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  1. With the amount time, $ and love I invested in my hunting dog a collar GPS system was worth the piece of mind. I looked at it like an insurance policy, hope to never have to use it but you are glad when you need it. Hopefully with the weekend hunters the dog will turn up and be returned.
  2. When I took the dog out last night around 9pm in Hunterdon Co I could hear high flying Canada geese. The snows are at Merril Creek as they usually start to show around mid December.
  3. Right, that's why Texas deer have stunted antler growth......
  4. I would suggest you take a look at a Deutsch-Drahthaar. They can and will do what you stated you want a dog to be able to do. I know this first hand as my DD is approaching her 5th birthday. I was a novice to hunting dogs had similar things I wanted my do to be able to do and I settled on a DD. You will find that there a more breeders of DD's then most of the other versatile breeds which gives you more choice. Also when you get a DD you are more likely to get a good hunting dog since in order to be breed a DD first has to pass physical testing along with passing both puppy natural ability and hunt testing. Another advantage for us in NJ is that the Atlantic Chapter is very active, has great involved breeders and has training days throughout the spring and summer to help first time owners prepare their dogs. Again I know this first hand. There a number of reputable breeders of DDs in NJ/PA. Here is the breeds clubs main URL http://www.vdd-gna.org/ Whatever you choose good luck!
  5. I would guess 110" give or take a few.
  6. Way to go!! I'm hoping to get my season started next Monday.
  7. The beginning of every year I have the intentions of winter bow hunting but it always seems my freezer is full when its time so I end up focusing on other game.
  8. Sounds like a good hunt to me. Hunting big woods out of state is definitely different then hunting most places in NJ. Look for saddles and benches to set up on. As far as quality of people, there are good and bad folks everywhere but I would guess you won't have an issue.
  9. I have used a Summit Goliath for many years. It is super comfortable for long sits.
  10. Great topic. As a safety professional I can't recommend being tied off from the moment your feet leave the ground.
  11. Very nice. The first hunt with a dog is always a memorable one.
  12. I put one on my drahthaar when upland hunting for two reasons, the first being that I hunt corn stubble alot and it protects her chest and belly and two the orange makes it less likely someone will shoot my dog.
  13. I'm yet another transfer from the other site where I am a long time member. I used to post but got tired of the nonsense so stopped. I am joining here because this seems like what a forum should be about.
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