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  1. 300wby, 30-06, 7.62 nato, .556 ss109, .223
  2. buck169

    Global Warming

    No No more. Starting to have flash backs from NJH from PineBoy2013 with his message to the NJ Deer Drivers. and the beat goes on.
  3. If true then that means he got down on both knees.
  4. Whats even more scary is that people voted for this nut job. Whats
  5. His leaving just reeks of quid pro quo. Now he can get all his other left wing nut jobs point across with sleepy Joe.
  6. Wow, now I have enter the Publishers Clearing House contest for sure.
  7. buck169

    Killer chipmunk !!

    Its all due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). It was maintaining the social distancing mandate.
  8. Online/ OTC Turkey permit system up and running. we got ours.
  9. No more then anyone else. But then again I cant walk on water either unless I know where the rocks are.
  10. Thats the stuff alright. Been using that product for years. We mix ours with distilled water. Cant trust the tap water. To many chems that can compromise or weaken the mix.
  11. Went out the other day just to check a few areas we turkey hunt. Got out of the truck with the binos for two minutes. Got back into the truck and had one tick crawling on my arm with another on my knee. All from just standing on the pavement. Like we dont have enough to worry about already.
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