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  1. VFL

    Netflix watch list

    Bold statement considering he’s one of the most successful stand up comedians of all time.
  2. VFL

    Netflix watch list

    Seinfeld’s 23 hours to kill is pretty funny...
  3. Had a henned up gobbler off the roost this morning in a field surrounded by woods. He was in full strut, following two hens in the middle of the field then the hens lead him into the woods (onto private) and out of sight. I had a Jake and hen decoy out. How would you go about calling? I tried calling the hens in but neither one was vocal. Anything you would’ve done differently?
  4. I did the same thing for my F150 2 years ago. Saved about $6-7k. Gotta go to PA
  5. Good for you!! Congrats!
  6. VFL

    WTB Muzzys

    3 blade?
  7. Win sxp 20 ga maybe?
  8. Very awesome! Congrats!
  9. Excellent survey!
  10. My father and I went. My dad got an 8ft gator and I got one that was just shy of 10ft. Went out two nights and got two gators. http://www.floridabowfishing.com Ed is originally from NJ and he is a true professional. You will be successful and you will have a great time. If you have any other questions, PM me. Good luck!
  11. Congrats on a giant!
  12. What size are you? I have a heavy field and stream jacket that I’ll give you. It’s in very good shape.
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