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  1. crawdad

    A Text That You Don't Want To See.

    That's the MOST DREADED phone call when the kids are out. Good Luck to you, him, and his fiancee. I always asked...where you going....who you going with....what time you coming home ? The answers never mattered but at least they knew I was "involved"
  2. crawdad

    ROOKIE MOVES/List them here!

    Many moons ago I climbed up into an old wooden "permanent" stand that had a pallet for a floor. There was no seat, I needed to stand erect leaning against tree. It was raining . Instead of holding my brother's shotgun at the ready...and letting it get soaked...I stood it up under my parka, barrel up because of the slat spacing in the pallet. I dozed off and awoke with the gun falling through a space stock down and muzzle up. It seemed like an eternity but I actually watched it hit the ground with a thud...still with the barrel UP. The fall cracked the stock but it didn't go off. I was lucky. Another time in the same general area, I used my telephone man "borrowed" pole climbing spikes to shimmy up a big old pine tree to set up my old "portable metal stand with a chain". I was targeting a berm between two old cranberry bogs. With the thick pine bark I managed to almost cut out and fall a couple of times but I liked the tree and the spot. Once up in the tree I pulled up my bow with a line and took the spikes off very carefully because the stand was only about 20 x 20 inches. I hung the spikes on a branch. This was another no seat situation (lot's of them back then) and I stood there awaiting for the sun to come up. Good scouting paid off and a beautiful six pointer walked below me heading to the berm right after sunrise. He was no more than ten yards away when I released the arrow from my Ben Pearson re-curve. DAMN....there was the arrow sticking straight in the ground. I couldn't believe I missed. I was really pissed. I opted not to put the spikes back on because it was a real chore and it was still early in the day. I guess it was about noon in a little drizzle when I decided I had enough of the standing in the rain and climbed down. Of course when I looked at the arrow I saw it was a pass through. The fletchings were covered. I searched for blood over the berm to the other side of the cranberry bog. Never found any. Drove to a phone booth (no cell phones) and called my brother. We extended the search but I never found the deer. The mistake was not climbing down to check the arrow sooner....BEFORE the drizzle.
  3. crawdad

    Pocket Ranger APP

    Thanks 230....I'm really just interested in the FF part. Need to keep tabs on my 75 yr old brother and my 40 yr old daredevil son when we're up at the DWGNRA or Jenny Jump. Gonna try huntstand. bOb….ski
  4. Hunters and anglers should not consult or rely on the mobile app operated by Parks By Nature. The company is no longer affiliated with the Division of Fish and wildlife, and does not have up-to-date information. I never used the Pocket Ranger app for regulations but have used it for "Friend Finder" to see where my buddies are. Anyone use anything else to keep track of a hunting partner's location in the woods??
  5. crawdad

    Annual Kayak Trip

    As per the DWGNRA regulations it might have been a period of HIGH WATER: 1.10 The Delaware River is closed when conditions are determined to be unsafe. (a)(2) River Closures and Restrictions 2.1 Life jackets are mandatory during the period of high water, 8 to 15 feet at the Montague gauge for all individuals onboard vessels which are underway, on, or in the waters of the Delaware River, within the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, are required to wear a Type I, II, III or V USCG approved Personal Flotation Device (PFD). The PFD must be the proper size for the individual wearing it, and it must be in good serviceable condition. 2.2 When water levels reach 15 feet or higher at the Montague Gauge there will be a mandatory closure of the river corridor.
  6. My (almost) 100% fool proof system for fooling their sight, hearing, and smell senses is done by sitting still downwind of my quarry and moving super slow when (and if) necessary. As Haskell said before....it's called hunting....not killing. bOb....ski
  7. crawdad

    Good guy alert : Live to Hunt

    I don't normally respond to threads like this but WOW....I just spit a whole bunch of Sam Adams on my keyboard. You guys a funny...... bOb....ski
  8. crawdad

    Water gap camping??

    NJ State Park camping has a reservation system. I honestly doubt with such short notice there will be availability at Worthington. Place fills up like crazy on weekends. Spent MANY a night there......AND everyone is right...No alcohol allowed....if they "happen" to catch you with some they make you dump it out and issue you a summons. Don't ask me how I know. bOb....ski
  9. crawdad

    One really cool squirrel!

    I've seen black before.....this is certainly unusual bOb….ski
  10. crawdad

    Red tails

    Great photos....I don't care what they are.....I would be happy just to watch them for a while bOb….ski
  11. crawdad

    The Beer & Wheel created Conservatives & Liberals

    wow......funny stuff bOb….ski
  12. crawdad

    Son's first nuisance Washington (warren)

    He's the one that tipped the feeder over so the poor bruin didn't have to work too hard bOb....ski
  13. crawdad

    Summit Goliath treestand For Sale

    Wow......If I only waited one more day before ordering the Viper for my son..... Maybe I'll check on the return policy. Does your father have the harness and whatever else goes with it? bOb....ski
  14. Time to empty the feeder
  15. crawdad

    Oldie but a goody

    Luv it