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  1. GhostBear


    Lou's face is priceless after rusty ate that! Lol
  2. It was ment for thems that gave, nice try though.
  3. Thats my dads place. Check the new thread I posted send me your info and I will pay you back, a good many of you said "don't worry about it" or "pay it Foward" but if you all want it back I'll pay it.
  4. Pm me your info, and I will pay all back who asks.
  5. Hold on, yes last year I was in a tough spot and yes I asked for help, I also didn't sit on my ass but rather busted it so as not to waste the chance and help you all gave me. I needed a hand up and I made the most of it, through hard work and planning I'm in was better shape than I've been in years. So now that I busted my hump to be worthy of the help you all gave me you all now are going to throw it in my face now that I'm doing better for myself? The money you all gave, gave me the chance to get back on my feet. Now that I am you all are pissed? I don't get it. Pm me and I'll pay it back if that helps.
  6. Adventure Archery just outside Tampa. I bought a membership there and can shoot anytime I want. They are about 30 min from me. They have an outdoor range to 90 yards to. Indoor is 20 yards.
  7. I miss my Z7, but this one is a good replacement!
  8. Picked up my new bow last week and got out for a bit yesterday to dial it in. It's a Mathews TX-5. New for 2019, so new they had to build it for me. Very smooth draw, bit I think my old Z7 extreme was a little smoother, anyway it shoots great and had no trouble sighting in! Group at 40 yards.
  9. First off, happy Easter to all! Next is I picked up my new rifle and fitted the scope, nothing fancy 1-6X28 with illuminated mil dot retical. Now all I need is time to get it zeroed then off to shoot some hogs, also my new bow comes this week. A Matthews TX-5 just built. Pix of the bow when it comes. But for now? A little gun porn. Lol my new .300blk.
  10. I have two types of ammo for it, both are supersonic, 130gr hollow point and 150gr fmj. I'm looking for good accuracy for hogs. There is a 240gr fmj that's a sub round but only has 455 foot pounds of ke. Hoping the hollow point works out.
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