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  1. I once left a sign on a truck that was taking up to spots. I am sure he was happy with it. I've watched videos of people zip tying the carts to the cars door handle too. That is pretty funny/
  2. Two months? Took them 10 minutes from start to finish to verify mine last week.
  3. So you would rather be 70% protected over 90% protected? You will probably get a fever and chills and that's it. I had the Pfizer and a day after the 2nd shot, I had slight body aches and chills later that night and that was it.
  4. "Due to large crowds of individuals and unauthorized activities creating an unsafe environment at relatively small areas within our over 350,000 acres WMA system" I'd say that is part of it....
  5. For only 46k? I would like to think the seller could get way more than that no?
  6. Since it's a re-election year, I think he will submit and agree with the CDC because he will want the votes. I don't think he will get re-elected either way but let him think whatever will help him. I'll say by next week....hopefully.
  7. Never liked NY. I could careless if it disappears off the map to be honest.
  8. Imagine spending money on that and having it stolen here in NJ? Yeah it seems cool but not for me at least here.
  9. Got 3 out of 4. Our Federal taxes didn't go through yet which they should've since we filed on Feb 17th. Once that goes through, we should get the other one since my son was born August 2020. Also, to be fair, the WIFE got 3 out of 4 since she controls the finances....
  10. Also, to add to your questions, how do the taxes work as well? Are the taxes low on a bare piece of land?
  11. Not really required for me at my job. Although, I did have to take it twice within a 3 week span because I was "in contact" with some people who had it outside in our warehouse and in the office. I went to CVS for them. Drive thru, swabbed and done. Work gave me off for 3 days and got paid with emergency sick time. Still have my regular 5 sick days and 4 weeks vacation.
  12. I believe 8 of them were republicans who signed it too and one is from NJ.
  13. And we know a few of them closet democrats here...not naming names either but we all know them.
  14. Exactly. The kid who rocked the other dude will be in deep trouble since they have video of him rocking him.
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