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  1. 3m just walk out my door and up my road!!!
  2. Excalibur!! Is there any other crossbow???
  3. Hey if you don't mind me asking what head boat??
  4. NYC correction officer 18 years 2 to go!!!! Can't wait!
  5. Great buck congrats!! Wow he must have been limping bad!!!!
  6. See more bears then deer on the state land I hunt!! Can't shoot them. That's why numbers down!
  7. Zone 8 is warzone because u can shoot doe and driven like crazy!!
  8. Got to love zone 5 stateland!! 648am guy walks right to me with flashlight!! I strobed him 100 times finally saw me 20yds and I'm on ground tons of orange!! Can't make this shit up.ive been in since 5am. I guess people scared of dark??? Lol
  9. Zone 5. Good luck guys fog slowly lifting. No wind yet.
  10. Beautiful that's what it's all about!!!!
  11. Had a lot of fun today loads of laughs!!! Lots of exercise! Tons of thorns even crawling on ground to get out of thick stuff! Lol friend lost his radio first hour lol.had the bear about 10 feet from me.we worked very hard today nothing to show for our efforts but I can't wait to next year. I could of shot a fox 10 yds but 00 buck at that distance would have been a disaster! Lol.meet some great guys!!!! Big thank you to ghost bear for the invite!! Jeff and Norbert
  12. Which lot is that we are at hatchery
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