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    VFL reacted to Rusty in Nice Looking Buck   
    This buck was running around one of our spots this past season.  He didn't mind posing for the camera but he was a no-show whenever I had someone in a stand.   

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    VFL got a reaction from tpr1921 in Score this buck-*Update*   
    Didn’t realize tpr1921 had 137” - are we doing price is right rules? Haha..
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    VFL reacted to HighEndHooker in First fish!   
    He’s seen his ole’ man put a few fish away, but this is the first one he reeled in all by himself. Couldn’t be more proud. I added a few to the stringer and he’ll have his first self caught meal tonight at 3 years old.
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    VFL reacted to Buckeyes11 in Turkey hunting public land   
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    VFL reacted to Bones in Mount almost done   
    My taxidermist sent me a pic of my mount from 2020 6 day.
    he said it will be done in 2 weeks. He gets them done quicker because he tans his own hides.

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    VFL reacted to Codaboy in Long beards   
    Was shead hunting. Seen about 30 turkeys. With some nice long beatds today.
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    VFL reacted to Gobblengrunt in DADS GUNS   
    If they are NJ compliant, you can legally possess them with no permit or ID card.  Registration is voluntary at this point but is NOT recommended any American!
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    VFL reacted to BHC in DADS GUNS   
    Big brother doesn't need to know your business....
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    VFL reacted to Greg in MeatEater   
    watch "Stars in the sky" he did on netflix if you can, very good documentary 
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    VFL reacted to Granby140 in wtb a 10 mm semi auto   
    Glock 20?
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    VFL reacted to Greybeard in Public Land Bow Hunters Unite!   
    Congrats on your first, and welcome to the site!   I hunt all public because of the room to roam.  A good spot one year could be bad the next, so it's a never ending challenge finding the right spot each year.  That's what I like the most about hunting, always exploring something new.  The enjoyment is in the hunt for me.  Sometimes I get so far back I know I'll have a very hard time getting one out, so I'll often pass on shooting anything back there unless it's something special.   I just hunt from natural blinds with ghil/leaf suits.  Staying mobile, hunting a different spot nearly every hunt, every day, with many blinds in many areas to hunt from . 
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    VFL reacted to deadonshot2 in Public Land Bow Hunters Unite!   
    I am sure the deeper you go the less chances of running into other hunters like some have said. But it is also the further you have to drag a deer also.  I shot a 10pt last fall in a very over looked spot.   If I was in a treestand I would be able to watch trucks drive down the road. I shot the buck from the ground. And two days after shooting that 10pt I had an even bigger 10pt on camera in the same spot. He ended up getting shot about 1/4 mile away. So if you are willing to hunt where most do not think a big buck would be, you may be surprised at what you may find. Of course you probably are not going to have a ton of deer sightings, but the ones you do have could be the beast of the woods. I will sit a stand with little action if the big buck is at least showing during shooting light and several times a week on my cam. I never sit the stand if it is night pictures or only shows once in a blue moon.. The best way to hone your skills is sitting in the woods though. All the advice you get here is great but nothing replaces actual experiences.
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    VFL got a reaction from DonW in TN or SC?   
    Went to college at UT and I’m still kicking myself for moving back north. Great people, nice weather, Smokey Mts., college/pro sport events in the state, a couple hours away from multiple cities/beaches/etc, very good fishing in lakes/rivers and a lot of public land to hunt on. Man, do I miss it!
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    VFL reacted to RB53 in Public Land Bow Hunters Unite!   
    Public land set up’s, strategy, do’s and don’t(s) packs, anything related to out smarting big mature public land deer AND the other men that hunt them!
    New to the forum my wife and I just had our first child! So now I’m home with tons of time! Hopefully this post can generate a lot of positive sharing of information! Cheers!
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    VFL got a reaction from RB53 in Share your mobile treestand or saddle set up   
    I run a Horn Hunter G3 pack. It could be a little overkill for early season but I run it all season long. It holds my lone wolf sticks (2 on each side), my predator platform on the back and I still have plenty of room inside and/or outside for anything else including extra clothes/jackets. 
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    VFL reacted to Bucndoe in Ammo For Sale   
    Full box of 50 rounds. $25 and an FID card and it's yours. I don’t  believe in ripping  people off. Located in Northern NJ. Send PM if interested. Make sure it is the right ammo for your hand cannon before responding. It ain't 38 Special

