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  1. I have used Basecamp in the past, mark up on some of there properties seem high though. Once you hunt there, Ill and other places you won’t want to hunt here anymore lol
  2. You need one, you may not make it up the mountain again. Haha
  3. $60 New In box Location: Hazlet, but I do commute the parkway for work.
  4. Zone 11...someone shooting at 6:01 unreal. No Bear yesterday, after deer today. Good luck everyone!!
  5. lifehog

    Zone 2

    Never hunted zone 2 just 1, I know Berkshire valley and Paulinskill are both in 2. Both hold bears.
  6. Pinelands In Jackson is where I purchased mine, he had to order and it was 2 days to come in. Great Place to deal with. I went with the camo/stainless as well and love the gun.
  7. Got mine also. Thanks a lot everyone who donated and ran the contest. I hope the person who has my spot on the fishing trip limits out!!!
  8. Someday they will split zone 14 so they can allow for more permits. I emailed the division 2 years ago and they said they would look into it typical answer.
  9. Nice bucks we have a lease out there this year and will be heading out there a few times. Can't wait
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