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  1. I actually went skydiving years ago. Biggest adrenaline rush you will ever have.
  2. Maybe in 1955 sure but now, no way. I won't take one for the team on that old hag now
  3. Even though AOC is the enemy, I'd like a piece of her.
  4. You mean demoted to minor leagues?
  5. Uncle Ted will be there August 9th 7pm. Thinking of going to see him for the first time. Any one else thinking of going?
  6. I tell you what, it's starting to get a heck of a lot more scary here in NJ than ever before.
  7. Happened to my friend a few years back. Went with him to get it down. Ties his knife to a long stick and just cut the strap. Just stand back and let it fall.
  8. I love how people say gun violence can be stopped. It's funny that people actually believe this too.
  9. AT&T since Iphone 3GS ...My plan was called a dinosaur because it is unlimited data/text/phone.
  10. What exactly is "mature" in hunting terms?
  11. Supposedly 92 percent chance of rain right now in perth Amboy and 93% an hour later then snow. I won't believe it until it actually happens. Although I hope it does happen so I can finally have my son go sledding with me after work
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