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  1. Shootemthenmountem

    She loves Sea World!

    Can't blame the dolphin, she love him long time
  2. Shootemthenmountem

    what wireless phone company you use?

  3. Shootemthenmountem

    Introducing myself (pics)

    Welcome to the site Anna!
  4. Funny, a guy at work said I am going to get my CCP. I replied what state are you moving to. He actually thought he could get one here for NJ...
  5. Shootemthenmountem

    Today's buck picture

    Nice work!
  6. Shootemthenmountem

    Bearskin rug

    I could picture a episode of Jackass
  7. Shootemthenmountem


    Man, that's a steal!
  8. Shootemthenmountem

    Found a little set

    Cool find!
  9. Shootemthenmountem

    Rt 23 Fatal Accident Due to OD

    All my thoughts and prayers to them and their families!
  10. Shootemthenmountem

    a couple that survived

    Look for those sheds!
  11. Shootemthenmountem

    Lever Action

    Been eyeing a Henry for years now.....maybe a Birthday present to myself
  12. Shootemthenmountem

    Through the eyes of snowflakes

    yea, I smell Bulls**t!
  13. Shootemthenmountem

    KISS Army Radio on Sirius...

    My brother in law has a Kiss tattoo...LOL!
  14. Shootemthenmountem

    a couple that survived

    was going to pull my 2 cams but batteries were still 50 % charged. Try and pull them out this weekend and take a look.
  15. Shootemthenmountem

    15th Annual Bowhunters Game Dinner

    Marked it on the calender