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  1. Msgdan

    Dreadlocks and wrestling

    I wrestled varsity from 1974 to 1977............if there was even a question from the ref.....my coach would have shaved my head and my whole body.........and my parents and me would not have said a word...........yes... times have changed, but I am still a better person for it. Danny V
  2. Msgdan


    I have been on 2 kayak fishing trips to Alaska....remote is an understatement......camping on an Island for a week and the other time was unguided in a state owed cabin.......looking to get back again....SOON !!!! Danny V
  3. Msgdan

    Trophy Tree

    That looks great !! Here is something that I did that came out pretty good...(at least I think so)....LOL....I split a cedar branch and have a matching set on the other side of the room. Danny V
  4. I pulled the camera this morning.....nothing great, but I think this is a pretty cool picture......I guess all 6 deer saw something coming !! LOL Danny V
  5. Msgdan

    Another little guy...

    I have had to shoot a few deer like this over the years.......never once felt bad about using a tag......congrats on a great hunt, a great meal and doing the right thing !! Danny V
  6. I tried checking out a new state land yesterday...had a spot that looked great on maps...got there and the road leading into the state land wasn't plowed.......tried from the other end of the land...parked and walked to the spot and decided there was no way I could get a deer out by myself...ugh..getting old sucks. Went back to a different state land and found a swampy area only a few hundred yards from the lot with plenty of tracks in the snow......just hoping for the best and not too many guys. I never thought about how long a drag would be in the snow...but hunting solo and having 2 spine surgeries a couple of years ago......I have to be realistic about what I can do. Good luck to everyone !! Danny V
  7. Msgdan

    Ugly buck Down

    He will make a great mount of a memorable hunt !!!!!
  8. Pretty cool picture of a doe in full flight.......Santa should thing about hiring this little girl !! LOL Danny V
  9. Msgdan

    Got one before the rain!

    You never know......here is a trail camera picture that I got this year.....This is a real "dirt nap"......he spent 15 minutes like this..... Danny V
  10. Msgdan

    They cant all be wide

    Amazing buck Dan.......I am sure that you let plenty of good ones pass before taking this one.
  11. Here is a picture of one of my spots....this picture was taken from the same tree of the first picture in my post !! LOL
  12. Plus, I didn't like the black socks he was wearing !! LOL
  13. I have a bunch of pictures of this buck that I called the "straight up 8"....you can tell why......Yesterday was only my second chance to hunt this area because of high water preventing me from getting to my stand. I had deer around all morning and at about 8 am I see him coming.....but as you can see..it looks like he got his A$$ kicked......He is now missing both G2s and a G3 on his right side.....Hope he makes until next season. Danny V
  14. Find out what the cost to ship it would be..I will split the cost and take it......Let me know if that works for you. Danny V
  15. Msgdan

    FREE aluminum ladder...

    No, it is a straight ladder......it is one section of a ladder hoist.