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  1. GhostBear

    My Dog Passes On

    So very sorry to hear this. Rember the good times, it helps.
  2. GhostBear

    Cash is home!

    Thanks guys, yeah I can't believe how well things are going for me! Nor the help I got from this site to get here!
  3. GhostBear

    Cash is home!

    As I think about it, of all goes well with training we may be up for hunts charity hunt next year. Lol
  4. GhostBear

    Cash is home!

    Yep, back in October the jobs going great and I'll be looking for a house soon, things are going good for me here.
  5. GhostBear

    Cash is home!

    He'll be ready by quail season in November I think, all wild birds here with a 12 bird bag!
  6. GhostBear

    Cash is home!

    Yeah he does! Lol
  7. GhostBear

    Just in case you missed it

    I saw it, that was way cool!
  8. I picked up Cash yesterday and couldn't be happier! 11 weeks old and a handful!
  9. Thanks everyone, if training goes well he'll be ready for quail season this year, so with any luck there could be pix of us with wild quail! That is if I can hit any! Lol
  10. All great names, I went with Cash, saw him today and paid for him so he's mine, but he comes home next week I need to get a crate for him so he can come to work with me til he's old enough to stay home, he's already crate trained so he likes it in there. Lol
  11. Lets see if this works. Lol Any ideas for names?
  12. GhostBear

    Your ethnic background

    100% Hungarian, both sides came here legally, I was the first in my family born in the U.S..
  13. Well? I'm looking at a Vizsla pup tomorrow here in Florida, a male that's 9 weeks old, cute as a button, I will post a pic of him a bit later. spoke at length with the breeder and as she described his personality he reminded me of my last Vizsla Attila. ive already made arrangements to bring him to work with me while he's to young to stay home. So that's good. He's already crate trained, mostly house broke and he's been introduced to water and live quail and loves both! This pup sounds like a winner to me so I most likely will take him. Lol
  14. GhostBear

    Checking out the woods in FL.

    Gators? Yes, plenty in the canal by my sisters house, the turkey hunting is good for oceaola turkey hope I spelled it right! Lots of hogs, and around here seems to be plenty of deer. The bugs aren't that bad now with the temps running the high 50's to low 70's, much more then that they get bad, thank god for therma cell. I'm looking at another pup this Sunday another Vizlsa, there's some excellent quail hunting to be had on all wild birds with a 12 bird a day limit. If I get him he might be ready for the tail end of this season. it really is nice down here and I don't regret the move.