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  1. Looks amazing !! My daughter got me an air fryer for Christmas and used it at work...so far so good.....Did you add any pork fat to the ground venison, or just the ground venison ??
  2. I had a 12 horse snow blower with chains on it's wheels.....4 speeds and reverse...started in one pull in August.....2 pulls in September.....3 pulls in October.....4 pulls in November....... first inch of snow in December.....couldn't get it started for hours.....a few beers and a hundred curses,,,,,sold it , the next day.....took up too much room in the garage......wound up buying a 36 " snow plow snow shovel........best thing I ever did.......Just have to start pushing the snow when it's under 3 inches and keep up with the conditions.... LOVE IT !! I can't seem to copy and paste the li
  3. Wow...this post is from 16 months ago......I didn't have a great year on the river this past year.....but the river has been getting a ton more pressure. Danny V
  4. Zone 12. Readington...dark until noon...2 single does between 10 30 and 11 am....I didn't hear a single shot within 5 miles....settled in in Zone 9 for the evening.....but haven't seen a deer here in the last 5 sits.....ugh
  5. Zone 9....dark to dark sit, border of Mendhan, and Peapack......one buck at first light 300 yards away on a house lawn.....ZERO deer for the rest of the day and didn't hear a SINGLE shot all day.....WTF !!!
  6. I sent you a private message ???????
  7. I am interested in the bottom one,  but not sure when I will be down that way to pick it up ....  I live in Parsippany and work in Manhattan.......If I get lucky hunting next Monday, or during the week,   my butcher is in marlboro and I would be able to pick it up then.


    Danny V

    1. Winetree


      Ok.   Let me know


  8. State land close to Lake Wallenpaupack....dark to dark..saw 13 does between noon and 2 PM..nothing before or after..saw 2 other hunters walking around at 11 AM...literally heard at least 10 THOUSAND shots from the PA gun range off rt. 6........non stop from 8 A M until dark.
  9. I was thinking about checking a deer hunting spot in 3B, 3C and 3D this weekend....is the bear season open in those areas ?? the site with dates is very confusing ??
  10. Great buck Dan !! Way to go !! CONGRATS ! Danny V
  11. That is an outstanding 4 pointer !!!! Nothing to be upset about that one !!!! Great harvest and GREAT buck !!! Danny V
  12. Amazing buck Tom !!! I am sure you passed up a few good ones.........and it was worth it !!! CONGRATS.....again !! Danny V
  13. Well to say that October was not the best hunting month for me..is an understatement.....But after bumping this buck heading in on Friday afternoon, I had three different, close encounters with him on Saturday and Sunday. On Tuesday morning I looked up at 75 yards and just saw a tree getting destroyed and was hoping it was him......After a slow 15 minute walk, he made a scrape and gave me a clear 30 yard shot.........The shot "looked" perfect, but the deer just ran 10 yards and stopped for 10 minutes !! I was trying to see any blood coming out, but he was behind some brush an
  14. I wasn't taking a chance of bumping my target buck on the way in ...for the afternoon hunt....so I did a DARK until Dark "stand" ...all day sit.......but standing on 2 screw in steps was not a fun day. I took the safety off 3 times in the morning with my buck bumping a few does and then bedding down 40 yards away for me for 2 hours from 8:30 until 10:30.....he got up and was heading my way ....but of course ....went the other way. A great day for an all day sit.....almost 20 does and 5 different bucks.......but the 4 other ones, couldn't even add up to the one I am after.
  15. Jumped my last 2 years target buck walking in at 2:30....right under my tree.....UGH !!! Had some action for the first 90 minutes with a nice 2.5 year old 5 pointer come in and chasing does... He got a pass in this spot......nothing but a couple of does after 4 PM..........wasted my whole fall season on a new 50 piece in Mendham that had 12 different bucks on camera at night and only saw 2 small bucks in 15 sits on the property........Feeling good about tomorrow though....an all day sit !
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