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  1. Left my Muck Boots in the truck bed during the rain the other day. In a rush I just threw them in the back seat, and when I got in the truck today it absolutely stunk. So I'm thinking a scent free bath in a Tupperware and then let them dry with a bit of baking soda. Any better ideas?
  2. 1) Love 2) No 3) Not a chance
  3. Paid over $100 a couple years ago at Lancaster Archery. Apparently this release is no longer available. Asking $40.00 for an adjustable back tension release. Located in Pompton Lakes. Thanks.
  4. Homeowners, painters, contractors......asking $60.00 for a brand new Flexio 590 still in the packaging. Bought it during my home renovation a few years back intending to paint my foundation with it. I got lazy and did it the old fashioned way. It's sat in the garage ever since.
  5. Flambeau Stingray Crossbow Case for sale. Asking $40.00. Ex-wife bought it for me as a gift, maybe five years ago or so. Literally has never left the basement. Has never held a Crossbow in it, has never been in the truck. It's a pretty sturdy case. Pretty heavy....never going to use it. I'm in Pompton Lakes...I'll meet anywhere worthwhile. Thanks!!
  6. I got older and realized I live in the burbs, not really a country boy...oh well. Live and learn ...
  7. Back in the day my name was Countryboy. Later on A150. I'm bad with usernames and passwords. I don't remember a "Nomad" either.
  8. Nope...but I remember that name for sure.
  9. Taylor ham!! .... Wtf is pork roll? Haha. As for cats....yes and no...had a cat for almost 20 years, thought he was a Lab. Good dude, miss him like crazy. As for other cats....ehh. I guess I like 'em too. Sorry.
  10. Thanks everyone. I've become, what others would say, a pretty accomplished bowhunter (and apparently turkey Hunter too). Friends of mine ask for advice, but I still feel like I know 1/100th of what some know. Maybe I've been lucky the past ten years or so, but I still have a lot to learn. Or maybe I just have stop being lazy and do what I tell others to do, who knows. But, I've been trying to self teach myself Waterfowl...not easy. If anyone here wants to teach, I won't even bring a gun and I'll buy lunch, let me know haha.
  11. Haha, I recognize more names than not so far...I'm sure I won't be posting all that much on here, but it's nice to know there are still guys in this state with the same passions and views as you.
  12. Thank you, NJH was fun for a long time, but everything comes to an end. I was I kid when I joined that site and learned a lot from guys on there. Both good and bad. Now I'm older, not a big online / social media guy, but I enjoy the pictures and may be able to offer advice on certain topics.
  13. I was an active member on NJH since the begining ('05)...until a few years ago. More actively involved in the outdoors now more than ever. Hopefully this site stands the test of time, as opposed to the other one. Thanks, look forward to the Woods and Water community.
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