of an all copper bullet with the reputation the Barnes had.
  8. I can say very little tracking, if any! I will post a pic of the recovered bullet from my muzzleloader buck from Monday. Perfect expansion. Looks like 100% weight retention. No pass through but you don’t need one.
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