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  1. Screaminta

    Tagged Out

    Way to go, nice buck!
  2. Screaminta

    Daughter Scores - Youth Day Buck

    Congrats to your daughter and you!
  3. Screaminta

    Muzzleloader bullets for sale

    The Barnes T-EZ are the only ones I use though.....
  4. Screaminta

    Hit in the void ?

    I shot a buck a few years back that not only was hit above the spine in that area, but still had the broadhead and about 3” of arrow still in him! I was on the original tracking job and only found literally one single drop of blood about 30yds from the shot. 3 weeks later you would have never though he had ever been shot and was chasing does just as good as ever. I’ll see if I can scrounge up the pic of the broadhead in his back strap.. Found it, you can see the ridge of his back on the right side of the picture, all the cutting around the broadhead was me poking around to make sure that there wasn’t any infection/puss. It was perfectly healed over already.
  5. Screaminta

    CVA Hunter Slug Gun??

    I was wondering the same thing..
  6. Screaminta

    Season for the books

    Those are two awesome bucks! Also being tagged out, It’s a bittersweet feeling. I especially had it that feeling after tagging out on opening day early season... some bucks are worth it though, and I would say the two you have are definitely worth it! You always have a few more seasons to get out there after another, but I know for me personally it would take an absolute giant to let an arrow fly.... something in the same caliber of the bucks you have!
  7. Screaminta

    What do you think?

    I both agree and disagree. What zone are you hunting? In Z7 last weekend I saw a buck following a doe like a little puppy dog and he wanted nothing to do with grunts/bleets/rattling etc. This weekend that same buck was fighting (on camera) and came in on a string to a mouth grunt call. He’s the one I shot on Sunday. Now I wouldn’t say he’s a huge mature buck, but def not a yearling stupid buck either....
  8. Screaminta

    Rut buck down

    Awesome buck!
  9. Screaminta

    11/11 Veterans Day Check-in

    Awesome buck 👍
  10. Screaminta

    First year hunting

    Congrats! That buck is beautiful, especially for a first!
  11. Screaminta

    11/11 Veterans Day Check-in

    Connected with this guy after a hectic morning.. read about it below https://www.njwoodsandwater.com/topic/26235-veterans-day-buck-down/
  12. Screaminta

    Veterans day six

    Nice! Love those wide 6’s!
  13. Screaminta

    Veterans Day Buck Down!!!

    I let him lay for about 45min after the shot. He was just stiff enough to stay that way for the pic.. maybe since it was pretty cold?
  14. Screaminta

    Veterans Day Buck Down!!!

    After the shot I let him lay for about 45 min because I didnt watch him go down. He was just stiff enough with his legs apart to stay up long enough for the pics..
  15. Screaminta

    Veterans Day Buck Down!!!

    I promised myself that I will absolutely be hunting today no matter what. I was supposed to have last week off of work, but because of issues that arose, that was pushed out to who knows when. Last night I was at a family wedding 1.5 hrs away from home and didn’t get home until ~ 1am. After getting ~3?hrs of sleep last night I woke up at 4am with that nice burning sensation in my eyes (overtired). Per my normal routine I took a shower only to realize that I used regular scented soap/conditioner so back into the shower to wash with scent free. Drove the hr to the farm I hunt and it was already a little later than I had hoped. Got dressed and quickly walked the ~400 yds to my stand. Got set up and started to cool off and realized I left my phone in my truck . Not that I care about having my phone, but should the wife text and get no answer then she would worry. Also, good to have in case of emergency. So, back down I go to get my phone now walking even quicker. Back into my stand at about 6:25am only to find that my grunt call had come apart some where in the commotion. Fast forward a whopping 10 minutes and I hear a grunt in the distance in some nasty thick stuff that I am set up on the edge of. I give a grunt back using my mouth and sure as heck he appears in a few minutes and gives me a 12 yd shot.... the rest is history. Never saw him on camera and don’t bait this spot at all. He had a bunch of fresh bark on his antlers from rubbing in the thick stuff. P.S. I also found the piece to my grunt call on my way back to the truck!