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  1. HA !!! Yes, I am fine...thanks !! LOL......Like it was said...there are just a ton a people now fishing from a kayak....it doesn't make them "kayak fisherman" though. I probably have more $$$ spent on dry gear and safety gear , then I do in kayaks..... When I started around 15 years ago...there was only a handful of us that would be out and we all pretty much knew everyone that was involved with this new trending sport... Being safe is the most important thing.....Being over 60 now.....I am sure to pick the better conditions to be out !! Danny V
  2. Ha....no I didn't...but I needed the kayak to get it out of the woods...saved me about a 2 hour drag !
  3. Just like my good friend Riggsjr......I received a call yesterday that my extended bow buck was done from Joe Chicchino. This is the fifth buck that he has done for me in the past 10 years or so, and I couldn't be happier. I didn't have a clue what to get my wife for Mother's Day.......and I am sure she wasn't expecting "another" head on the wall......but that's what she got !!!! LOL....... There was an empty spot on the wall in the upper left corner.......now the wall is balanced !! Danny V
  4. I have been trying different ways to video some kayak caught fish....it's not that easy !! LOL......I went out yesterday and had a pretty good morning with about a dozen bass landed and a bunch of missed hits while trolling..... I actually brought home my first striper in a couple of years.....I have to say that it was amazing and not sure why I don't bring home one, more often.....My wife marinated in some Old Bay recipe that she had and I grilled it !!! Well.....here is an attempt of a video.....I may try to raise it up a bit, but I don't like anything too high in the front of the kayak....because there are many times that I have to move my pole around the tip of the kayak. Danny V
  5. Nice going Dan and Tracey !!!!! I am sure there will be plenty more great pictures coming !!! Danny V
  6. Thanks !! I will fill it out !! Danny V
  7. Finally a day without crazy winds !!! After my last few trips that I almost got blown off the bay....today was a pleasure.........Launched before sunrise and wound up with at least 20 bass.......and not one keeper !! I told my wife that I would be bringing home striped bass for dinner....that was a mistake.....LOL.......I had at least 5 fish I had to measure ...and everyone was at 27 inches !! UGH....It was still a great morning to be out, except for the 15 minute hail storm....but the fish were biting through it, so I almost didn't notice it. I also came across a 6 or 7 foot, dead sturgeon that seagulls were trying to get at.....such an amazing looking fish......wonder if it got hit by a boat ??? It looks like it could be a few more days before getting out again.....but looking forward to every trip on the water.... Danny V
  8. I have never heard of that........for what ever it's worth ...just like NJ...all you have to do is register....it's free.
  9. Mikee......Yes...you can launch your kayak for free in the Raritan Bay. ..but what you will need is a free NJ, or NY Salt water registration, depending on what side you fish and launch from.. Like others have said....there are some private ramps that may charge you to park in their lot and launch.....but if you check around....I am sure you can find a place to launch during normal times.....and these are NOT normal times....there are many places to launch that are closed off right now...due to the virus......but there are still a bunch open. Danny V
  10. Great catching Dan !! Yes....it was as flat as can be at sunrise when I launched....Glad I was back at the car at around 10 30......it already started to get nasty......at least for the kayak !! LOL Danny V
  11. First of all, I would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter !! Crazy times we are in.....I lost my brother in law this week, due to the virus...but he was in poor health and in a home...so he is better off after not doing well for several months....but my Mom, who had knee surgery a month ago was in rehab and when she got home on Tuesday......we found out on Thursday that she has tested positive....She is home and feeling well with no fever or symptoms......so we are praying for the best. I needed to get out this morning with the first window of light winds for quite a few days......It started out to be a great morning with 15 bass landed in the first hour......then an hour lull before it picked up again......nothing big....except for the LARGE bass I lost !!!! UGH....but every trip has one that keeps you up at night !! Finished the morning with close to 25 bass landed, but only 5 being keeper size , up to 32 inches...still a great way to get my head clear and being on the water... Wishing the best for everyone....stay safe and be strong !! Danny V
  12. After doing this, for over 15 years ....all over the world....from Alaska to the South Pacific.....I am pretty sure I have the right gear to be out in Raritan Bay !!! LOL......But thanks for looking out !!
  13. WOW, what a morning.......after launching yesterday afternoon for a couple of hours, with only a bunch of short bass landed...I launched this morning to a closer spot to the middle of the bay..... GREAT CHOICE !!! Me and a friend launched just about sun up and made the 45 minute trip to where I wanted to be............Once we got into the "zone"...it was a non stop hook up with quality sized bass..........after getting through a bunch of keeper sized bass and bigger....I found an area where there were some larger fish. Total count for me for the morning was 25 bass.........but I am sure that the biggest 5 were the biggest bass that I have landed on lures.....I have landed bigger with live bunker....but this was a morning to remember !! Danny V
  14. Msgdan

    Killer chipmunk !!

    I witnessed something this morning that I have never seen before......of course with the warm weather I have had a slight issue with field mice in the garage. I always set a Havahart trap in the garage and this morning I caught one. I took it to a small wooded park near my house to release it.......it was heading for the woods in a brush pile and within seconds a chipmunk was going crazy after it !! Within 5 seconds, the chipmunk caught up with it and killed the mouse and pulled it about 10 feet before dropping it. I went over, and sure enough the chipmunk killed it. I had no idea that these little harmless animals had that killer instinct. Maybe protecting a nest of young...but just wondering if anyone ever heard of chipmunks killing other small animals ? Danny V
  15. After 2 not so great trips in the Bay, yesterday made up for it. I launched at first light to a steady 10-15 mph wind with the wind coming with the incoming tide. It was hard to get any action with my lures against the tide, but as soon as I was in the zone and started trolling with the wind and tide, it was pretty much non stop action for the next couple of hours...... I wound up landing about 20 stripers, with half being in the 30 to 34 inch range and the rest in the 26 to 30 inch range........all released and headed in through a steady rain and nasty chop.. It was great seeing and meeting up with a fellow member....Capecod......on the water this past week...I am sure we will meet up again !! Danny V
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