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  1. Imagine being able to say yeah, I survived a plane crash? Glad they good
  2. Looks like you have a good turkey spot as well John.....it's almost here fellas!
  3. If ever I get rid of my elite, obsession is definitely on the list
  4. Nice to see em on the deck...great job!
  5. Gotta tidy up both properties next week myself. Not doing EAB this year, gonna be ready and go in on stealth
  6. Don't know if it's because I am searching but I have been seeing more deer this year than I can remember. I hope the bucks stick around....it's coming soon!
  7. Sorry guy's, date changed due to the outdoor expo that weekend at Colliers Mills, thank you for understanding!
  8. Welcome aboard Chris! You will want to sign up for your Hunter Education. Start reading the workbook and also pick up this years Hunting and Trapping Digest. You will want to read this over and over. If you have any questions simply reach out. A lot of knowledge on this site
  9. Jesus H. Christ....did Ray Charles decide to hunt your spot?
  10. Just me, I would drop 50 lbs. of corn day before the opener. I would climb up daily until that sum bitch walked in.
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