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    VFL reacted to 06roadking in Stryker Katana 385 crossbow for sale   
    Ok. I’ll keep you in mind. Thanks, Wayne 
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    VFL got a reaction from 06roadking in Stryker Katana 385 crossbow for sale   
    If this deal happens to fall through, my father is interested. He just had major rotator cuff surgery and probably won't be able to pull a bow back next fall. GLWS
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    VFL reacted to Lonewolf76 in Mulies and Whitetails!   
    Got the bug for Mule Deer a couple years ago and started chasing them here and there.  Was wondering anyone else chase them? 
    I spent 55 days out west chasing these 4 animals from Sept - Jan including the one my wife shot. NJ buck was in the local stomping grounds.
    First - 
    Got a public land primitive weapon mule deer tag in CO this past year.  Was truly an unbelievable story!  Here’s some scenery and  the results of that hunt!
    Second - 
    Got a land owner voucher in NM shortly thereafter and got lucky on another nice one!
    Third - 
    My wife and highlight of my year because she gets so dam excited I feel like Im gonna pass out! Whitetail KS.
    Fourth -
    My KS whitetail! After 3 other trips, got my wife’s rifle tag filled and went out the next day and got lucky myself!
    Last -
    Best NJ buck I had on cam this year. Please dont bust my stones about terrible picture.  I was alone and headed out west same day.  It will be memorialized forever in my house!

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    VFL reacted to Whitetail31 in Tethrd Mantis Saddle with extras for sale   
    You should list this on saddlehunter.com
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    VFL reacted to Haskell_Hunter in I bought a farm! Hunting advice needed....   
    I had to find it on the map before I could offer some pro tips.
    I wanted to zoom out because deer cover large ranges and wanted to see where else they may go.

    There is a large continuous range of forest for the deer to roam to the north-northeast of you.  Looks swampy, so it's prime deer range.  There are probably a ton of very good deer in that range.
    Then I took another look at your property to see what kind of geographic boundaries you might have.  You have a river to the east of you and a couple of rivers/streams to the southwest and west.  I labeled them on the map below.  I suspect if you went over to the river to the east you'll find a ton of deer tracks because that's part of that continuous track.  I put a blue box around the area with the most cover from the two rivers.  If the deer are following the rivers they would move through the blue box to access your property because of the cover it offers.  If you created a sanctuary in the northern part of your property, it could become very, very productive in the years ahead.  Let the deer come in through the south and bed in the north.

    You'll know best when you see deer sign and work the property a bit.  I wanted to take a macro view of it to see where the deer would be coming from and how they would access your property from larger parcels.
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    VFL reacted to dlist777 in I bought a farm! Hunting advice needed....   
    I've been leasing property on the eastern shore of MD the last 4 years and I really have enjoyed hunting down there.  Each year, I've hunted a lease in MD and a few public spots in DE which gives me a lot of options as to weapons and seasons, etc.  If any of you know the area, lease prices are really pretty insane. The land I leased the last 2 years with one other guy was great hunting.   But, the owner had a bunch of rules which kind of bothered me with the $'s I was paying.  We had to shoot a minimum number of does.  He wouldn't let me lave my little 6x10 enclosed trailer down there even though there was a perfect spot for it and I told him I wouldn't hold him responsible.  It was like he was doing us a favor by allowing us to pay him money.  The last straw was I had some friction with my hunting partner and decided I was paying too much money to have all that aggravation.  I've always been looking for land down there and around the same time found a property in my price range in Wicomico county and bought it.  Wicomico isn't the big buck county like Kent was (where I was leasing), but it's just me now and I make the rules and there are still nice bucks to be had.......
    The farm is 95 acres.  It has about 35 acres of fields and 60 acres of woods.  A local farmer farms it under a farm lease which brings in some income and gives me 35 acres of food plots to hunt over.  The farmer is a great guy and owns the land adjoining my property on the west side, so he's kind of a local caretaker as well.  He keeps an eye on things etc.  I am building a small pole building down there and plan on staying it and living there most of deer season.  The property had an old home site (double wide used to be on the property) already set up with electric, septic, and well.  My job is pretty flexible about working from home.  I may still hunt DE public a bit (Redden State Forrest and Midlands WMA are nearby).  
    In any case, I've attached a few maps.  Let me know how you would hunt this property.  Where do you think good stand locations are.  I never really ran bait piles on a farm....Would you bait?  If so, where ?  I know boots on the ground is the only way to really learn the property, but I'm always interested in other hunter's opinions.....
    Some other info:
    The road is a very rural road with very little traffic...maybe 10 cars a day go through there.  The yellow lines are paths the farmer has cleared that are open and he uses to access the fields with machinery...so very wide paths.  The fields had corn last year and will have beans this year.  I found buck sign pretty much all over the field edges.  The parcel across the street on the north east side is SUPER thick.  Hard to even walk in there.  The land to the east of the parcel on the south east side is just like a clear cut (maybe 5-10 years old) with tons of deer traffic into my small parcel on the south east side. The north border is a very deep drainage ditch that is full most of the time. I marked where the building is going.  

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    VFL reacted to Scotty155 in boots for Co september Elk hunt   
    Id recommend crispi gtx. By far my favorite boot. Better than zamberlan and meindel.  Both zamberlan and meindel excellent boots as well. I have owned all three at one time or the other, and the crispi really stand out in my opinion. 
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