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  1. Does this show have hunters acting like idiots every time they harvest a deer? I haven't watched a hunting show in well over 5 years.
  2. A lot of people go, shoot and leave their garbage behind. Especially their destroyed targets.
  3. I shot my first ever Doe back in 2010 Opening day before sundown. They were walking in line away from be about 25 yards. I baited a lot that year because it was my first year ever hunting. I was thrilled as anyone can be for their first deer. I'll remember that forever. My first and only buck to this day, came that October while the buck was munching on the corn I had out. Harvested him and was excited. Tracking him and finding him made it that much better and that was by myself too. Anyways, for me, it doesn't matter if it's over bait or just the deer walking in on you at the right time and r
  4. Yeah it's IE. It's on my company computer. This isn't the first site I had to switch over too. A few I go on flat out says that this website is no supported by so and so. I don't mind Chrome so it's all good.
  5. I only have an issue not being able to post using Internet Explorer. I had to switch to Chrome in order to post. Not a big deal.
  6. Probably going to be in the 50's Saturday morning. I'll be in the stand for it.
  7. Last 5 seasons, maybe $100 without licenses that is. Haven't baited with corn in years. My hunting property is about a 35 minute drive while no one is on the road. Going rte 18 to 1 south in the afternoons suck. I may start to put corn out on Sunday's so I can go early morning and avoid all traffic.
  8. Horrible. Wonder where he "fell asleep" though? Middle of corn field, on the edge?
  9. I'll be in my stand by 5:30-5:45 am just relaxing until the sun comes up. Hopefully with a doe right there for an easy shot.
  10. Going to make this one early. To everyone going out this Saturday for Opening Day, best of luck to you all and above all, be safe out there. Please don't forget your safety harness. Should always be the first thing on your checklist and should be double and triple checked. Here's to another good hunting season here on NJW&W and looking forward to the pics of harvested Doe/Bucks.
  11. Not a good historic reminder at that but god bless.
  12. Saturday 6am around 62 degrees. Yeah that's perfect
  13. One stand and one stand only. I see doe and bucks from that same stand too.
  14. I honestly have no clue what this has to do with EAB but man, I am dying laughing.
  15. My only input for this is just what others have said. Population Control. I hunt the Montgomery Twp deer Program and it's basically to help with the doe population. Harvesting a buck is a bonus for them. It's either they have 90 hunters or so on different properties take out a good amount of doe, or have a company come in and take out about 90% of them or so. That would be less hunting for hunters on those pieces of property. I like EAB until a buck walks out in front of me first thing when the sun rises. But hey, it's the rules so.
  16. Certainly have to agree with your last sentence for sure.
  17. No clue what pair I have but I never use them.
  18. The virus just helped their underlying health issue to advance much faster. I get what you are saying for sure. But what if they didn't have the health issues and just got the virus? More people have survived the virus than actually died from it.
  19. Don't you have an allotted time of 14 days? Either way, Jersey Strong is opening back up at 5am on the 14th I believe so I will be there for 5am to work out for about 45 mins before I go to work. I am really looking forward to not being able to walk for a few days. Miss those kind of leg work outs.
  20. Need to finish my stand this Saturday and shoot my bow a few times this weekend and I will be set.
  21. Holy Smokes he is awesome.
  22. Peewee is coming for you man
  23. Just get an Ozonics and you have NOTHING to worry about...You're welcome.
  24. Of course he will limit the capacity. Since he is doing it with the gyms, he will certainly do it with restaurants. There is no doubt about it unless your as senile as Sleepy Joe.
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