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  1. The tournament starts 6pm Friday and ends 6pm Saturday giving you the opportunity to hunt 24 hours Friday evening and night and Saturday morning and day
  2. I have a 4month old lab and am going through some of the same things/issues you are. She tends to nip the kids when they are playing, she has stopped nipping me because i make it unpleasant when she does. I either grab her muzzle, stomp on the floor our yell and she gets the message. i try and tell the kids that they cant be rewarding her with pleasant attention when she nips, they, if anything need to ignore her. As for the noises my dog is very skiddish, When i walk her and a car starts she gets afraid along with a list of other noises. From what i have read she is very young and as she grows this will pass. It is important not to force her to do things when they are freaking out, just comfort them. My dogs main issue now is jumping on people, she is about 35lbs and will knock a kid down. Good luck training your dog and have fun.
  3. Good Luck with gun Is this the only company that ships muzzle loaders? For the past few months i have been finding great deals on line but when i put the NJ address in I get a pop up window stating they cant ship to NJ.
  4. I am so thirsty!!! I been taking antibiotics so I have been on the wagon the past few days and this thread is killing me! IMO I feel each drink or beer has its time and place; when on my buddies boat fishing i drink coors light because i know i can drink it all day. When I'm at home i like Kane Over Head. When Im hunting upstate NY I'll order a Bud in the bar because anything fancier and you'll get you ass kicked. With a back strap I like Cabernet. and some times to put an exclamation point on the day i will have a little Woodford Reserve Bourbon. I believe in diversity. Cheers!
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