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  1. GhostBear

    I want to start

    Or you can start trapping!!
  2. GhostBear

    Wing Gull

    Yep! I remember Robin Hood! My buddy took his test there back in the very early 80's.
  3. GhostBear

    5/19/18 turkey hunt

    Good luck folks!!
  4. GhostBear

    When the ol lady says you need to weed

    I've had eggs from his birds! Delish! He also raises some meat birds for himself, he gave me one and it was awesome!!! Nothing like farm fresh!!
  5. GhostBear


    Nice fish!!
  6. GhostBear


    Happy birthday!!
  7. GhostBear

    I'm coming back!

    Some fishing but not much, I have lots of other things that need to come first. Then I will have more time.
  8. GhostBear

    I'm coming back!

    Lol..most went home, traffic is less these days.
  9. GhostBear

    I'm coming back!

    Not to bad, but I still feel a bit home sick. And for some reason I can't post with my iPad have to use my phone! Lol
  10. GhostBear

    I'm coming back!

    For a week that is, June 1 to the 9th, finally getting the last visits done for my on going lawsuit drama hopefully after this is done we can settle this matter quickly and be done with it. Uhh
  11. GhostBear

    Snakes of NJ

    Here inFlorida there's a lot more in the was of venomous snakes, but I haven't found anywhere to hike just yet.
  12. GhostBear

    I'm a daddy!

  13. GhostBear

    Bird #2

  14. GhostBear

    Butts and Bows

    I used to check deer there back in the late 90's early 2000's, shot trad league there too. Miss that place.