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  1. Although it does look like a house finch it was much bigger. I'm going with the juvenile brown headed cowbird. Thought it was going to be something cooler haha. Thanks everyone!
  2. Saw this bird in my yard today. Was moving pretty cool and have never had one in my yard. Trying to ID. Someone has said female red-winged blackbird. Thoughts? Thanks in advance!
  3. On our charters we use Shimano Torium. They are the best bang for your buck. On the cheaper side you can get the Shimano Tekota which are very good as well. If you upgrade to the Talicas, although expensive, you can utilize them for tuna as well. A little bias because of being on the prostaff but Shimano all the way.
  4. Red tail hawk, coopers hawk, and a gray catbird?
  5. Place is awesome. Voodoo shrimp for app and Pork Chop for dinner
  6. Haha yes great times. Hunting isnt the greatest but some nicer bucks now with the antler restrictions in place. The Tesla chargers at the Roscoe Diner are way to modern for me! We go up there to get away!
  7. Where did you see we cannot bring it to NJ butchers?
  8. Headed to Downsville. Bow hunting friday rifle saturday
  9. Dude you are annoying. Just hunt and stop with your opinions about EVERYTHING.
  10. Just got in z16. Feels like a good afternoon. Similar conditions to when I killed a good buck a few years ago on the afternoon of the 9th. Good luck to all that are out.
  11. Shooter just cruised by. Out of range, grunt or bleat did not bring him in. Story of my life
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