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  1. Msgdan

    Ugly buck Down

    He will make a great mount of a memorable hunt !!!!!
  2. Pretty cool picture of a doe in full flight.......Santa should thing about hiring this little girl !! LOL Danny V
  3. Msgdan

    Got one before the rain!

    You never know......here is a trail camera picture that I got this year.....This is a real "dirt nap"......he spent 15 minutes like this..... Danny V
  4. Msgdan

    They cant all be wide

    Amazing buck Dan.......I am sure that you let plenty of good ones pass before taking this one.
  5. Here is a picture of one of my spots....this picture was taken from the same tree of the first picture in my post !! LOL
  6. Plus, I didn't like the black socks he was wearing !! LOL
  7. I have a bunch of pictures of this buck that I called the "straight up 8"....you can tell why......Yesterday was only my second chance to hunt this area because of high water preventing me from getting to my stand. I had deer around all morning and at about 8 am I see him coming.....but as you can see..it looks like he got his A$$ kicked......He is now missing both G2s and a G3 on his right side.....Hope he makes until next season. Danny V
  8. Find out what the cost to ship it would be..I will split the cost and take it......Let me know if that works for you. Danny V
  9. Msgdan

    FREE aluminum ladder...

    No, it is a straight ladder......it is one section of a ladder hoist.
  10. Msgdan

    FREE aluminum ladder...

    If anyone has private land and is looking for a straight aluminum ladder....about 20 feet long....let me know. Of course pick up only....I am located in Parsippany, close to rt.46...rt.80...rt. 280....and rt. 287. Just shoot me a PM and I can leave it in my driveway to be picked up at any time. Danny V
  11. Msgdan

    The ultimate "dirt nap" (pic)

    HA !!! Not sure if I have ever seen this before.......I have a bunch of pictures of him walking around...laying down....and also a picture of him really resting !!! LOL Danny V
  12. Msgdan

    Kayak fish of a lifetime !!!!

    It is a luna tail grouper.....That is the bladder of the fish......We were jigging in 200 feet of water and with most of the fish that live on the bottom....it's bladder comes out when reeled up to the surface.
  13. I got back yesterday from a kayak fishing trip to Christmas Island, which is 1300 miles south of Hawaii. This is my second trip there and not sure if the hurricane that was in Hawaii while we were there caused the heavy winds we had the first few days....but it made jigging from the kayak almost impossible. We both had fish everyday, but not like I experienced the last time I was there. A boat would take us out and drop us off, while they went in search of tuna....which they found everyday. The last 2 days there, we came upon huge schools of busting tuna and birds.... The boat got us as close as they could and We got into the kayaks and headed for the most amazing site of tuna busting the surface that I have ever seen. I hooked up in about 5 minutes and for the next 40 minutes...I was pinned down without being able to make one crank of the reel. I turned the kayak sideways, so he was pulling the full weight of me and the kayak, while pulling me into a 3 foot chop against the wind. After I was able to start reeling it in....it was a slow but steady fight for another 30 minutes before getting it close enough to the boat for a clean gaff and a much needed few beers !.... The guide estimated the tuna at 80 pounds and our biggest of the trip. The next day, my friend Bill hooked up and landed one as well, after an almost 2 hour fight.....I also hooked up twice and was spooled on one reel and broke off on the second rod I had with me. Here are a bunch of pictures.......... Danny V
  14. Msgdan

    My grandson's first pickerel !!

    I wish I could take the credit on the "timing".....but actually, I was taking Go Pro video of him fighting it, and paused the video and took a picture of my computer monitor with my cell phone.....cheating.....but it worked !! LOL........I had no clue how to copy and paste the paused video image......UGH......LOL
  15. I took my grandson out yesterday on my canoe...(which hasn't see the water in 15 years)....I pulled him on my kayak wheels about 1/2 mile to a local river.......very slow with worms and a float with almost no hits at all. I was casting a spinner bait and hooked a nice pickerel and handed the pole over to him... He did a great job fighting it and land his biggest fish in his 3 years ..........One proud grandpa !!! Danny V