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  1. NB what road was this on? If you don’t mind me asking.. he looks just like a buck I had in my backyard a few days ago....hope not.
  2. What type of tlc does it need? Also would you be interested in any trades? I’d be living in my barn if I brought another “toy” home lol
  3. Awesome! We’ll figure out a day, won’t be long just this weekend isn’t good for me. Thanks again!
  4. Lou, if you can hold this for a bit, my brother can use it on his 56 F100 build!
  5. Screaminta

    Jr's New Ride

    Hey Lou! Nice truck! I have an ‘05 F350 Harley Davidson edition. As you know there can be some issues with these engines, but with a little work they can be ultra reliable! I have 270k on mine with original headgaskets and original injectors! Some may call bs but it’s the truth. I see that there are some gauges on the A-pillar, do you know what mods are done to the truck?
  6. Hello,

    Just wondering whereabouts you are in EC?  May be interested in the stocks and mount.


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    2. Screaminta


      I was thinking of putting the Burris on a Browning lever action .308, or possibly putting the Nikon on an 870 slug barrel... not sure yet. 

    3. Screaminta


      Still interested in the stocks/ mount?

    4. username


      Oops, sorry I missed this.  

      Still thinking about it.  Can't seem to find a decent deal on handguards, a bit pricey for old commie stuff.

      Let me know if you are still looking for a scope.

  7. Figured I’d put this up again. I still have it all except the holster. Make an offer!!!
  8. Awesome! Nice job to the both of you!!!
  9. That elk is massive. Just for perspective is the bull that much bigger or is he closer than the buck is to the camera?
  10. Most likely a vehicle. He wasn’t that far from the road. I'll find out more tomorrow when I butcher.
  11. Was out in the cold this morning. After 4 hrs of nothing I decided to go check out a camera I have in another spot. Upon entering the field I see a doe (or so I thought) laying down right smack in the middle of the field. I took the binoculars out and saw her head up and alert. As I drive closer to her I notice her try to get up and realize both back legs cannot support her weight. I chose to get as close as I could without making her struggle and as she lifted herself up I put an arrow through her lungs. Turns out she was actually a button buck. I figured it was better than letting him suffer and having the coyotes eat him alive. His hind quarters are both pretty tore up but I will salvage what I can. I called it in and went back to normal hunting but again saw nothing! It actually was pretty heartbreaking watching him struggle, or maybe I’m just getting soft....
  12. I’ll be out chasing ghosts with horns.... maybe take a doe if it feels right, that’s if I see one of course.
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