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    Same buck

    G3 on the left side is longer and almost straight up in the second picture and in the top picture the G3 on the left side is angled to the front and looks an inch shorter....I say different.....unless the angle of the pictures are distorting the rack. DV
  2. If you have any access to hunt any sizable piece of private property in your area or anyplace in the state....there would be about 1000 people willing to help you out !!!! LOL LOL !! all the best and best of luck !! Danny V
  3. I picked up 2.... 50 lb. bags at Tractor Supply in Blairstown last weekend. When I opened them up, the corn was old and looked moldy....very disappointing.....Tried to separate what looked good and put the rest out in the trash.......I didn't want to take a chance with even putting it out for the birds or anything else. I will let them know, next time I go there !! Danny V
  4. GREAT going Dan !!! I may give it a shot one last time for the year this weekend ... Looks amazing !! Danny V
  5. I took the kayak out again on Saturday morning...a much better tide this Saturday compared to last Saturday when I took home only 18 crabs. But this Saturday I had a great tide and took home around 60 !! 4 drop lines with chicken legs ...the first hour was slow and I made 5 different moves until I hit an area that kept me going crazy with action for the last 3 hours. I stopped off at a friends house to do all the cleaning and gave him most of them..not enough room in my freezer ! A bunch cooked to put in the fridge for a cold treat, a bunch on the grill and the rest for sauce !
  6. It's been close to 3 weeks now...I still haven't seen ONE bird in my yard and the feeder is still full ! I put corn out every night for the deer and usually at first light there would be every bird, doves, blue jays, starlings, black birds and every other kind of bird finishing off the corn. I have no idea what happened ??? Danny V
  7. I just got done working 24 hours straight at a Michael Jackson show at Madison Square Garden and started work on another concert for MTV at the Hammerstien Ballroom. We just got done hanging all the motors for the show when the first plane hit... After the second plane hit we started loading everything out, that we just loaded into the theater...We were all stuck in the city, until I walked to the Lincoln Tunnel at around 4 PM......I showed my retire FD badge and I was given a ride back to NJ and then had a few mile walk back to my car....UGH I also worked for a furniture company for 20 years and our office for close to 15 years was on the 95th floor of 2 WTC, where I was just about everyday......The office moved out of the WTC about 4 years before that day.... Danny V
  8. I am not sure if anyone else has noticed this.....but before last weeks heavy rains, I would have to fill my backyard bird feeder at least 3 times a week, with birds always around. I filled it up the day before the storm, and now it's been 8 days and it looks like the feeder has not been touched once !!! Still filled to the top !! Just wondering if anyone else has noticed anything like this in their yard ??? I am in Parsippany, if that helps... Thanks Danny V
  9. Great going Dan !!! I went yesterday morning to Red Bank....it was my 4th trip there this year and the last 3 trips I took home about 4 dozen each trip. Yesterday with 2 boats with my grandkids and cousin and his kids, we wound up with only 6 crabs !!! It was my worst day crabbing in 50 years.... it wasn't the best tide, with a 9:30 low tide, but we didn't even catch any small ones to keep the kids interested.....oh well......still a fun morning out. !! Danny V
  10. Thanks for all the "well wishes: !! Yes, it was a scary few hours......my arm is still swollen and hurting and hot and tough to bend my elbow....but I am sure it will be back to normal in a couple of days !! Thanks again !! Danny V
  11. Well to say that today wasn't the best way to start off the hunting season, is a big understatement !!......My hunting partner John, called me at 6 am to see if I wanted to take a ride with him to maybe move a ladder stand and clear some lanes and brush.....so I said YES.... We spent an hour or so making some lanes and clearing brush......we had to cross a small creek to get back to his truck and there was a big tree that blocked his access point to cross the river.......we started cutting some branches and picked up one of them....and we were both attacked by yellow jackets !!!!! I got stung 3 times in the arm and starting running and John was a step behind me but got stung 7 or 8 times........I have had bad reactions in the past, and John never had a reaction...but this was different.... We tried to make the hour trip home, but I knew I wasn't going to make it.......my feet and hands started to itch, and my throat starting to close up......we both made a decision to stop at a emergency clinic, and good thing we did !! They gave us shots of an epi pen and Benadryl, but we were both not doing well............they called an ambulance and took us both to a Hospital........His vitals were much worse and they gave him an IV and monitored his heart....his blood pressure was 80 over 40 !!..........My heart rate was close to 200 and my blood pressure was off the charts, high !! Glad to say that after almost a few hours in the hospital....were were cleared and released to go....a 20 minute Huber ride back to his truck and we made it home with no issues ........ I always take 2 Epi pens on my crazy kayak trips where I away hours or days away from help.....but from now on....I will have one in my car or take one with me whenever I am out either kayak fishing or hunting.... Danny V
  12. I have hunted a couple miles from there in the past 20 years.....I shot a lot of nice bucks there, but haven't seen or shot a decent buck in that area for the past 8 years or so....I used to see 25 deer a sit....lucky if I see I deer now.....I have moved on to different areas and usually make a few sits there each season......every time I leave....I say never again.......Good luck ! Danny v
  13. Sounds like a great day !!!! Catching is just the bonus !!!! Danny V
  14. Well.....after further "forensic files, investigation ".........it is CONFIRMED, that my front door and adjoining windows have been "EGGED"........ I have been living in the same house for almost 40 years, without an incident....but I guess it can happen at any time.... Thanks to all the responses !!
  15. The Robin is sitting in the nest now, with her clutch of blue eggs...I am thinking that another, bigger bird layed eggs in her nest and she pushed them out ??? Definitely didn't get "egged"... there are broken egg shells in areas away from the door.
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