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  1. Retire!!! Not worth it anymore. I'm gone in October. Did my 20 and out!! The longer you stay the better chance you have something bad happening. They're not suspending us anymore. They are arresting us leave while you can. Times have changed.
  2. Can't believe this!! He was the best Captain all around. A little rough around the edges but a great fisherman. Had some great times with chris. He will be greatly missed!! Rip capt.
  3. Zone 5. No wind crisp!!!no shots today so far.
  4. Zone 5. Just had 9 doe train pass by.all single file no buck
  5. Zone 5 warren. Crisp only heard 3 shots. Very quiet!!
  6. Will be in orange county 3m but EHD killed a ton of deer!!! Found 4 dead this year!!
  7. Plenty of bears in Sterling Forest. I killed one a few years ago and have seen over 2 dozen through out the years.
  8. That sucks no matter what size deer!! Probably took crazy shot because someone saw the rack!! Horrible!!!
  9. Warren zone 5. Few inches snow starting to snow again. No wind very quiet in woods. 29 degrees.looks promising!!
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