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  1. DMZ Zones 1 & 2. Semi Wild (Hunt Pheasants & Chuckars on Sunday) Lots of Bears in Zone 1 property. $1050 first year, $650 per year after that. Approx 500 total acres 3 different properties
  2. My friend hunts every single day of the season, he gets 2 or 3 opportunities ... maybe
  3. The bird was soaking wet but didn't seem to mind
  4. that tiny bit of gray on the bottom of picture #2 is the guardrail on Route 21
  5. While going to buy some sign supplies in Moonachie, NJ. I ran into an old friend that I have seen many times before on the Passaic River ... Yes THAT Passaic River.
  6. I can do way better, I did this one real quick
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