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  1. It's literally the first thing I put in my bag before I go out for a sit. Never had a problem with it. Then again, how could we know if a deer does smell it and react to it? There are many variables in the woods that can spook deer away. Unless a video has proof of a deer smelling it, I wouldn't worry about it.
  2. Really looking forward to getting in the stand. It's been 3 seasons since my last sit. I don't care if I see a deer or not. It'll be good to sit and relax my way. Good luck everyone
  3. Elite Energy 35 RAGE BROAD HEADS...for all the haters out there.
  4. Good! Hope they get banned from fishing altogether
  5. I fixed it for you man. But on a side note, I hate when people park in the no parking zone right in front of the store. Happens every day when I go to 7-11. I mean it's only painted there in yellow and very legible.
  6. Shoot a world class 180'' buck and become a pro staffer
  7. Juji is hilarious. Dude is a straight monster that can do backflips and all that crazy stuff at his size. He is good with weights but catching fish is a whole different animal lol
  8. I honestly can't tell if that's a Sasquatch or a Buck. Picture is so damn blurry
  9. Well that's good news. Just irritates me that people leave their trash there. Especially people who hunt and do Archery. I wouldn't expect that from those people.
  10. That's off of Bordentown Ave I believe. Right next to the horse riding place too. I haven't been in a little while. Messy at times because no body cleans up their trash and targets are left there in pieces. I was thinking of going after work one of these days and sight in the bow. It ranges from 10yds to 40yds. Not bad though.
  11. I actually stopped baiting 4-5 years ago and haven't put out a cam in that time span as well. Although I haven't hunted the last 3 seasons, I will be out this season and just hang a stand and wait and hopefully get a shot at one or two deer this year.
  12. Yeah, the violence used against him probably and not the violence he made throwing stuff at cars and whatnot. I honestly would love to know how much the Dems encourage violence and how much they support it.
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