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  1. Jghunter75

    Good timing for Christmas morning

    Beautiful that's what it's all about!!!!
  2. Jghunter75

    Deer-a-thon 12/8

    Had a lot of fun today loads of laughs!!! Lots of exercise! Tons of thorns even crawling on ground to get out of thick stuff! Lol friend lost his radio first hour lol.had the bear about 10 feet from me.we worked very hard today nothing to show for our efforts but I can't wait to next year. I could of shot a fox 10 yds but 00 buck at that distance would have been a disaster! Lol.meet some great guys!!!! Big thank you to ghost bear for the invite!! Jeff and Norbert
  3. Jghunter75

    Deer-a-thon 12/8

    Which lot is that we are at hatchery
  4. Jghunter75

    Deer-a-thon 12/8

    We are here
  5. Jghunter75

    Deer-a-thon 12/8

    I have 2 radios also possibly 4.
  6. Jghunter75

    Deer-a-thon 12/8

    Sounds great I will be in white Dodge ram 1500! Jeff
  7. Jghunter75

    Deer-a-thon 12/8

    Hey ghostbear me and my buddy would like to join u guys. Count two more in! Zone 3 is getting old fast haven't seen a deer or bear yet in 4 days lol. I have not done a drive in 10 years but sounds like fun. Only have buck permits. See you around 6am in parking lot. Jeff
  8. Jghunter75

    12/6 check in

    Zone 3 again. No deer no shots! Very bad!!
  9. Jghunter75

    Shoot straight, be safe, be kind. 6-day check in

    Haskell wise choice!!! Still no shots anywhere in Hewitt!! Horrible
  10. Jghunter75

    Shoot straight, be safe, be kind. 6-day check in

    Zone 3. Not a shot anywhere!!!! Plenty of coyotes!!
  11. Jghunter75

    This is gonna be tricky

    I'm speechless
  12. Jghunter75

    Getting The Itch To Purchase a Xbow

    Excalibur!! Only correct choice!!!
  13. Jghunter75

    what the hell is this on the trail camera?

    Northern stargazer
  14. Jghunter75

    Still hanging in there

    One tough man!!!!
  15. Jghunter75

    NYS antler restriction?

    I hunt and live in 3m. I am all for this!!! I follow these rules without being law. Guys around me not so much. 3 inch spikes killed every year here in 3m. I can only hope this passes to law!!!