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  1. Bill dance was always something I looked forward to
  2. I totally agree with all your points and I have found myself with many backup plans over the years. I always hunt the wind, but that particular spot, during the rut, with a north wind is my go-to. I felt some hunter pressure close by last year, so I got some lw sticks and a lightweight Millennium to go portable this year.
  3. With the lay of the land, it’ll be tough, but that’s kinda where I’m at. Trying to find plan b, c and d
  4. Easy access for me - I have permission to park where nobody else can and I walk in from the back. It’s a hike for them...
  5. I know it’s public land, but what do you guys do when you’ve hunted the same spot for years where you thought you were away from everybody and all of a sudden a guy pretty much takes over and hangs stands all around you? Do you stay put or get out of dodge? It’s a good spot, easy access and ideal for the rut, but this guy and his friends are hanging stands 20-200 yards around me.
  6. I’m an advocate for training dogs yourself, but if it’s your first dog, I would find a trainer that trains the dog and teaches you the how and why he’s doing what he’s doing. There are a lot of intricate details that not all books will mention. I have two GSPs. The first one was trained and I was very involved; the second one, I trained myself. You need a lot of time and a lot of resources.
  7. VFL


    You must’ve never seen Tommy Boy 😂😂
  8. VFL


    One of my main concerns was packing in more stuff as it is.... I plan on doing a lot of hang and hunts next season, so every ounce matters now.
  9. VFL


    Who knows?? Maybe a compound bow that is horizontal, has a scope and shoots like a gun? 🧐🤔
  10. VFL


    Does anyone use it? My buddy swears by it. I know some of you will say just play the wind, and I do, but we’ve all called some deer in that circle us and then catch our wind, so I’ve been thinking about ozonics and if people have had success/experiences with it.
  11. Have you ever used him? Vacuum bags? Sausage? Any info on this butcher would be appreciated!
  12. My father and I go every year around mid-July out of Oswego. We use Captain Buffa and catch our limit every time (knock on wood). https://www.captaintonybuffafishingcharters.com/
  13. Soooooo....how much for the decoys?
  14. I got an email yesterday regarding F&S Timberline Hang on treestands. Apparently the weld of the seat is faulty and has been breaking off. I returned mine today and they tried to give me the sale price back on the treestand when the email clearly states $129.99. I didn’t have a receipt, but they wound up giving me full price back on my credit card. Stay safe out there!
  15. What length ball bungees do you use?
  16. The 535 combo was my first gun and I got it in three barrels, rifled, waterfowl and turkey. To this day, it is STILL my turkey gun of choice. I use the choke that comes with it with the Winchester long beard xr and it works wonders. I’m looking at new chokes just for curiosity sake, but I have no gripes with that gun!
  17. Remington Nitros are BRUTAL!
  18. I just got that setup - how do you attach the LW sticks to the M60u?
  19. I shoot Winchester Long Beard XR (3.5"; #5 shot) on my 12 ga Mossberg 535. Does anyone use this set up? If so, which choke do you use and how good is the pattern? I use the stock choke and although it is "okay", I'm looking for tighter patterns at 40-50 yds. Thanks in advance!
  20. VFL

    Prime Logic

    I have the prime centergy hybrid (I’m 6’4 and like the longer axle to axle). They make their products super balance with a great feel. They are very solid bows, great customer service and give you new strings every two years for free. Definitely worth looking into!
  21. Very nice...too bad they’ll probably sell it for $500 (if not more?)
  22. I think we’re on the same page, lunatic...
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