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  1. Hi, I wanted to pass something along to everyone that I find to be incredibly helpful. I am not one to usually plug products, but this I think is a game changer, at least for me it is... Like mostly everyone here bow hunting in cold weather is a challenge when the temperature drops. I always struggke with how to keep my bow hand warm and not affect my shot. I do not like wearing a glove on my bow hand as I prefer my grip to be directly on the bow. I found a product that I tried out this year and have to say, I find it work wonders. The bow mit by betterthehunt.com is awesome. It is a mitten that attaches to the bow with the stabilizer and straps around the riser to secure. It keeps the bow grip warm, your hand warm and can also accept a hand warmer should you choose to use it. in regards to my release hand, I started using a product I was introduced to years ago for golfing in cold weather. It is called a “pull up mitten”. Basically it is a mitten you pull onto your hand/arm and can pull it up to expose your hand and/or fingers. I find this incredibly useful as I still have my bare hands in contact with the bow and release but have easy access to warmth and comfort at the moment of truth when you need to make that shot count. Just my experience and what I have found that works for me. Maybe it can help you too! good luck and be safe
  2. Also, given the fact that it is already late in the season to be going to a new place I am trying to limit my options and keep it to just a few locations so I can try to do some low impact scouting with the climber and find a place that could be productive.
  3. Yes, I am aware. But I live closest to those and I heard many good things about them both.
  4. Unfortunately I just lost access to the property I was hunting for the past 6 years, and now will be taking the climber onto public land. I will be hunting the Monmouth county park system for the first time this year. Anyone Hunt it and have suggestions of Turkey swamp or manasquan? I am undecided on where to give it a go. I know they both hold deer, but am curious of others experience. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and good luck and be safe out there.
  5. I think if cwd continues to spread it could only be a matter of time for other states to start to implement similar changes...
  6. Anyone else see this.... http://www.foxnews.com/great-outdoors/2018/08/13/michigan-sets-new-deer-hunting-rules-to-keep-chronic-wasting-disease-from-spreading.html

    Strings and cables

    Mike at A&M is one of the best bow guys around. check him out
  8. Great bow to start practicing with to get ready for the season. If interested make a reasonable offer.
  9. I have the exact same setup, minus the custom colors. I have it all in lost camo. Mine is set for 56#, no need to go any higher. Fast, flat and true is how it shoots. I also have the IQ 3 pin and QAD rest with 4 arrow web quiver. I did put the Mathews stabilizer on it. I use Easton Axis 500 arrows. the bow is a tack driver. Worth every dime. best of luck with it.
  10. Great bow to get set up for upcoming season. make an offer if interested
  11. One word... ROOK! for those of you who live in or near Monmouth county and have had the pleasure of enjoying a cup of coffee from Rook, you know where I am coming from. For those of you haven’t had the pleasure I surely reccomend if you ever have a chance to try it. It changed my coffee drinking life. None of the fancy latte double shot 3 pumps nonsense, just straight up coffee how you like it. But they source the beans from the finest crops and roast locally everyday in Eatontown. Coffee is always fresh, smooth, never burnt and delicious. They make it pour over style to order and it is great.
  12. Bump still available if any one is interested.
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