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  1. i would say you can do it if the dog has some sort of motivation such as food or toy.
  2. this was about 3 gallons worth of sap and a lot of boiling!
  3. Did it a few years back. A lot of work for not a lot of product. Anyone ever do it? Figured this year would be good to give it a shot again since I finally got an outdoor power burner. Any tips / tricks or general comments anyone would like to add?
  4. reverse sear!!!!!! in the oven until it hits 120* then on a HOT greased cast iron skillet.
  5. Good old fashioned budwiser tonight. Was craving it for some reason today. Never usually drink it but its hitting the spot.
  6. marinade in whatever you'd like (i use olive oil, garlic, and worchestier sauce) then wrap in bacon and throw on BBQ or smoker.
  7. Stugots


    With a Northeast wind on Wednesday into thursday, I do not think the NJ coast will get as much as expected as the water temp is still in the 50's. But who knows...best job in the world to have as you can be wrong most of the time lol.
  8. I watch videos from John Barklow who is a designer from Sitka. He is a retired Navy Seal who was stationed in Alasaka. The knowledge he provides is tenfold. The biggest thing i've gotten from him is synthetic base-layers, and to walk in "comfortably cool." Once you get to your destination, you trap that body heat with an additional layer. Add as you go throughout the day. Do not start with all your gear on. Hes got some youtube videos on peoples Podcasts as well as his own instagram page that is public so you do not need an account if you don't have one.
  9. Lone wolf alpha . I walk in with back pack on the stand on my back and I hold the sticks in one hand, bow in other. I feel like this helps with setup time as you don't have to remove the steps from being strapped to the stand. Takes me about 15 minutes from ground to bow hung.
  10. Nice! I made some last week for first time. Came out great.
  11. I drive an Acura TSX 4 door sedan. No car payment is nice and at 140,000 miles plenty of life left hopefully. I put the back seats down with a tarp in the trunk and load em in! Have had some big deer in the trunk. Along with 2 x 4 and 10 bags of 80lb cement one time lol.
  12. Going to Downsville / East Branch. It's in between Roscoe and Hancock
  13. Congrats. Gotta love the empty Miller Lights in the back lmao.
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