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  1. GhostBear

    Summer Get Together Pictures

    Looks like fun!!!
  2. GhostBear

    Happy BirthDay TOXO and NotJust22s

    Happy birthday fellas!!!!
  3. GhostBear


    Maybe a horse?
  4. GhostBear

    Archery golf

    I own that movie!! Lol, never an issue, we did it on whittingham when I was member or the Appalachian bowmen, usually the first week or two of March, cuts down on folks walking around we used the 3D ranges and all the fields around the barn. Set up the course the night before, heck we even had doglegs, the hedgerows were our "hazards" lol, not sure they still do it but it's a blast.
  5. GhostBear

    Pike Reproduction?

    Think they reproduce in the pompton River as well.
  6. GhostBear

    Archery golf

    I did it, need lots of room, set up an18 "hole" course, set your par values the hole is usually some type of foam ball or block with a bullseye on it, play like gold, fewest shots to the target, hit the target out of the bull add a stroke to close the hole. It's looong distance shooting on the "drive". Then better aimed shots for the putt. Loads of fun but need lots of room.
  7. GhostBear

    Is It Fair?

    Top thorough breds are all artificially enseminated, this is done partly due to the value of the stud and the value of his semen, and partly to avoid injury and possible disease the last thing you need is a mare kicking him in the head!! They really do have down to a science.
  8. GhostBear

    Guess what I'm smoking today?

    Oh, BACON! I though you ment wacky tobaccy! Lol wasn't sure it was legal yet there! Lol
  9. GhostBear

    Outdoor dining and Drinks on Lake Hopatcong

    You can get anything you want at Alice's Restaurant, except'in Alice.
  10. GhostBear

    Boat registration

    Not 12 then no, put a motor on it gas or electric, then yes.
  11. GhostBear

    Where's Waldo? and a toad

    Can you be more specific? Like maybe circle it for us blind guys? Lol disregard, I see it now!! Lol
  12. GhostBear

    Where's Waldo? and a toad

    Nope. Lol
  13. GhostBear


    It all depends on the spot, where I used to hunt at hyper humus in zone 2, yes I know spot burn, but those idiots ruined on thier own anyway! Lol anyway I digress, that spot was a text book funnel, with two defined bedding areas and several large crop fields and a small oak grove for feed, the deer in there at all times of year moved in and out all day, I had them down to the minute when they'd come, first group came by my stand from the fields at 7:30am then they'd come by headed towards water around 2pm then they'd pile out headed up to feed starting at 5pm till dark. But it was a long walk to get there, now 3 dopes park by the fields and walk in with the wind at thier backs and blow'em all out at first light, that and they set up 3stands each plus cams, they over pressured it to the point it's toast. Joys of state land I guess. Lol anyway got this guy in 2012 after super storm Sandy. Right at 7:30 am.
  14. GhostBear

    Headed back to Florida

    At the airport now in Newark, got a 4 or so hour wait as I thought I'd have some issues dropping off the rental car and getting to terminal C and getting checked in, but it all went smooth. The deposition went great, and my attorney says there is a very good chance they'll put up the policy, if they do it's 250,000, though I'll get like 150 or so after his cut and expenses. Still I'll take that as it will be a game changer in my life!! Lol. Was a good week and it felt good to be back but I have no plans on moving back at all!! Lol, bright side is the airport has free wifi!!
  15. GhostBear

    Interesting find on the job today

    I was referring to what RGW posted. Not the balls. Lunatic asked and I answered.