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  1. Red flag for sure. Told his age and already has terrible grammar.
  2. I would dance at your funeral...In a mourning type of way...No disrespect meant here.
  3. I know townships have managed deer hunts. You would need to contact the town hall and most likely, get a permit from them IF they have hunting land available. Not all land is huntable either. You will get a lot of answers here to. Just do your research. A lot of places that are off limit are actually hunted by the Old Bridge PD. Look around Texas Road there too. I think there is property there you can hunt too.
  4. I hope you get him next time but be careful.
  5. Not I. Took my stand down on Sunday. Been a bust of a season for me. The property did not produce much at all. Been in contact with the other guys there too and they said it was dead. I know for next year to avoid that place and sign up for a different property in the township program.
  6. This 100%. Heck, I even get notices for my old GMC i traded in a few years back about my warranty and recall notices too.
  7. And I am sure the bill will pass too.
  8. According to a google search, they are perfectly legal although I would look a little more into it just in case. Also, that could change in the next few months though with this new administration in office.
  9. How much is this corssbow anyway? Edit: NVM, I saw it. If you have the money, by all means but I would rather put that money towards a hunting package out west perhaps.
  10. Soon enough that word won't exist. It'll be called shooting.
  11. This 100%. Also, save emails between you and the sales person because when you go in they will say they never said the price they gave you. You will have proof and they will feel stupid.
  12. Yeah I was going to ask, how come people aren't actually saying New Jersey Hunter? Did they think they would've been suspended or it's frowned upon?
  13. I completely forgot my password for that site. Haven't signed in there in years.
  14. Who is that guy with the different flavors of wine? He has a website doesn't he?
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