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  1. Shootemthenmountem

    Hunt Vaca week

    Stay at it, be patient....plenty of time
  2. Shootemthenmountem

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg fractures 3 ribs in fall

    Shame, maybe we should take up donations for a fruit basket
  3. Shootemthenmountem


    Thank you all that gave and those who gave all!
  4. Shootemthenmountem

    The life and times of Buck 8917

    Good read this morning
  5. Shootemthenmountem

    11/11 Veterans Day Check-in

    Thank you to all our Veterans! Good luck this morning fellas, they should be moving once they get a little sun up warmth.
  6. Shootemthenmountem

    6pt. buck

    Nice King!
  7. Shootemthenmountem

    One Day Left.

    Get in there early John....good luck brother!
  8. Shootemthenmountem

    A first for me!

  9. Shootemthenmountem

    First deer kill with my daughter.

    Neither one of you will ever forget this day...congrats!
  10. Shootemthenmountem

    Great shot placement article and video by QDMA.

    Always love a refresher course, thanks Pathman!
  11. Shootemthenmountem

    What do you consider a shoulder mount worthy deer?

    Have some on the wall. Not all monsters but each one I have, I can tell you not only every detail of that harvest, but also some history I had with each buck on the wall. As far as my personal standards , I don't think I would ever harvest anything under 6 points, but while Hunting Illinois a few years back I saw the biggest 4 point of my life. Must have been a genetic misfit. Huge. Had I gotten the opportunity, I would of taken the shot on him so you never know. Harvest what makes you happy and what you are proud of. Shoot em, then mount em
  12. Shootemthenmountem

    11/9/18 buck update

    Great recovery job on a great buck
  13. Shootemthenmountem

    Got one before the rain!

    Nice Buck, great job!
  14. Shootemthenmountem

    I am crushed

    Sorry to hear that. It happens, sounds like you have already kicked your own ass.
  15. Shootemthenmountem

    Opening day success

    Good times