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  1. muzzy1

    How would you have handled this???

    from here on out nobody touches anyone else's stuff!! That is total bullshit
  2. muzzy1

    FDR park deer

    only safe place in philly
  3. muzzy1

    Zone 2 Stand Thieves

  4. muzzy1

    So.. who killed one today?? (10-06-18)

    I let a few go
  5. muzzy1

    Black coyote on trailcam?

    I have seen them over the years in hunterdon co
  6. muzzy1

    Respect some people Don’t care

    that's why I am at work today
  7. muzzy1

    Respect some people Don’t care

    sounds like he did the right thing to me
  8. muzzy1

    Free gym machine

    that shits way too heavy
  9. muzzy1

    Trail cam check

    good luck
  10. muzzy1

    10 pt from this morning

  11. muzzy1

    Your first rifle ?

    Winchester model 70 30.06
  12. ill leave a note today,im moving reguardless
  13. the guy put this stand up sunday, in my opinion just total lack of respect for another hunter. I would never put a stand up near another guy like that
  14. Got to my spot today on public ground only to find a climber tree stand locked to a tree within 40 yards of my hang on.the guy also baited it with about 50 lbs of corn.I know it's not my land it's everyone's but I personally would have kept looking around until I was at least 1 or 200 yards from the nearest guy.what would you do?