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  1. racksnquacks

    Mathews triax for sale

    Price for bare bow?
  2. racksnquacks

    Spypoint VR Verizon Cam

    Just purchased a link-evo cellular camera. It was 2 firmware updates behind when I purchased it which caused some big headaches the first week. Also, verizon and spypoint have been having some connectivity issues - be vocal in your emails and they will give you some monthly credit. So far I have racked up 3 free months.
  3. racksnquacks

    .22 Marlin Model 60 - $200

  4. racksnquacks

    Few Archery Items For Sale - Prices dropped

    Everything $30 shipped
  5. racksnquacks

    Some .270 ammo FS - $18 shipped

    $18 shipped
  6. racksnquacks

    .22 Marlin Model 60 - $200

    Bottom Dollar
  7. racksnquacks

    Few Archery Items For Sale - Prices dropped

    Bump, Prices Lowered, or All for $40 shipped
  8. racksnquacks

    Some .270 ammo FS - $18 shipped

  9. racksnquacks

    2018 Eastern Montana DIY Mule Deer 8x6

    That black and white photo is awesome! What gun/caliber combo? How far was the shot? Over the counter tag or lottery draw? Congrats again, excellent Mule Deer
  10. racksnquacks

    .22 Marlin Model 60 - $200

  11. racksnquacks

    2017 Archery Buck back from Jersey Jays

    Yes sir, Zone 19
  12. Just got home from picking up my 2017 Archery buck from Jason at Jersey Jays Taxidermy. It is my first whitetail mount, but I have been a long time follower of his work. After studying numerous taxidermists' work and talking with other hunters, I promised myself once I took a buck of decent caliber that I would get Jay to mount it. The proof is in the pudding here folks, the attention to detail by Jason is like none other. Most guys judge good taxidermy by just looking at the rack and saying "that's a nice buck". Take the time to study how a taxidermist finishes the eyes, noses, lips, ears, etc. Jason's dedication to realism puts him a cut above the rest. I will be a life long customer without a doubt. Thanks again Jason, - Dennis
  13. racksnquacks

    .22 Marlin Model 60 - $200

    Thanks for clarifying Bucndoe, I never did read up on the final verdict, but I did know it was a point of contention for some time. Beaverman, I have not had the tube modified. I know the firearm originated in Florida so perhaps that may have something to do with it.
  14. racksnquacks

    Some .270 ammo FS - $18 shipped

    Shamong, NJ 08088
  15. racksnquacks

    Few Archery Items For Sale - Prices dropped

    Bump for offers Bundle items 2,3,4 for $60 shipped