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  1. Correction on the title....Should said STUPIDITY, ladders and chainsaws...not a good combination
  2. NJ Predator

    Cougar Sighting In PA ??!!

    Must've crossed over that bridge that was made
  3. NJ Predator

    July 4th is now racial!

    This country is just terrible now...It really is a shame
  4. NJ Predator

    Bear Hunt Voices Needed!

    His mind is made up. This is the last year for it....I don't think we can change his mind
  5. NJ Predator

    Prince Harry loses man-card

    I can say hot but no more than that
  6. NJ Predator

    Prince Harry loses man-card

    You really think she is super hot? I would say she is a good looking woman but not super hot.
  7. NJ Predator

    How many pins?

    1 pin...adjustable but working on sighting it in
  8. NJ Predator

    Another school shooting....in Texas now

    Could have been carrying a duffel bag maybe? I don't think any other backpack would hide a shotgun unless it was a sawed off
  9. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/police-race-to-texas-high-school-after-reports-of-gunfire/ar-AAxt3Em?li=BBnb7Kz A few fatalities from what I read
  10. NJ Predator

    Fun home project...

    Ehhhh I'd rather the homemade grill.....I'd be done with her in seconds and wouldn't be able to enjoy it....I'd enjoy the grill much longer
  11. If this is true, then his mind is already made up....you can't change the mind of a Democrat that is against guns....why would he keep the bear hunt? He will lose the votes of the Anti's and will hurt him in the next election
  12. NJ Predator

    She's here

    Adorable...congrats brother
  13. NJ Predator

    Your favorite NJ activity

    Yes sir...I would've added a sport...I play golf and smoke cigars...would've picked golf over hunting to be honest
  14. NJ Predator

    Siamese Fawns

    What happens if it was a doe/buck? How would you explain that you shot a doe before your buck?
  15. NJ Predator

    Your favorite NJ activity

    Archery Hunting...didn't realize this was an all hunting thing...there are many outdoor activities to enjoy