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  1. Sitting on my couch playing Big Buck Hunter today. I'll post pics of the Big Buck I shoot fellas.
  2. It is a cold one but i'm going for it. Zone 14, here we go!
  3. Any chance I get is my favorite. Best therapy one can have if you ask me.
  4. Technically you can "eat" the horns. Well drink them to be honest but who is listening anyways?
  5. Went out Friday morning and grunt/rattled two bucks in. One 6 pointer and then an 8 pointer came in 10-15 mins later. 20 yards away from the 8 pointer and that 6 pointer was literally next to me so I couldn't make my move on the 8. They both trotted away. So close. Would've been only my 2nd buck ever in my 10 years of hunting. If it's not raining Thursday morning, I'll be out there. Speaking of which, when you buy the permits online now, do you guys just print them out so you can have them or do you have the mailed to the house?
  6. And only a handful will get them. Odds are very very little. There are more Cow permits than Bull permits when the lottery is awarded too.
  7. A friend on mine went to Benezette to check out the Elk too. Said they were walking around like they owned the place lol Must be real cool to see them up close and see how big they are.
  8. It's all a placebo. It's all in our heads. I love these threads though. Always get a kick out of the arguments they bring.
  9. I'd be shocked if that number hit 275+ like some guys here are saying. 225+/- so I can be 100% right.
  10. Hey, one down, a few more to go. However, RIP.
  11. Pending the weather, I may take off the 21st and 28th and also another day in November.
  12. Alright so let me get this started here. When will the rut hit this year!!!??? Need to take a day or two off for it. I haven't seen the Wing on here with his expertise so someone will have to step up and take his place. Let's here it.
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