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  1. NJ Predator

    Eagles vs Giants

    Well Beckham is 50/50 on his contract now I bet. He is a greedy player though. He should've looked at other teams and have an actual chance for a SB and he knew the Giants were in decline the past few seasons. He just wanted money and now he has it.
  2. NJ Predator

    Here comes the RAIN

    A little heavy here in Woodbridge but it slowed down. Suppose to pick up around 2pm or so with 30 mph wins from what I heard.
  3. NJ Predator

    Best UFC Post Fight Interview

    The Black Beast is hilarious...his comments are the best
  4. NJ Predator

    NJ Bears on History Channel today

    Tomorrow we will see on the front page of the paper with his ugly smile on I it saying "History Channel Lies About NJ Bears" or something along those lines
  5. NJ Predator

    Stormy Daniels is a hot liberal

    I love how talk show hosts think they are politicians when they absolutely have no clue about politics.
  6. NJ Predator

    FID through State Police questions

    Took me 30-32 days the day I went for my Application in Woodbridge. That was maybe 6-7 years ago. Recently moved to Old Bridge two years ago and got around to changing my address on my FID and that took about 2-3 weeks only.
  7. NJ Predator

    Just ungodly dumping of rain.

    I didn't even know it was going to rain. Heard thunder at no clue what time and went right back to bed
  8. NJ Predator

    Less Bear Hunters Next Week !!!

    But according to those who voted for him, he is doing a bang up job. Funny how these people can't say they are wrong and keep It bottled up that they screwed up voting for him.
  9. NJ Predator

    Less Bear Hunters Next Week !!!

    4.3 from what I saw.
  10. NJ Predator

    under armor hunting jacket

    Nice jacket but I don't buy anything from UA anymore. Good Luck though
  11. NJ Predator

    Bob Menendez is in trouble

    It just amazes me how NJ residents can vote for a corrupt official like Menendez and not care, democrat or not
  12. NJ Predator

    Belated Constitution Day and a thought

    So um yeah, mods please ban this guy
  13. NJ Predator

    When A Good Day Goes Bad

    Should've gave him more than just the two tickets.
  14. 15 posts and says he shot a buck, found it supposedly and no pictures? Can't believe him until it's proven. He is trolling right now
  15. NJ Predator


    I think my quiver holds 5 so I just keep all five in them and never used more than 1