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  1. Msgdan


    I was also wondering......last fall....I had about 20 every day in my yard in Parsippany....still haven't seen one yet this year......not that I am worrying.....I am sure they will be out soon.
  2. Yesterday morning started out with "nice" conditions in the bay just before sunrise. The first 2 hours was steady action with about 15 bass landed and almost every fish was between 36 and 40 inches.. Once the wind kicked in at around 7 30, it was almost impossible to fish with the wind and the tide. It took me over an hour to get back to the launch and I didn't even have a line out while getting back...... Still a great couple of hours on the water ! Danny V
  3. Made my first kayak trip this year to the bay yesterday afternoon once the wind died down. It was a pretty good afternoon with about a dozen landed, with about half being keeper size and the biggest was about 34 inches....All released and just need a few good weather days....
  4. I must watch this hawk out my window, all hours of the day....he, or she is about 0 for 500 in trying to catch squirrels.....yesterday morning I was in the yard picking up branches that fell from the wind storm, looked up and this hawk was about 10 feet away, picking away at a squirrel.. I can't believe that it didn't fly away and just stayed there eating...not sure if it's a Red tail or a Gosh hawk.
  5. Msgdan


    Watching also !!! Thanks for the heads up !!!! I am guessing that everyone following this post wrestled at some time......what year, what school and how did you finish? Me.......wrestled for North Bergen High school.....graduated in 1977......second in the districts and third in the regions..........third place in the regions didn't go to the states back then......Still the best part of growing up !! Danny v
  6. What a GREAT day !!!! Just wish we had name tags so I knew who I was talking too !! LOL...I can't thank the host enough for sharing his amazing piece of property to a great bunch of guys !!! So glad to meet a few new members and seeing a few of the guys that I have met in the past.....the food...again was amazing and the venison ground cheese steak was one of the best I ever had and can't wait to try it !! I think I killed myself for and hour splitting wood...ate....drank..drank.....drank ate.....and then went went back for another hour of splitting wood and loading the trailer........
  7. This is a video from my second kayak trip to Alaska, this was in 2011. I just got around to edit the 10 minute video and just to listen to my friends laugh at the end of the video, is worth the watch !! LOL . This was an amazing trip with plenty of halibut, salmon, ling cod and other species. We camped on an island that the guide had all set up with the food tent area and all individual tents for all of us. We were there when the storm Irene hit us here in the northeast.....Our flights from Seattle were delayed for 3 days flying back east, so we were " forced" to stay in Ketch
  8. Here is a buck that I shot this season...I had him on camera last season but never saw him from the tree...this season, he wasn't so fortunate...
  9. Looks amazing !! My daughter got me an air fryer for Christmas and used it at work...so far so good.....Did you add any pork fat to the ground venison, or just the ground venison ??
  10. I had a 12 horse snow blower with chains on it's wheels.....4 speeds and reverse...started in one pull in August.....2 pulls in September.....3 pulls in October.....4 pulls in November....... first inch of snow in December.....couldn't get it started for hours.....a few beers and a hundred curses,,,,,sold it , the next day.....took up too much room in the garage......wound up buying a 36 " snow plow snow shovel........best thing I ever did.......Just have to start pushing the snow when it's under 3 inches and keep up with the conditions.... LOVE IT !! I can't seem to copy and paste the li
  11. Wow...this post is from 16 months ago......I didn't have a great year on the river this past year.....but the river has been getting a ton more pressure. Danny V
  12. Zone 12. Readington...dark until noon...2 single does between 10 30 and 11 am....I didn't hear a single shot within 5 miles....settled in in Zone 9 for the evening.....but haven't seen a deer here in the last 5 sits.....ugh
  13. Zone 9....dark to dark sit, border of Mendhan, and Peapack......one buck at first light 300 yards away on a house lawn.....ZERO deer for the rest of the day and didn't hear a SINGLE shot all day.....WTF !!!
  14. I sent you a private message ???????
  15. I am interested in the bottom one,  but not sure when I will be down that way to pick it up ....  I live in Parsippany and work in Manhattan.......If I get lucky hunting next Monday, or during the week,   my butcher is in marlboro and I would be able to pick it up then.


    Danny V

    1. Winetree


      Ok.   Let me know


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