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  1. Average was just over 40 yards, I think the farthest was the 🐘, that one was 55 yards.
  2. Hey folks long time no post! 😂, went to the R100 here in lake whales Florida and boy was it freaking HOT!! I did the safari range of 50 targets. Was a blast! Here are some pix! Also I hear they plan on a jersey event this year or next.
  3. Seems ok, but there are a lot more venomous snakes here, but haven't crossed any, been very cool.whete I hunt over night temps in the low 40's highs in the mid 70's
  4. Yep, there is quite a bit, need to be north of Sarasota and Tampa, the WMA I hunt has a pretty stable population.
  5. Wow man! That looks great!.
  6. I cleaned it up.and gave it to cash! Lol, he loved it. Yes Florida has been great though covid set me.back a bit but not much, its been getting busier. Gonna give it a go Saturday with cash's breeder, he will be hunting with his mom! 😂
  7. There's a nice place on 206, just past the turn for whittingham. The Korean church. Lots of nice trees there.
  8. Long time.no see folks! Been busy down here, but I did finally get out with cash for some quail, wild birds are a far cry from pen birds! They are as fast as lightning! Cash seems to have got the hang of them with many solid points, my shooting on the other hand, yeah well we won't mention that! But I did bag 1. Cash is shaping up to be as good or better than Attila was. I'm proud of him.
  9. Yeah, it's really just sit till 10 a.m., get pit change have something to eat, get back in by 4 and sit till dark, nothing moves in the heat, not even the squirrels, or still hunt the heavy shaded areas and try and catch a hog napping. It's alot to get used to. Lol
  10. Still very warm in January, at least near Tampa. But an hour or so north it gets cool. Just overall weird hunting here. Lol
  11. Good morning folks? Hunting season in my zone of Florida doesn't open for almost another month yet, I've been lurking here and there and I'm missing the cooler weather, still not used to hunting in shorts!😳 I'm hoping for a fall oceaola turkey this year. May try for a hog next week as they are open year round on private land, which I have some though its an atv park on the weekends.
  12. The gun shops around me here n Clearwater fl are empty, only guns some of the still have are high end bolt guns, and no semi rifle 2 grand and under, forget about ammo to, nothing around, you'd think the world is coming to an end!
  13. If you put it in gear on the hose it's gonna rattle since there is no resistance on the prop, the rattle goes away when you exelerate it, totally normal, but there really is no need to shift it into gear while running on the hose, if you need to run up the engine on the hose use the throttle only button on the bottom of the shift handle.
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