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  1. GhostBear

    Suicide Bomber In The Woods.

    I don't know, but the tank seems to line up.
  2. GhostBear

    OPPOSE SCR-134/ACR85

    Looks like it'd give the governor the right to stop hunting by fiat, like he did with bear hunting on state lands, would give the "state" I.e. Murphy control of fauna. Then he can say no hunting or fishing anywhere in the state! So glad I moved.
  3. GhostBear

    Hog hunt...

    So I missed spelled it! Lol
  4. GhostBear

    Hog hunt...

    Plenty of places down here in Florida!! And on private land with outfitters, you don't even need a license!! Lol, planning one myself with my brothers in law and some nefews.
  5. Yeah, I'm not gonna be able to make this one guys, I got work the next day and I would hate a 965 mile commute!!! LOL
  6. Congrats!! He's a looker for sure!!
  7. Ha!! I was gonna ask if anyone caught a skunk! Lol, they put up a better haul then the group I was in! Nice jobs folks!!
  8. GhostBear

    9/22 morning Hunt

    The heat here in Florida is nuts!! Highs in the 90's with high humidity every day!! I'm still learning the regs here and looking on maps to finds WMA's if anything I may be out for turkey next spring and deer and hog in the fall!
  9. GhostBear

    Bring on the bone..... doe down

    Good job!
  10. GhostBear


    Vizsla for me, god how I miss this guy!!
  11. GhostBear

    Fished Manasquan Inlet

    Here in Florida we get fluke, but they call them flounder, but they're fluke you guys will hate this, but the minimum size limit is 12" and there's no bag limit, almost no one fishes for them down here I hear fall is the best time to get them! Lol, I am going to try a spot I hear holds some now next Sunday.
  12. GhostBear

    Summer Get Together Pictures

    Looks like fun!!!
  13. GhostBear

    Happy BirthDay TOXO and NotJust22s

    Happy birthday fellas!!!!
  14. GhostBear


    Maybe a horse?
  15. GhostBear

    Archery golf

    I own that movie!! Lol, never an issue, we did it on whittingham when I was member or the Appalachian bowmen, usually the first week or two of March, cuts down on folks walking around we used the 3D ranges and all the fields around the barn. Set up the course the night before, heck we even had doglegs, the hedgerows were our "hazards" lol, not sure they still do it but it's a blast.