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  1. Shootemthenmountem

    Giving up on the compound already

    To rutting buck. Not being confident is always a big problem, you are going to have a lot of thoughts as you pull back on a deer. Shoot the crossbow, but keep shooting the bow on targets. Have you ever shot at a decoy target? I like to use this for low light conditions, has helped me for sure.I have one if you wan't to borrow.I live in Monmouth County and work in Union.
  2. Shootemthenmountem

    2017 bear mount complete

    That looks great
  3. Shootemthenmountem

    Youth day 11 pointer success for rayna!

    It doesn't get any better...CONGRATS!
  4. Shootemthenmountem

    9/23 am , who is hunting

    A lot to do this morning. Going to get out this afternoon, good luck fellas!
  5. Hopefully, that's not the case
  6. Shootemthenmountem

    Soups on

    Mmmmmmmmmm, euro soup
  7. Shootemthenmountem

    All done till permit

    way to go brother.....golden eagle is hammering blues right now
  8. Shootemthenmountem

    Happy Birthday X7!

    Have a great day brother! Happy B-day!
  9. Shootemthenmountem

    Welcome to NJ Woods & Water, Introduce Yourself!

    Welcome aboard fellas!
  10. Shootemthenmountem

    Record rack - a+

    I know not all attractants work the same every where but I bought two last week and actually can see one from the stand....deer walked right by it....the chipmunks are fighting over it......like the sharks say, and for that reason I'm out.
  11. Shootemthenmountem

    Ground scrape

    sat yesterday and had a decent amount of leaves falling, seemed strange, cant wait until Halloween week
  12. Shootemthenmountem

    Tagged out 09/19

    well done brother!
  13. Shootemthenmountem

    Don't be like me....WARNING, Graphic Pic

    God Damn
  14. Shootemthenmountem

    Maine Moose...

    Have a great hunt!