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  1. Shootemthenmountem

    NJW&W 1st Annual Stevo Memorial KYL Rimfire Challenge

    Hey Matt, Please add Steve's Daughter Jessie and Joe to the list
  2. Shootemthenmountem

    NJW&W 1st Annual Stevo Memorial KYL Rimfire Challenge

    I will be there Keith....I have to warn you....I am bringing my stock Remington 597 July first would work for me
  3. Shootemthenmountem


    Never thought I would see the day
  4. Shootemthenmountem

    Check this rainbow out unreal!!!

    I think that's a Gerry Garcia trout
  5. Shootemthenmountem

    Velvet mount

    Nice work, looks great
  6. Shootemthenmountem

    I'm a daddy!

    Congrats to you and the wife Jay, all the best!
  7. Shootemthenmountem

    Went to check a few cameras and scout

    deer looking healthy, nice work!
  8. Shootemthenmountem

    Future Hunter/huntress coming in Nov

    Congrats brother!
  9. Shootemthenmountem

    Wide 6ptr mount done

    Great job....congrats!
  10. Shootemthenmountem

    EHD or Disease last season?

    As stated, Call NJF&G.....PLEASE!
  11. Shootemthenmountem

    Who Has Eaten At Spain Inn 2?

    thats it for 2 people? LOL!
  12. Shootemthenmountem

    Imperial Whitetail 30-06 mineral

    trial and era fellas, what works in one spot, not in all
  13. Shootemthenmountem

    Trout Stamp

    Gonna say I don't have much luck at the casino....I spent the 10 bucks on a trout stamp
  14. Shootemthenmountem

    Opening day trout necropsy

    looks like I will be heading out with spinners, backed up by power bait and some fresh sea weed
  15. Shootemthenmountem

    New to Deer Bow Hunting NEED MENTOR!!

    Sure you will get help, You have time. I am a bit far in Monmouth Z15....welcome to the site and the hunting community!