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  1. Hey buck, any pics of him from 2017? I think I may have some pics of him for you... pm me if you don’t want to share your zone... the pics I have are from zone 5. If not I have a ghost that could be his twin!
  2. I’m feeling sick on Friday morning “cough”. I’ll be out there!
  3. Anyone have these bibs and/or jacket? I’m in the market for some cold weather gear and saw these come up. I looked for reviews but they seem to be fairly new. I know a lot of people say get the Sitka fanatic series, but I have a hard time justifying $800+ on a set of cold weather gear. Especially since Ive been getting by with layering for so long. I’m just getting tired of being a stuffed sausage in my treestand anymore. The bib/jacket set goes for less than half of what the Sitka goes for... Let me know if you tried them, or maybe someone you know. Thanks!!
  4. I live right in Fairfield, next door to you. Let me know what your plan is tomorrow. If you want some help just pm me and I’ll see if I can sneak out of work early or something....
  5. If that were me, with that blood, I would go find that buck. Where are you located? I may be able to help, and I’m sure others will offer also.....
  6. 11/3 4pm chasing does baited with 1 pumpkin!
  7. Was out this afternoon. Shot a nice fox and 8pt jack Harris style. The 8 was following does that wanted nothing to do with him and I grunted him in. Apparently he was pretty hungry and ate almost an entire pumpkin that the wife said wasn’t needed anymore off my front porch! IMG_0089.MOV
  8. Did he just walk off flickering his tail? If so I would wait at least 4 hrs.... What was his reaction when he was hit. Did he jump or just sorta hunched up?
  9. Did you find blood? Where was the hit?
  10. Good luck and I agree with everyone else. Dead deer for sure.
  11. 9/15/19 afternoon Over bait Also had a younger 8pt same day about 20 min earlier
  12. Pm sent... I’m right in Fairfield.
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