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  1. Another great kayak trip to Panama is in the books !....This was my 4th time at this camp and it was the first time for the 3 friends that I went with........It's just the start of the rainy season there, but we only had a few showers during our 5 full days of fishing. We probably landed close to 20 different species, but this was our best trip for yellow fin tuna in the 15 to 25 lb. range. On the 3rd morning, after a 40 minute boat ride to a different area to fish...I dropped down a 4 oz. jig and after 5 cranks of the reel.....I hooked into something HUGE......that pulled me for about 1/4 mile......after that it went to the bottom and I just could not raise or move the fish. after 30 minutes, I had to tighten the drag and start to pedal my kayak to just try to move it. after another 30 minute stand off, I was finally able to gain some line and get it to the kayak...........it was a sting ray, over 100 lbs. and about 6 feet wide and a foot thick........this fish, kicked my a$$, but I was able to remove the jig and release it, after a 90 minute battle. I also had a 15 lb. jack crevalle that was almost ripped in half by a cubara snapper !!! I have other pictures coming in and will post up more when I get them. Danny V
  2. I am not sure about physics or anything else......but I picked up 2 of these reels a couple of years ago and LOVE them.......I only fish from a kayak, and can cast, speed jig and slow jig with this reel with ease all day . .......I also have to add, that it wasn't my preferred reel to be fighting an 80 lb. yellow fin tuna last year on Christmas Island.....but after getting spooled on my Torium 30 in about 60 seconds with a tuna....my other rod in my kayak was a Trevala MH rod, set up with a Lexa 400.........I made one cast into a school of busting tuna and wound up landing an 80 lb. yellow fin, after a 90 minute battle.....Of course this is my opinion, but I just love everything about this reel....and would be perfect for almost anything in the northeast. Danny V
  3. Nothing better than to be checking trail camera pictures during the off season.....you never know what you can capture !!! LOL Danny V
  4. Stripers are pretty easy....but this Yellow Fin at 80# took me for a 2 hour ride, last year !!! LOL.....That was some ride !!! Danny V
  5. Well......yesterday was a good morning.... with about 10 stripers landed and a few lost. The biggest fish came just after sun up. After a solo trip yesterday, I invited a friend for today...and the bite was way off today, with only one bass landed each. Here is the biggest from yesterday. Danny V
  6. Well.....what started out as a nice morning at sunrise in Raritan Bay, with light fog and a light breeze.....turned into a real disaster getting back. 3-4 foot chop and 25 MPH winds from the NE.......Believe me...I have been in much worse, but not was I was expecting for my first trip of the season. The good news, is that the morning was pretty productive with around 20 bass landed between me and a friend, with nothing big, but a handful of keepers, that were all released. Danny V
  7. No, not a cell cam....... Here is a picture of him this past season. Danny V
  8. Yes....I think it is very early....this buck only shed his antlers about 2 weeks ago. I have a close relationship with this buck.....I passed him up 3 seasons ago, hit him 2 seasons ago and I wasn't able to hunt him this year due to flooding, but have hundreds of pictures of him....this season, from velvet to the rut. He hangs out in a residential area until the first or second week of October, and then he travels miles in a couple directions. Thoughts on starting to grow already ?? Danny V
  9. When are the finals, .....and what channel will be covering it ??? Thanks !!
  10. I didn't know about this hunt....but driving into the city 6 days a week...there is a good sized billboard , just past Giants stadium on rt. 3 east about "stopping the backyard deer hunt" in Saddle River........Now I know what they were talking about.
  11. I wrestled varsity from 1974 to 1977............if there was even a question from the ref.....my coach would have shaved my head and my whole body.........and my parents and me would not have said a word...........yes... times have changed, but I am still a better person for it. Danny V
  12. I have been on 2 kayak fishing trips to Alaska....remote is an understatement......camping on an Island for a week and the other time was unguided in a state owed cabin.......looking to get back again....SOON !!!! Danny V
  13. That looks great !! Here is something that I did that came out pretty good...(at least I think so)....LOL....I split a cedar branch and have a matching set on the other side of the room. Danny V
  14. I pulled the camera this morning.....nothing great, but I think this is a pretty cool picture......I guess all 6 deer saw something coming !! LOL Danny V
  15. I have had to shoot a few deer like this over the years.......never once felt bad about using a tag......congrats on a great hunt, a great meal and doing the right thing !! Danny V
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