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  1. Here around Clearwater Florida, meat shelves in Walmart and publix are bare of beef, pork or chicken, TP is still hard to find, I went right to a ranch and bought a 900 pound red angus bull with 2 freiends, he goes in for slaughter the 27th, yield will be about 400 pounds total cost is 1250 for the bull and butcher fee.
  2. No love tonite. Saw just one doe.
  3. We got a nice cool overcast day so now I'm in the hog woods looking for some pork chops!
  4. Or never, there is no vaccine for a lot of diseases, what make this one so special that dems are demanding one to open up the economy? It's doesn pass the smell test.
  5. Thanks! I'm so stoked to have gotten one! Such a cool looking bird.
  6. No snakes, as I was crawling after that tom I was worried about fire ants! Lol
  7. This guy is living the friggin dream! He has exclusive hunting privlages to 6k ac! And we barely even scratched the surface! When I go back to keep my end of the deal and get his boat up and running after he's taking me fishing for peacock bass! I mean wow I get to scratch of another bucket lister!
  8. I need 3 more to complete mine! Lol, I'll get there some day. Lol
  9. Good morning my Jersey homies! With all this social distancing, I decided to go and see if I could find and "distance" a turkey! And it worked!, I traded some boat work to a guy in exchange for an Oceaola turkey hunt on 6,000 a.c. of private land near Naples, and it paid off big time, we had birds gobbling off the roost at first light, but they hened up right away, so we went field to field to see if we can get into some, and we did, we came to a field and saw 3 hens just feeding along when out came to beautiful long beards! Both looked to have 10 plus inch beards, but could not get them to move our way, so Jim and I went around to the end of the field where they where going to cut them off, one Tom broke off and came out way but just walked past us without even looking at us, the other bigger tom was strutting for the 3 hens out on the field, stalking is legal here, so I belly crawled over 300 yards to get closer, as I was I got to see him breed 2 of the 3 hens, but after all the crawling I never got closer than 60 yards before the hens took him out of the field. By now it was noon, on private land you can hunt all day, after lunch we where back at it, and by 2 p.m. we found a lonely tom and after a brief conversation, he was on the ground! My first Oceaola turkey and a good one! He sported a 9" beard with sharp 1" spurs, and tipping the scale at just under 18lbs.
  10. I took the rifle in for ceracoting, they also do gun smithing and I walked into a SA gas block so that's going on, he's also gonna check the head spacing for me, when I comes back I'll weigh out the two buffers I have, then I have to wait till the frigging ammo shortage ends! I told the gunsmith my issues and he seems to agree that it is a gas issue and the adjustable block shoul clear it up. Thanks for all the help and I'll keep you posted.
  11. No doubt, it bothers me to see dogs treated like that.
  12. GhostBear

    Gas Prices

    It's at 1.86 most places here in Florida.
  13. The sanitary issues aside, much of what you see there is perfectly edible, our cultural issues prevent us from eating cats,dog, horses and such. To them that stuff is normal food, considering where they're from. But I think this whole viral issue stems from the total lack of sanitary conditions associated with an open air market, with little or no refrigeration.
  14. Gas key is good, no marks inside the buffer tube, brass is close to 2 O'clock. Didn't go-no go, but didn't think of that so I will now. I thought about a lighter spring, the one I have in it is a standard spring. As for the bolt lugs I'm seeing some shiny spots on it.
  15. I'm here in Florida, woke up feeling crappy, got the flu and a sinus infection, bleh. So I'm on day 5 of confinement. But I'm thankful it not the "C" word. Lol Fester, I hope all goes well with you and yours. Hang in there.
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