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  1. I would sign up for a few
  2. NJ Predator

    Question for those that kill mature bucks

    What exactly is "mature" in hunting terms?
  3. NJ Predator


    Supposedly 92 percent chance of rain right now in perth Amboy and 93% an hour later then snow. I won't believe it until it actually happens. Although I hope it does happen so I can finally have my son go sledding with me after work
  4. NJ Predator

    New Hot Spot For Deer Hunting

    At least you don't have to worry about the heat effecting the deer. You know they will be moving since they are used to the heat there.
  5. NJ Predator

    Super Bowl Weekend

    Same here. I have a bottle of Tito's in my cabinet for 2 months now only half full. I barely drink beer since it leaves me bloated.
  6. NJ Predator


    I have a small 10 I shot my first year hunting. Haven't had another buck since and it's been since 2010. I also can't bring myself to shooting any spikes either. I'd rather eat my tag than to do so but that's just me.
  7. NJ Predator

    Tired of political posts?

    Thank god I don't have cable anymore. Only bad thing is social media and the internet right now because it's all plastered there.
  8. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if a civil war happened sooner than later
  9. NJ Predator

    Rams or Pats

    Patriots. I'm going to my sisters boyfriends house again. Good food and people plus a chance to win some money. I enter a Jets stronghold and his father HATES Tom Brady with a passion. That year they beat the Seahawks, I had to contain my excitement even though I am not a Pats fan. I just didn't want Pete Carrol and Richard Sherman to win that game.
  10. NJ Predator

    What's Your Plans Now?

    Being I haven't hunted in 3 seasons, I'll finally get my bow sighted in for the new season. Hopefully move into a new house between the seasons, play golf and smoke cigars.
  11. I went one year and it was too crowded. Wasn't really impressed because some people talked it up to be the greatest show of the year and it was a let down. Perhaps I'll give it another try but not this year. I forgot it was even coming up.
  12. Watch the replay of the Saints game and tell me how the refs couldn't throw a flag on the biggest and most obvious pass interference in the history of the league.
  13. I never did like comparing players in different era's of any sport. The league is so much different now compared to back then.
  14. NJ Predator

    Hunting Shows You Hate

    Haven't watched a hunting show in years and probably never will to be honest. Most are just idiots that don't know how to act after shooting a deer or whatever they are chasing.
  15. NJ Predator

    Anyone hunt in that COLD???

    Cold gear only works so much. Sitting there not moving will only last a little while, then the cold sets in. I haven't hunted the winter season in 5-6 years or so. I have no desire to do so either. I'm guessing it wasn't windy where you went? Wind was blowing pretty good around my town.