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  1. looks like he isn't gonna drop
  2. Where are you guy's at? Was suppose to go up and see by brother in the Catskills with the stocking going on, just a bad time
  3. Folding tables will hold my ass on them(6'2" at 240 lbs) ....I do bore sighting on them with the tipton vise... and I guarantee, I am dead on!
  4. totes go right underneath, I have my tipton vise on top, all good
  5. Just have to ask....for shooting off in the basement? Yes I have friends that do. Or for building and cleaning? If just for building and cleaning....just stop by Costco and put a couple standard tables in.
  6. LMAO, You gonna loose that spot....and you wont even care!
  7. As we all know, that's hunting....great effort by those out in these tough conditions this morning! Just remember, it's far from over!
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