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  1. SoloFilmer

    Smoked An Early Season Doe! On video

    Nice setup brother...Even have a varizoom! I recently just switched to a mirrorless setup with 1 main lens for bowhunting. Its working wonders for me as long as I can get a deer to cooperate with me in the stand filming. Keep going and doing your thing.
  2. SoloFilmer

    Smoked An Early Season Doe! On video

    Hey man nice video, congrats on the deer! Not critiquing you or anything but I also film and I was tight on a budget so I wasn't able to get top notch stuff. It seemed like you were trying to get the camera to pan smoothly while following the deer but it was jumpy and rigid. Years ago I ended up getting a manfroto fluid head and nice tree arm and it made life a whole lot easier panning the camera while in the stand without it jumping around. All in all keep up the good work. If you have any questions pm me. I am not a guru but i have been to some film schools. If you are looking for tree arms look into fourth arrow. Thats was I use now.
  3. SoloFilmer

    Place to sight in a rifle?

    You can try south jersey shooting club, but it is private unless one of the members here want to take you are a guess. Usana has a range also
  4. SoloFilmer

    New Hunting License Protocol from the DF&W

    I can tell you it may not only be a part of the apprentice hunter certification but people who have hunted other states. There are some states that literally will issue a nonresident a hunting license online and all they have to do is check the box that they completed a hunter ed course in another state no questions asked. I am wondering if people are buying non resident licenses from another state then coming to NJ and producing that license to get issued a Jersey license? Could this be happening?
  5. SoloFilmer

    9/16/18 check in

    Went out to see if I could go two for two....Had 7 does comes in and a velvet 7 pointer. I gave him one pass because I have 3 or 4 bigger bucks on camera in daylight at this stand. Don't know if im going to regret it or not. Here he is. Im heading out tonight again if he comes back at 20 yards again there is no more free passes.
  6. SoloFilmer

    O9/15 pm hunt

    Congrats to all who had success today. I also got my EAB...crazy story I went out in the morning and it was perfect but nothing really moved around me. Went home my dad stayed out all day so I had to drive back to pick him up after it got dark. Im.sitting home and realize I have to go back out why not hunt. It was just too hot , I hunt public land and to stay away from everyone I have about s 30 minute walk to my stand. I knew I would need 2 sets of clothes just getting there. Now I have a corn field I used to hunt behind my house, but havent I. Years because a farmer let a couple guys hunt on it and ever since then I've had stolen gear and nothing but problems...even after I showed the new guys all of my stands and told them they can hunt them whenever I'm not in them. So long story short I run out back and climb in an old wooden stand in the woods where I know the deer cross to get to the corn field. Within 30.minutes theres deer all around and I whacked a nice doe. EAB earned it's time for the big boys. It's crazy I usually film all my hunts and have been doing it for years. Today I literally left the house with my bow and a range finder and it happens.
  7. SoloFilmer

    was I an a-hole?

    Like everyone said, you did nothing wrong. If he was your friend why would he ask your parents to hunt on their land? Why wouldn't he just say to you, hey do you think i could set up a stand on your parents property or hunt there a couple times this year? That is no friend in my opinion. It being your parents property just have them tell him he cant hunt there. end of story. They didn't tell him to plant a food plot or put mineral down. good luck
  8. SoloFilmer

    9/14 pm hunt, zone 12

    My view in 28
  9. Hey swamp I live right next to Winslow...My lab does very well pheasant hunt if I sign up as a handler ill see you there.
  10. SoloFilmer


    The suicide is a rumor....I hope that is all it is...but I am pretty sure that he was on a sheep hunt at the time...Either way very sad
  11. SoloFilmer

    Help with old boat wax/compound

    Im down in southern NJ but thank you for the advise brown and buck I will check it out I appreciate it. I may take the boat to a fiberglass place and see what they say about it.
  12. SoloFilmer

    Self Defense Hunt

    Definitely a cool concept for the sight just don't know if I could do it.
  13. SoloFilmer

    Self Defense Hunt

    crazy story with a crazy ending. Sounds like an awesome hunt minus being charged by a cat. but im pretty sure that guy looked familiar when I was looking at reviews for the sight a while ago...Maybe im wrong but is this him also lol
  14. SoloFilmer

    Thermacell foot warmers

    A buddy of mine has a pair of the socks. I'm pretty sure he paid top dollar for them but he doesn't leave the house without them in the winter. He also bought the heated insoles but said that the socks seem to work better then the insoles. My cousin purchased a pair of the cheaper heated socks and returned them immediately stating they didn't work at all. Not sure if he just got a back batch or they were really just junk. The chemical warmers work best for me also even though nothing warms your feet up more then a little stroll in the woods but when your sitting all day that is not possible.
  15. SoloFilmer

    The future of our sport

    Everyone here makes valid points. I did see a lot of posts about public land access and horror stories that have occurred on public land. I mean, I would not like to add up the value of my hunting equipment that has been stolen or destroyed over the years on public land. The technology is also a great point! Me being a bit younger I have a nephew that literally is on some type of electronic constantly. I tried everything as an uncle to get him in the woods, but it just utterly fails. Fishing, hunting, baiting stands, shooting and just enjoying that outdoors always end in an argument of why this? why that? can we go home now. I am not his father nor a father at all, just seems to be hard to get through to him that he can have fun doing things outdoors without electronics. I am leaving that up to his parents though. To the point I was getting to is money. Hunting was never as expensive as it is now. I understand technology has evolved and create new and improved bows, gear, stands, cellphone trail cams and all those goodies, but before it never broke the bank. Now you have bare bows going for 1650$. Not saying you need to go top of the line with everything but if your just trying to stay up with time its gets expensive. Then try introducing a friend of relative into hunting. They are going to take a beating before they even get into the woods. Now obviously, like I said before we don't need to top of the line gear, but after they get all their gear its time to buy a license.... I'm no math genius but if you want to hunt year round in NJ, you can add up all of the licensing fees and head to the bank for a personal loan. Its outrageous in my opinion...a quick chart would be Resident Firearms - 27.50 Resident Archery- 31.50 Permit Bow- 28 + 28 for buck stamp Permit Shotgun - 28 + 28 for buck stamp Permit muzzle loader - 10.50 Total- 181.50 and that is not including waterfowl stamps, pheasant stamps or anything else that requires a stamp...To me that is outrageous to hunt in your own state...You add any of that cost to a new hunter and I feel like it would turn them away fairly quick. Now I do like the idea of the apprentice license and hopefully it works getting new people in the woods. I hunt Pennsylvania every year for 1 week out of the year but it costs be 128.60 as a non-resident a year to hunt there year round(bow or gun). No you cant kill as many deer in PA but If i am able to get a buck and a doe a year it usually fills my freezer pretty well. My time then turns to waterfowl and upland. I saw the post about the professionals, and advertisements. I am sure all the pro's pushing certain gear and equipment doesn't help when you sitting down watching a show with your kid (I wouldn't know I don't have any). I was a kid once and played sports. When I saw one of my favorite pro's using a certain brand stick or bat I wanted it. I'm not going to get off topic but they are just some of my reasons why I feel newcomers are tremble about entering the sport.