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  1. Thanks! Got my .300 blackout shooting overlapping holes at 100 yards, and the shots today where 20 yards and 40 yards! So close I missed the first shot! Lol but followed up with 2 good hits. 120gr Barnes tac-TX running 2075fps.
  2. No, not yet. Bow season is open now but haven't gotten out and it closes the 14th. Gun season opens the 15th and runs to mid November. Quail is open then, dove is open now and will be for a while, may get out for that. The WMA's here have their own season dates and limits that are different than the state wide seasons, hogs are open year-round on private land and no license required. But, even now you are hunting in 80 to 90 degree heat. Thermacell is a must!
  3. Private, worked out a trade. He's a guide and I fixed his boat for a hunt.
  4. Sssshhhhhh, the hogs don't know that! Lol
  5. Ok, so here's how it went. I get a text from my buddy saying there's hogs coming in to me, no sooner did I read it I was covered up in hogs. About 15-20, the shot was real close I line up a good size sow, shoot and miss! The hogs scatter but one smallish hog stayed put and I dump him, to my right another smallish hog was in the grass about 50 yards out, put the scope on her and shot, she ran into the palmettos. I wasn't sure I hit that one, but found it a short distance in. So I ended up with 2 shoats. A black boar and a white sow. Here are the pix.
  6. Hog down! Waiting on another!
  7. View from stand, this it a 100% wild fair chase hunt, the feeder just went off, scared the crap out of me! Lol
  8. Hey guys howdy from Florida! In a tree over a feeder looking for a hog! Thermacell running skeeters buzzing! Pix as it gets lighter!
  9. You folks are nuts! I may have to drive up from Florida for this one!
  10. Cash and I will be hunting wild quail here in Floida this year, he's almost ready! Can't wait!
  11. That's what so great about a free state, I just bought a 92FS with just my DL and a NICS check. We have a 3 day wait for pick up, so I had to wait, but if I had my CCW I could've walked out with it, will be getting it soon.
  12. GhostBear


    Lou's face is priceless after rusty ate that! Lol
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