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  1. When I do Intermittent Fasting, I skip it everyday.
  2. Seems to me that lots of people need to start doing some Squats, deadlifts, seated rows and lat pull downs to get that back strength up to lift the deer into the bed.
  3. I would love to hunt from the ground but the Township I hunt with forbids it unless you're handicapped. Always wanted to hunt from a blind.
  4. Those four can building me anything
  5. Haven't hunted Winter Bow for a few years now. I stopped hunting at the end of November this year. Perhaps next season I will break my habit of not hunting winter bow and get out there.
  6. Well Democrats are Domestic Terrorists so
  7. I would love to have the two in the middle just drop dead.
  8. Ehhh Dallas made out much better.
  9. They still have a show in Edison?
  10. Fitness goal is for me to start juicing and hit 280 JACKED!!!!!!!
  11. I'm just waiting for Archer to join the convo so this thread can go off the rails with his hatred for Trump
  12. I may inVEST in one for next season.
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