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  1. JMDHunter

    Last Hurrah

    Good luck. Hope the bucks walk your way.
  2. JMDHunter

    Wild game SD card viewer

    PM sent
  3. JMDHunter

    11/14 Check in

    Be careful out there and remember: it is always better to pass wind than to be passed by the wind........... Deep thoughts to be pondered on this Wednesday afternoon.
  4. JMDHunter

    11/13 Check In RAIN

    Thursday I am going to try to get out in the morning. Snowfall hunts always cool even if not productive.
  5. Hello, do you hunt private land in Warwick or public? Always wanted to hunt out there but my sister and brother in law don't have enough property to hunt!

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    2. JMDHunter


      Thanks. Shot a 9 pointer there last year but only had a few does under me this year.  Don't get to hunt it as often as I would like but going to keep trying.

    3. bdowning


      Good deal. Hope you and your family have a Happy Thanksgiving. Good luck the rest of the season!

    4. JMDHunter


      Same and hope you get the buck you want.  Happy Thanksgiving and be safe in the woods.

  6. JMDHunter

    11/12 Check In

    Went out in Warwick, NY at the end of the day because I'm tagged out in NJ until 6 day shotgun and did not see anything until after dark and I was walking back to the jeep. Gonna keep trying!
  7. JMDHunter

    11/11 Veterans Day Check-in

    And then 30 minutes later I popped this 6 pointer! Woot woot! Was looking up the mountain through the binos at some more does and seeing what was going on and heard rustling through the thickets to my left. He was there and walking in quick. Put binos down and got bow and stood up while he was not looking my way and waited for a clear 25 yard shot. Thought I missed him bc he only moved a few feet and I heard a weird thunk not the pumpkin sound when you hit a deer. Was pissed I missed him and then he starts running and now I'm like wtf and then after 10 yards he starts stumbling and going into death throes?!?!?!?! Dropped 40 yards from my stand!!! Howling with glee and wait another 5-10 minutes just to make sure he is down and then went down and went over and saw I nailed him pretty good. Confirmed a double lung shot when I gutted him. But then went looking for the arrow and it was 4" deep in a dead log on the ground! That was what I heard which is a first. Anyway glad I got this buck and even though I might have been able to wait for a bigger deer I'm happy I got this one and I dropped him quickly. Horns will go up on the wall as I get all my buck antlers done in a euro cap. Proud of every set and they keep getting better as I learn more about hunting.
  8. JMDHunter

    11/11 Veterans Day Check-in

    Let this one go. He was chasing 2 does and grunting. Next year he will be a shooter. Look at his eye and he got messed up bad in a fight or something.
  9. JMDHunter

    Buck Down-Recovery Continuing post from last night

    Good job on the buck and responsible move backing out and waiting. I had to do that a month ago as well and although the deer was dead right after I shot him (heart) it was an important lesson in hunting for me. Shoot what makes you happy and eventually you (and me) might get to that place where you (and me) only shoot slob bucks and know how to get on them with regularity. You shot a nice deer and are happy and that is what counts. Put the venison in the freezer, the horns on the wall and enjoy it. What is the dog tracker info? That info could come in handy. Thx!
  10. JMDHunter

    11/6 Check in

    Just ordered a new ladder stand to put up in NY so I can pretend I'm a hunter. Freaking joke. My hunting obsession takes me places no reputable crack addict would go.........
  11. JMDHunter

    11/6 Check in

    I may fold both my businesses and go on deer hunting disability. Think if I "identify" as a person who cannot think or function without hunting excessively during the rut the libs will send me a check each week????? It is driving me freaking nuts that I have to try and be responsible and work instead of being in a tree stand somewhere?!?!?!?
  12. JMDHunter

    Treestands and hunting clothes F/S

    PM sent
  13. JMDHunter

    11/5 check in.

    Was out yesterday morning and had a spike run through just when I got up in the stand and nothing after that except 2 dopey hikers who walked through about 120 yards from me making noise and being dumb in general. Went back in the afternoon and freaking hikers were all over the place. I'm right on the border of private land and public land and hikers dont always keep to the trails. The end result was I saw nothing yesterday afternoon EXCEPT at 1pm in my backyard again a HUGE shooter buck with a doe and a yearling doe. I was doing leaves and phone was inside charging so I could not even take a pic. They walk through and go through woods to get to the golf course. If I could set up a stand at the edge of my property I would have some horns to brag about. Then again if the queen had balls she would be the king so whatever. Stuck in work most of the week and now with daylight savings change I have to start hunting more mornings which I do not prefer. I love the afternoon sits but dont think I can jet out of work that early very often. Frustrated because I want that big buck but have to accept I missed a nice 8 and did get one during regular bow. Disease of more. Good luck to all and please post what you are seeing or not seeing. I live vicariously through all of you fellow hunters!
  14. JMDHunter

    You are high if you are hunting in this crap

    Deer run between my recliner and tv all the time during the rut. Oh wait. That is only when I'm having flashbacks to Grateful Dead concerts in the mid-late 80's. Nevermind. Move along and nothing to see here............
  15. JMDHunter

    You are high if you are hunting in this crap

    Tarhunt I hope you get the buck and post a pic here. I will happily eat some humble pie as long as there is some deer porn as a sidedish lol. Good luck and hope you get one!