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  1. Stugots

    National puppy day!

    Tallman... I love your dog. Did you get it in NJ...in the market for a dog with my new house and might have just found the perfect fit....can you PM me some details please.
  2. Stugots

    National puppy day!

    What type of dog is #1
  3. Stugots

    First Day of Spring - Global Warming

    8-14 for middletown
  4. Stugots

    What type of tree?

    Cool thanks guys, never really payed attention to the leaves haha.
  5. Stugots

    What type of tree?

    I was thinking ash too
  6. Hey guys, had a tree come down in my yard due to good old Quinn...was able to cut a couple "live edge slabs" which I'm going to make a coffee table out of hoping it's quality lumber. See picture to let me know what type of tree and the quality. Thanks in advance, Justin
  7. Stugots

    Doesn't any one take pride in craftsman ship any more

    Lol, I am renovating a house right now from 1925....the kitchen cabinets were a b**** to rip out because they were nailed together with monster finishing nails. All the mouldings too...The new cabinets are stapled together lol.....big difference.
  8. Stugots

    Favorite Thanksgiving Day Food

    Stuffed artichoke for appetizer, stuffing during main course, and pecan pie for dessert. Will add pics later
  9. Stugots

    11/18/2017 live reports

    My buddy shot a nice one up in N.Y. for opening rifle. Came through chasing does.
  10. Stugots

    11/17/17 CHECK IN

    Well my bass trip this morning was a bust. Should have never even considered trying to get out but we tried and turned around at the beginning of Raritan Bay after we took one over the bow.... still blowing pretty good here in Middletown but starting to lay down a bit. maybe just maybe my luck will change. Going to give it a shot in z50.
  11. Stugots

    11/15 check in

    Was planning on it this morning but did my leaves instead. Glad I got this done. My time is dwindling though busy with renovating the new house starting Dec 1st. Bass fishing Friday. Probably Saturday morni g I'll be in stand again. Good luck to all!
  12. Can anyone recommend a breeder in NJ or tristate area? Looking to purchase a weim with the new house. Thanks in advance, Justin
  13. Stugots

    11/12/17 check in

    Good luck. Working today. The joys of a LEO.
  14. Stugots

    11/10 check I️n

    In z16. Nothing so far. Still blowing pretty good but temps feel awesome. Hoping something strolls by
  15. Stugots

    From the tree in zone 45

    I'd get in the woods. My buddy out now says insane action and saw biggest buck of his life