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  1. 😂 If I could free up some cash and sell my muzzleloader I would
  2. McDonald Safaris - tell Alex that Dennis Land sent you...you won’t be disappointed!
  3. Someone please buy this so I don’t have to....
  4. Old post, but never did find anyone who could coordinate a meet up last year. Still for sale
  5. I am making some room in the garage so these need to go. What you see is what you get - mixed bag of 7 mallards (mostly new flambeaus). Only 2 previously rigged and used. Plus a box of 12 new G&H weights. Located in Shamong, Nj 08088 The teacher in me wants to give them away for free to a Honor Roll youth. Yes, please bring your report card or a screen shot of it.
  6. Anyone? Anyone? Weekend bump - probably going on the trash after this weekend - I need the garage space back
  7. I’d like to pay it forward to a youth hunter (18 or under) since it was passed on to me. Is a giant goose layout a bit strange? Sure is, however I’ve still killed birds with it. Use with oversized shell decoys and it doesn’t stick out as much. I would stick a small foam pad under it to keep your butt dry, the hammock part is a bit saggy. Located in Shamong, NJ 08088 Message for address. Garage pickup. Weekend only.
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