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  1. After retiring from the North Bergen Fire Dept. In 1999, I worked as a stagehand in Madison Square Garden for 10 years.....every concert on a spotlight above the stage.....before moving to Broadway shows......I don't know how many RUSH shows I did in those 10 years ....but probably close to 20. Neil had so much equipment, that we had at least 5 guys just setting up his kit....along with polishing every cymbal for every show ! Just an amazing talent and without a doubt the best drummer that I have ever seen..........and believe me when I say that I have seen, watched and worked with everyone you can think of.
  2. I went to pull a card this morning..I saw 6 new fresh scrapes that weren't there a week ago. I moved the camera to see which bucks are still looking.
  3. Zone 12 this morning for 4 hours.....Whitehouse Station area......didn't see a deer..........dark to dark sit in zone 5 yesterday, private land that borders Jenny Jump....passed a small buck at first light and didn't see anything else........the tree umbrella worked great until the 4 hour straight downpour until dark....ugh !!! Congrats to all that braved the weather and scored today and yesterday !! Danny V
  4. Great job with trying to help !!! Not to get off topic....but I got this picture from my back yard trail camera this week, and was wondering if you think this is a falcon as well ??? Danny V
  5. I never have reused a broadhead or an arrow that I was fortunate enough to kill a deer with.....but that is just a crazy superstition with me....over 30 bow kills and all bucks.
  6. Just a follow up to the original post by John......I am the one that asked John to be sure it was legal to hunt in the area that he just received permission to hunt....I couldn't get an answer from the police dept. when I called yesterday.....there wasn't anyone there to answer the question...that's why he made the post with the question. I got in touch with the clerk this morning that was able to answer the question......the answer was that ......Belle Mead is just a mailing address withing Montgomery township. where hunting and discharging a firearm is LEGAL..........I know that there are many areas and towns that do not allow a "discharge of a firearm".......but just wanted to be sure. A great big thanks to everyone that had some input in this post.....Good luck to everyone the next couple of weeks......hunt safe and have a Happy Thanksgiving !!! Danny V
  7. Thanks John !!!! I love checking out new spots and scouting "almost" as much as hunting !.....You made a great shot on a great buck, and like you said....nothing better than seeing them go down CLOSE to your truck !!!!!! Great job and congrats again !!
  8. I got this pretty neat sequence of pictures of a couple of mature does not happy with each other !! LOL In the first picture, you can see them with their ears back and looking for a fight ! Danny V
  9. Just make sure you call what ever shop you are going to, to be sure they have a crossbow press and the exact string for your make and model......2 years ago, I had to call every shop within 60 miles of my house before I found a shop that had it and could replace it.
  10. Thanks......you "may" be correct, but it's a much better....more interesting picture and post....if it is truly a "BAT ".......LOL
  11. I got home from work last night and as usual....put some corn and acorns out near my trail camera in my yard to see what comes by.......checked the card today and it looks like I had a BAT, flying towards the camera, just a few feet from me. ! I thought it was a cool picture, and wanted to share !! LOL....SO close to Halloween !!!! Danny V
  12. After passing up a couple of good 3.5 year old bucks the last week of the regular season....I went out on Saturday morning...the first day of extended bow...with hopes of one of my target bucks moving. It was a great early morning with several small bucks chasing does around the first couple of hours...and even one decent buck that was too far. At 8 30 AM......this guy came in....a buck that me and a friend have never seen before , between hunting and trail cameras. As soon as I saw him, I knew he was a shooter....he looked like a very old deer, with a white face and a rack that I would be sure to have on my wall. I stopped him with a grunt at 30 yards and let it fly.....he took off hard, nose to the ground and I saw him go down in about 75 yards........Now the fun begins....my friend had to work that day and after gutting him...I was not sure how I was going to get him out !. I decided to drive home, and bring 2 of my kayaks to a river that I dragged him to....It would have been easier to put him in a kayak and tow him behind me for a half mile to an area I could get my car to......I would have never been able to drag him back to the car,,,especially with the last 100 yards being uphill........After a 2 hour ordeal......I was finally at the car.....but now it took me about 15 minutes to get him into the back of my car !!! This is a buck that I will remember for a long time !!!! Danny V
  13. Msgdan


    Sounds like a great trip !!! I stayed at that Motel many times, many years ago........Any sightings of albies ?? I haven't heard many reports but looking to head out.
  14. Harmless Northern Ring necked snake.....just looking for food and shelter..... Danny V
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