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    I couldn’t pinpoint the trees they came from. There are cedars and pines all over but couldn’t spot any oaks with acorns where I found these. I’ll look again next time. Thanks
  2. VFL


    Are these red oak and pin oak acorns?
  3. VFL


    I haven’t used one but if/when I do, I think it’ll only be on the first step so if I do go down, it’s close(r) to the ground.
  4. VFL


    What’s the diameter on that Amsteel?
  5. Lyndhurst - I can meet within a reasonable distance
  6. Although expensive, gumleaf boots are supposed to be the best of the best. I guess you get what you pay for.
  7. Descender, Harness and Bibs are gone
  8. Sold as of now - If deal falls through, I will let you know.
  9. Descender, Harness and Bibs are SPF
  10. The warranty confused me for such a low price/good quality head - good to know, thanks! Also heard a lot of good things about Bishop heads, but I wouldn’t be able to justify paying that much.
  11. Beat it up how? Like if you shot it and bent the ferrule or edge? I’ve been shooting the slick trick magnum ss heads and they’re razor sharp out of the package (lutz steel engineered in Germany, I believe) and fly very true. Hard to stray away from what’s been working, but I’m tempted.
  12. I’ve heard some good things about those Magnus Black Hornets…
  13. VFL


    I’ve had some success with rattle bags. I’ve noticed the younger bucks will run in first, then the mature bucks will sneak in and try to come down wind, usually. I try not to rattle often, though, and as stated, it depends on the situation.
  14. Yep…unfortunately. And apparently it’s all that guy kills
  15. Can’t do it. Can’t even shoot a doe with a fawn. Dropped a deer off at the butcher last year and saw a fawn there and I had a hard time looking at it.
  16. Pick up in Bergen County Trophy Ridge Lite-1; 5 Arrow Quiver; Battery needs to be replaced for lights inside/outside to work (Used) - $35 The Descender - Descent Device (New in box) - $50 X-1 Series HSS Bowhunter Harness - L/XL (New in box) - $60 10X Bibs - Very warm - XL $25 obo Field & Stream Jacket & Vest; Detachable hood; Detachable vest - Very warm - XL $40 obo Summit Viper SD - Aluminum - 20lbs. - Elastic that wraps around tree for the back of the seat is stretched out, but is functional and easily replaceable - $175
  17. Oh man - thanks for the tip. Maybe I’m not sold
  18. I’ve had energizer lithiums in my reveal x for almost 2 months now - it still shows full battery. First time using them - I’m sold
  19. Got some in Somerset Co, too. My buddy that lives down there said he saw a hen with 8-10 poults at a different spot. Hopeful for next year..
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