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  1. I believe Lunatic is correct. Thank you!
  2. I took this picture on my phone through my window screen so bare with me. Does anyone know kind of bird this is? It was very finch looking and I can't figure out what it is...thanks !
  3. There are no predator fish right now so I would think just a strong West wind blew out the tide and these fish were too thick to push out. Only predators around right now are seals and I doubt they would be that far up river. This part of Oceanport is almost into the freshwater creek on Fort Monmouth.
  4. Thanks guys, PS, our trolling speed is around 3knts. We use line counter reels to determine where the lures are depending on water depth.
  5. With striped bass season right around the corner, I figured now would be a good time to start a topic talking about these trophies we target. Starting around April 15 as a rule of thumb, the striped bass move into the Raritan Bay and the local rivers to beging their spawn / migration. At this time of year, the water is cold so they are generally a bit more sluggish. Due to this, bait fishing is more common. Anchoring up on the flats on an outgoing tide and soaking clams or blood worms. We like to find some marks on our sonar and anchor on them. Then start a chum slick. Using a slider sinker rig with about 36 inches of fluorocarbon leader (30 or 40lb) to a 7/0 circle hook. Cast out and let it sit in the rod holder. Once the water warms up a bit towards the end of April, we start to troll. Starting out with stretch plugs to match the herring. We will also troll Mojo rigs as well. Once the bunker come in, we generally use only Mojos. For trolling, we use 50lb braided power pro to a 15ft fluorocarbon 50lb leader to a snap swivel. During May, along with trolling, we live-line bunker as well as chunk them. Once these fish push out of the bay and into the ocean late May early June, we really focus on live lining bunker and trolling bunker spoons on wire line. During this time the fish tend to be very aggressive and we also like to throw top water plugs for these big fish. These fish can be very frustrating but also very rewarding. On any day, these fish can decide to eat one thing and not the other. Be ready for everything and most importantly, dont be afraid to change your technique. You cannot go out there saying today I will only liveline or Visa versa. Many days you will have to change it up to get these fish to bite. Good luck all for the 2019 season, be safe, and tight lines!
  6. I think when you meet Quint for the first time at the council meeting is one of the best scenes too.
  7. Jaws- that's a 20 footer....25
  8. Stugots

    Tog Time

    Went on Wednesday. We missed the bite by a couple hours but had non stop action on shorts with some keepers mixed in. Fishing the jig is simply awesome..these fish fight so hard and to have a spinning rod bent in half trying to pull these fish out of the rocks is just badass.
  9. For the past 3 years I have worked on a non-hunting property in Monmouth County. There are some of the biggest NJ bucks on this property. I have taken many photos of some unique deer and followed their behavior trying to figure out these mysterious animals. Some people have seen my pictures and told me to sneak on and hunt which I could have done a thousand times over and had many "wall hangers." Although it crossed my mind and getting a deer of a lifetime, I knew deep down I would never appreciate it and enjoyed just watching them over this time. The deer in this picture is by far the king of the castle. He is the largest and most mature buck on the property and have only seen him 4 times over the course of 3 years. Today, I saw him walking middle of the day without a care in the world. Funny thing was aside from seeing him for only the 5th time, he only had 1 of his antlers. I thought to myself, wow what a trophy would it be to have this antler fall off right in front of me and have such a trophy! Sure enough, he trotted about 50 yards after being spooked by my car and saw his lonely antler had fallen off! I walked the line between he an I and found the massive antler on the ground. Must have hit a tree branch and fell off. I got lucky to say the least. Wish I was able to find the other one but I wont be greedy. Let's just say, Its going to be hard to ever see a wild animal as big as this and to have physical evidence of same. Pics dont do it justice. Would like to have some of the pros on here give a round about score on this guy. Hope you all enjoy the pics and the read. Merry xmas to all and a happy and healthy new year.
  10. Quint is my new Silver Lab who is almost 8 months. Loves to run and swim. Tons of energy. Has potential to be a bird dog just don't have the time. Maybe try to shed hunt this winter.
  11. Stugots

    Trail cam pic

    Nice...I took this one in person the other day. Biggest deer I have seen in person.
  12. Today was my fault. Was sitting on the phone. By time I saw him grabbed the bow and stood up I was beat.
  13. Got busted in the tree again but another nice buck just now. Damn I suck
  14. I would think my hunt is over since that buck snorted at me but going to stick it out a while longer. They're cruising today and maybe one comes from the other direction
  15. Just got busted by a shooter. 60 yrds out he winded me. Damn they are smart
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