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  1. Quint is my new Silver Lab who is almost 8 months. Loves to run and swim. Tons of energy. Has potential to be a bird dog just don't have the time. Maybe try to shed hunt this winter.
  2. Stugots

    Trail cam pic

    Nice...I took this one in person the other day. Biggest deer I have seen in person.
  3. Stugots

    11/09 Check In

    Today was my fault. Was sitting on the phone. By time I saw him grabbed the bow and stood up I was beat.
  4. Stugots

    11/09 Check In

    Got busted in the tree again but another nice buck just now. Damn I suck
  5. Stugots

    11/08 Check In !!!!

    I would think my hunt is over since that buck snorted at me but going to stick it out a while longer. They're cruising today and maybe one comes from the other direction
  6. Stugots

    11/08 Check In !!!!

    Just got busted by a shooter. 60 yrds out he winded me. Damn they are smart
  7. Stugots

    11/08 Check In !!!!

    Had a big buck cruising 80 yards away behind doe and fawn. Females came in by the buck kept going on his merry way of course....
  8. Stugots

    Trail Camera Pics

    Looks like an old deer. White around the eyes, long brow tines. Only 7 pts but I like his unique rack.
  9. Stugots

    Trail Camera Pics

    Couple from this past week . Hoping they slip up again tomorrow morning!
  10. Stugots

    11/07 Check In = BBD for Greybeard!

    Doe and her fawn getting harassed my small 4pt since daylight. Nothing bigger yet
  11. Stugots

    Upcoming week.

    Will be out in morning
  12. Stugots

    11/6 Check in

    Driving around in the patrol car and the bucks are on the move here in Zone 50. I'll be out in the morning. Think the best days will be the next few. Good luck all.
  13. Stugots

    Sweet November! 11/4 Check In

    Congrats guys. Very jealous as I dont have any private land to hunt and no Sunday hunting on public land near me. Good luck everyone!
  14. Stugots

    11/1 check in

    Checking in from the Raritan Bay today. Gotta take out our charter and maybe will sneak out this afternoon but probably Saturday PM. Good luck .
  15. Stugots

    early morning buck

    Awesome good for you sir