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  1. Anyone? Anyone? Weekend bump - probably going on the trash after this weekend - I need the garage space back
  2. I’d like to pay it forward to a youth hunter (18 or under) since it was passed on to me. Is a giant goose layout a bit strange? Sure is, however I’ve still killed birds with it. Use with oversized shell decoys and it doesn’t stick out as much. I would stick a small foam pad under it to keep your butt dry, the hammock part is a bit saggy. Located in Shamong, NJ 08088 Message for address. Garage pickup. Weekend only.
  3. CVA Wolf Magnum Muzzleloader .50 cal Been my late season weapon of choice for the last 10 years. Shorter 24 in barrel makes it an excellent brush gun for hunting in some thick stuff. Currently sighted in at 200 yards with 100 grains (by volume) of buckhorn 209 and 245 grain powerbelt sabots. Comes with a bushnell 3x9 scope and original camo stock. Some light surface rust on the end of the barrel and scrapes/marks on the ram rod. - $200 Will be at Cheyenne Mountain Outfitters on rt 130 Friday evening 2/15 for a different transfer if someone wants to grab it quickly this week. Also confirmed with them that muzzleloaders do not need to be transfered via ffl under the new law.
  4. New Price, Need to fund another project. 150 cash
  5. Just purchased a link-evo cellular camera. It was 2 firmware updates behind when I purchased it which caused some big headaches the first week. Also, verizon and spypoint have been having some connectivity issues - be vocal in your emails and they will give you some monthly credit. So far I have racked up 3 free months.
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