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  1. it renews automatically.
  2. muzzy1

    Age this buck

    i think older than everyone thinks so far
  3. Ban it and let's see who's left who actually hunts
  4. muzzy1

    Stimulus Checks

    Got it, headed out to buy lottery tickets and a carton of newports
  5. I wont be sad one bit when they ban baiting,maybe some guys will actually hunt
  6. The best fluke boat I've ever been on,hands down.rip
  7. I tried it for the first time this season. Slow simmer for about 3 hours then power washed it got all the flesh and brains out, then soaked it in dawn dish soap and water for four days to help pull the oils out of the bone. After that use peroxide#40 from a beauty supply dump it in a pot with water overnight. It comes out real good
  8. boil it slowly about 3 hrs then power wash it.soak it in dawn dish soap for a couple days then brush on the peroxide two or three times
  9. Can't leave anything in the woods anywhere. Period.
  10. No clue but I'd let him pass anyway
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