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  1. crawdad

    Urban Pheasant Habitat

    I used to hunt them (along with rabbits and RATS) with the bow, in Jersey City.......in the "grasslands" behind Lincoln Park. Who would'a thunk?? bOb....ski
  2. crawdad

    Had this guy cruising in the yard

    I had one moving all around me in the leaves last year. I could hear the leaf noise but didn't see what was making it. Kept me on my toes. Thought it was a little rodent. At noon I went over to look and he/she was on the other side of a log just scraping the ground. bOb....ski
  3. That's what it's all about....you had a great morning.....good luck tomorrow bOb....ski
  4. crawdad

    Frustration !!

    Possibly... but if it was a quiet call I didn't hear one. All I heard was the gobble and then when I yelped he responded. The guy told me he was there since 5 after I told him I was sitting down at 5. My trip to the spot was about 1500 yds because I did a few cackles and hoots on the way in to see if I could hear a roost location. It's a sandy road, and with my headlamp, I also look for tracks that I didn't "erase" the day before. The guy's trip to the spot was only 600 yds right across the field from the paved road. Hey....this is Zone 14 public land.....It's hard for me to think about crossing any hunting area IN THE DARK.....without a headlamp. He said he didn't use one, and even if I was looking in his direction, he would have been hard to see in the dark. To top that off, he had 2 decoys out that I never saw, even in the daylight. I don't hunt a field and take 50 yard shots....I hunt a 30 yard window right in front of me and hope for the opportunity to score. I also had a decoy out that HE never saw because of some brush. Went back this morning and parked where the other guy parked yesterday because my older brother was with me (I'm 71...think about it). We traveled the 600 yards and because of the rain forecast, I carried in his 2 man blind. Met another hunter parking behind us who was gracious and very apologetic that he would need to re-cross the field at about 8AM because of work. Told him it wasn't a problem. Saw one hen early after it started to rain and a whole bunch of running deer in the 7 hours. Didn't hear any gobbles....didn't see any other hunters. Now it's on to Zone 8 for the Saturdays and then to Zone 2 for D week. Good Luck ALL bob....ski
  5. crawdad

    Frustration !!

    So I've had this long beard (and a few jakes and hens) that wouldn't come to me on Monday and Tuesday. He was just strutting in a field about 150 yds away from me for all the world to see. I didn't hunt Wednesday but went back late afternoon to find a spot closer to where I've seen him and his harem and to possibly put him to bed (which didn't happen) I cleared some brush....made a little blind in a deadfall...and left my seat there for this mornings hunt. I was sitting down at 5:00 AM patiently awaiting the flock's arrival. I knew I probably could have been closer but I didn't know where they roosted and didn't want to alert them in the AM. At 6:45 I hear my first gobble and I'm guessing about 50 or a bit more yards away and I'm ready for them to walk around in the field and get in front of me. A few little calls, a couple of responsive gobbles, and I've got the gun to my shoulder. At 7:20 it happened. BOOM......BOOM......BOOM!! Three shots......NOT BY ME.......BUT CERTAINLY SCARY ....another hunter was in the same tree line closer to where the birds came out of the woods. He didn't know I was there and I didn't know he and his buddy were there. He said he was glassing the field since the week started and came in from a different direction than I did. By 9:00 I was sitting in a different spot and ....by the way.....HE MISSED.... a Jake.....not the Tom. I'll be back in the morning to try again...... bOb....ski
  6. Congratulations.....Good one for the TEAM. I'm still waiting for the hens to leave my target bird. He won't leave their side because one of the jakes may step in. None of the hens are interested in meeting the "invisible" hen calling from a distance. Wasn't up to getting wet today....... still 2 days left. bOb....ski
  7. crawdad

    Youth Day Turkey Down 10YO Granddaughter

    Great job Grandpa.....Great shot Lily bOb....ski
  8. I'm beating the clock for a TEAM entry.....good luck to all bOb....ski
  9. Joined in Oct 2016. I just hang around to read everyone's escapades (and advice) whenever I get the chance. Don't normally get the fingers moving to post my own stuff. I'm a senior and have been hunting and fishing longer than I can recall sometimes. I also membered at newjerseyhunter years ago and still hop over there to read their goings on. Looking forward to possibly spending a little more time here. Live in Ocean County, hunt and fish here. I also frequent the DWGNRA and have been hunting and fishing there..... even before it was the DWGNRA. Will be entering the gobbler contest......good luck to all....STAY SAFE. bOb...ski