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  1. Didn’t realize tpr1921 had 137” - are we doing price is right rules? Haha..
  2. I use ortho ground clear. Have had good results with it.
  3. VFL

    Free firewood

    Very generous offer. Will be back. Thanks again!
  4. VFL

    TN or SC?

    Went to college at UT and I’m still kicking myself for moving back north. Great people, nice weather, Smokey Mts., college/pro sport events in the state, a couple hours away from multiple cities/beaches/etc, very good fishing in lakes/rivers and a lot of public land to hunt on. Man, do I miss it!
  5. Looking/Asking for my father because we don’t know much about crossbows: do they make a crank that can attach to the xbow? He probably won’t be able to cock it back himself. Thanks in advance and glws!
  6. If this deal happens to fall through, my father is interested. He just had major rotator cuff surgery and probably won't be able to pull a bow back next fall. GLWS
  7. I can attest to Crispi boots. Got them for my last elk hunt (Nevada’s). They were super comfortable, supportive and durable. Didn’t have any hot spots, either.
  8. Not sure if you plan on getting one out of state, but Kaj Larson Hunt ‘em Up Kennels is a class act that produces fine pups (I have two). I still talk to him, 9 years later. Pm me if you have any questions. Would be happy to help. Good luck and enjoy the process!
  9. Looking forward to hearing how you make it. Been experimenting the past couple years..
  10. Montecristo white series. Everyone I offer one to loves them as much as I do. Personally, I would stay away from shops - they are usually a rip off. I buy all my cigars on cigarpage.com. Best prices you’ll find and free/fast shipping.
  11. I’ve actually been leaning towards west kerr - I will definitely reach out. Thanks Ronnie!
  12. Has anyone gone on one? What state? Bow or gun? Can you recommend an outfitter/ranch? I’ve had axis deer meat once and it was unbelievable and the more I think about it, the more I’d love to bow hunt for one (and maybe an additional doe, if possible). I’m leaning towards Texas considering I have a few people I know in Texas but wouldn’t be opposed to Florida...
  13. VFL

    Backyard Chickens

    Been thinking about it. I’d love to see your setup
  14. This is what I use for property lines in case you, or anybody else needs it.. https://newjersey.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=bae6f833507745d287a15497d233fbbc
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