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  1. NJ Predator

    So are we felons now?

    So has there been any kind of lawsuits made yet for this?
  2. NJ Predator

    So are we felons now?

    Well he does love spending tax payers money on garbage so perhaps you are right.
  3. NJ Predator

    So are we felons now?

    Do you really think they would do so? I mean how long would it take to see who purchased what gun and came with what magazine?
  4. NJ Predator

    So are we felons now?

    So for those who own a magazine that holds more than 10 rounds, are we officially felons as of today?
  5. NJ Predator

    208 Bears Taken this Year

    I think 210-215 will be harvested
  6. NJ Predator

    Gas prices....

    Owned by greedy people that's all. I have seen Exxons that charge differently from other Exxons depending where they are.
  7. NJ Predator


    With the help from the referees
  8. Just digging their own grave if that happens.
  9. NJ Predator

    Hockey Pucks to stop school shooter?

    Ok right, I'm going to hide behind a locker, step out and throw a puck and make myself a target. Great idea. That will not deter a shooter or distract him at all. Must've came from a Democrat
  10. NJ Predator

    RIP Dad 1935-2018

    God Bless you and the family my friend. I am deeply sorry for your loss. I know how you feel, I lost my mother 2 months ago to cancer as well and it's such a horrible disease and I really do hope one day they find a cure for it.
  11. NJ Predator

    How many days do you Hunt?

    Last 3 seasons, only got out 1 time
  12. NJ Predator

    Jury Duty

    Last time I went in I played the crazy card and said everyone is GUILTY until proven innocent. The judge was like Guilty until proven innocent? Have a nice day sir and I walked out lol
  13. NJ Predator

    Admit it...Who is addicted to it?

    I check only on the weekdays since I am at work. I like to see what other posts are made besides hunting posts.
  14. NJ Predator

    Stan Lee has passed

    This will hit many many people young and old. He definitely changed the comic book game and has touched many lives. He will be missed
  15. NJ Predator

    13 Dead Bar In California

    Wait, you mean California hasn't already banned everything!?!?! Man everything we knew must've been wrong from the get go then.