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  1. It's really hard to fathom how they think this would do anything to solve any kind of gun related crime/shooting. I mean, will it save lives if NRA shuts down. No. Like Bucksnbows said, another will just rise up and probably be better.
  2. Took the companies welding machine/generator home yesterday and used it for about 6 hours. Got power back around 8:30pm. They say PSE&G will have power back up by Friday sometime. JCP&L, Tuesday 11pm. I have JCP&L so I am shocked I have power.
  3. No power in Old Bridge for me. Downed pole hanging across the street on some wires two blocks from me. No clue when they will get that fixed. Might be a few days. Hopefully can get the generator from the wifes father.
  4. NJ Predator

    First casualty

    These are some serious gusts of wind. Hope everyone stays safe.
  5. As usual, things get taken out of context here between grown ass men. I probably should've said in my original post that I have literally carried my handgun a handful of times in my own house. That's probably 3-4 times since I have ever owned a house and two of those times were with a stranger in my house helping me deal with something. Always a few that have to flex their muscles on a forum.
  6. Well if I ever need to throw in the famous "Are you talkin to me" line, I know I won't mess it up
  7. I'll be mowing my lawn today for sure as well.
  8. Well seeing you can't walk outside with it, just wanted to get a feel for it just incase one day I move out of this cesspool state and able to carry else where outdoors.
  9. Just a thought but how many of you here carry in your own house? Whether you are with your family or just home by yourself. Sometimes, Just so people don't get annoyed or question it, I would walk around the house with it just for the heck of it but have only don't this 3-4 times and two of those four times was when a person I did not know was in my house going over some paperwork with something I was dealing with.
  10. Wow, that is a great price. Next closest price is $315.
  11. Why do you keep using "you"?
  12. I bet he will pay a hefty price. Restaurants are at least allowed to serve outside in the parking lots. I get it, some places can't do that which sucks. With all of these others businesses opening, like Yoga, karate and other close quarter activities, I feel he would've opened up gyms with limited occupancy and it would've helped a little. But, with the owners of Atilis acting against him, Murphy most likely felt embarrassed/defied and then acted and put the gyms on the back burner. No matter what, Atilis will have lost a lot more money now because of the fines and legal fees.
  13. He certainly is. He already lost money while being closed now he will lose a heck of a lot more. Plus, he can lose his business but some people here really don't understand that.
  14. Who cares about the rest of NJ though right? Other gyms will never open again but it's ok because two guys said screw Murphy and his laws that now will have to pay fines and could possibly lose their gym too. Yeah, way to go.
  15. Atilis owners deserve what they get. They 100% screwed over most of, if not all the gyms in NJ. I bet that if these idiots didn't do this, the gyms would've been reopened by now or close enough to reopening. He is making an example of out of those two idiots now. I don't care who praises them. They are morons as well because they really don't know how it affected the gyms in NJ.
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