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  1. I think I bought one of those from you last year! lol. Great gun tho. Love it with the open red dot sights. If I didn't buy the one last year I think I would buy this one also. Love the Mossberg shotguns. Good luck with sale!
  2. Really nice buck! Congrats!!!!!
  3. Nice buck Blend. That is getting it done!
  4. Went out yesterday up in zone 3 in the mountains. Very clear and cold and nothing moving but tree rats. A bear took out my camera and was funny to see the pics of him getting closer to the camera. I guess he felt he was not photogenic lol. Hoping to get out again this afternoon for a final gun sit. Posted here with the one I got Monday and really only looking for real trophy horns at this point. I have enough venison in the freezer and am very happy with the season I had. Good luck to all. Remember be safe and wear your harness and shoot straight.
  5. Thinking about going back out this afternoon and seeing if I can pull off a magical 2 buck gun season. If I don't go back out between now and saturday I'm done in NJ until January 1st. I also have NYS til Sunday for gun and then I think one more week of their late bow season but that ends December 18th as well. Decisions, decisions...... If I do go out its up in Zone 3 off the pipeline.
  6. Before climbing in the jeep to get to work this morning there was a doe in my backyard which is every day common. Movement behind her and sure enough the monster 6 of the neighborhood was with her. Horns well past his ears and he might be able to hold his own in a bullfight. No other deer in sight and I leave the meaning of this to others to decipher and/or understand. So I took a dump, drank coffee and am at work now drinking more coffee hoping to visit the mudcatcher again soon. If I actually pay attention at work today I may be able to make time for one more trip to the stand before week's end. Good luck to all out there and this time yesterday was when the 3 bucks came in and I got the biggest of the group. Little windy but you can't shoot them from the couch (or the toilet).
  7. Woot woot!!!!! Public land buck down! First gun buck ever! He almost got even with me though. Had to drag him up the mountain almost a quarter mile. Steep grade and very rough terrain. I need to lay down. But this was so satisfying to look for the spot, set up and actually shoot a buck with a gun and shoot well enough that he only went 60 yards. Was a great day in the woods and hope everyone else has a good one as well!
  8. Was out in Warwick NY yesterday afternoon and at the very end of the day I had a pack of deer run across an opening maybe 15--175 yds away with maybe 30 min of light left. As the light was beginning to fade several does started coming in by my other stand there (75 yards away) but light was not going to last and NY is sunup to sundown only not the extra 30 min like in NJ so I bagged it and climbed down. Going back out tomorrow for a long morning sit. My buddy who owns the property says they are usually active in the morning there so hopefully they are moving then. I'm tagged out in NJ until shotgun so NY is the only place I can feed my bowhunting addiction. lol. Good luck to all the guys out there and as always be careful and shoot straight. Always use a safety harness and tie on to your tree.
  9. Thanks for meeting me early in the morning and hanging in there with the storm delays. Will put the equipment to good use!
  10. Good luck. Hope the bucks walk your way.
  11. Be careful out there and remember: it is always better to pass wind than to be passed by the wind........... Deep thoughts to be pondered on this Wednesday afternoon.
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