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  1. I got an email yesterday regarding F&S Timberline Hang on treestands. Apparently the weld of the seat is faulty and has been breaking off. I returned mine today and they tried to give me the sale price back on the treestand when the email clearly states $129.99. I didn’t have a receipt, but they wound up giving me full price back on my credit card. Stay safe out there!
  2. What length ball bungees do you use?
  3. The 535 combo was my first gun and I got it in three barrels, rifled, waterfowl and turkey. To this day, it is STILL my turkey gun of choice. I use the choke that comes with it with the Winchester long beard xr and it works wonders. I’m looking at new chokes just for curiosity sake, but I have no gripes with that gun!
  4. Remington Nitros are BRUTAL!
  5. I just got that setup - how do you attach the LW sticks to the M60u?
  6. I shoot Winchester Long Beard XR (3.5"; #5 shot) on my 12 ga Mossberg 535. Does anyone use this set up? If so, which choke do you use and how good is the pattern? I use the stock choke and although it is "okay", I'm looking for tighter patterns at 40-50 yds. Thanks in advance!
  7. VFL

    Prime Logic

    I have the prime centergy hybrid (I’m 6’4 and like the longer axle to axle). They make their products super balance with a great feel. They are very solid bows, great customer service and give you new strings every two years for free. Definitely worth looking into!
  8. Very nice...too bad they’ll probably sell it for $500 (if not more?)
  9. I think we’re on the same page, lunatic...
  10. Depends on how far you space them out, how tall you are, etc, but prob 15-18 ft, if not more. I’m not necessarily looking to get high in the tree but getting into a tree that has good cover where I don’t have to hang a stand and worry about it getting stolen.
  11. I got an M7 Millenium Microlite treestand and am looking to be a little more portable next year. The Lone Wolf climbing sticks seem to be my best bet - so if you’re looking to get rid of them, please shoot me a PM. Thank you and Happy New Year!
  12. Father (solid liver/7 yrs old) and son (mostly liver w/ some tick/1.5 yrs old). My pride and joy!
  13. VFL

    Free Stuff

    I could use an extra release if still available...
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