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  1. Awesome! Nice job to the both of you!!!
  2. That elk is massive. Just for perspective is the bull that much bigger or is he closer than the buck is to the camera?
  3. Most likely a vehicle. He wasn’t that far from the road. I'll find out more tomorrow when I butcher.
  4. Was out in the cold this morning. After 4 hrs of nothing I decided to go check out a camera I have in another spot. Upon entering the field I see a doe (or so I thought) laying down right smack in the middle of the field. I took the binoculars out and saw her head up and alert. As I drive closer to her I notice her try to get up and realize both back legs cannot support her weight. I chose to get as close as I could without making her struggle and as she lifted herself up I put an arrow through her lungs. Turns out she was actually a button buck. I figured it was better than letting him suffer and having the coyotes eat him alive. His hind quarters are both pretty tore up but I will salvage what I can. I called it in and went back to normal hunting but again saw nothing! It actually was pretty heartbreaking watching him struggle, or maybe I’m just getting soft....
  5. I’ll be out chasing ghosts with horns.... maybe take a doe if it feels right, that’s if I see one of course.
  6. Shot a mature doe and decent 9pt during eab. Haven’t seen anything worth looking at twice with the exception of a ghost buck who wouldn’t come closer than 65yds when I had a bow in my hand. Hunted m/l and 6day and had over 30 doe over the last few days of that but was out for horns. Now my plan is to go with the m/l and take 1 or 2 mature doe or a nice buck. Buck needs to be at least ~125” or he walks. We’ll see what tomorrow brings....
  7. I use pumpkins every year from the farmer after he’s done with his season. I smash/crack them as said. I’ve watched deer tear them up like a dog would, getting mouthfuls at a time. They key is to use them before they freeze. If they freeze then thaw they turn to mush and they rot. Not sure why, just my observations.
  8. Got this guy on camera the other day. Pretty cool to watch when you’re in the tree.
  9. Saw 13 doe during an all day sit today. Not a horn to be seen.....
  10. My dad and all three of his sons (myself included) got their first guns from Meltzers. Always used to buy all of our guns, ammo, licenses, and clothing their when I was real young. If we didn’t get it their it came from Cabela’s mail order. also sad to see Dover sport closing, was really convenient since I work less than 5 minute away.
  11. Assuming you are in the south zone? Yes, starting on Dec. 12th I don’t see why not....
  12. I bought an 870 Hastings cantilever barrel off eBay new with a tiny scratch for $80. There are deals to be had.
  13. 12 or 20 gauge? Rifled or Smoothbore? Cantilever or open sight? Matte or blued?
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