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  1. I remember hunting there about 10-15 years ago with my old man and having so many issues with atvs and dirt bikes. We were constantly calling the cops and the issue seemed to get worse every year. Too bad it sounds like it never improved.
  2. Private or public? If on public might want to go with something a little less expensive in case it gets stolen. Just my .02…
  3. Real nice one! Shame you couldn’t get him. Any idea how old he was in the photo?
  4. Some counties spray for free. I live in Bergen Co. and call them every year to have them spray. I don’t go in my yard for a couple days, but it definitely seems to help. I’m definitely going to look into that Wondercide that nickmarch mentioned…really good reviews on that
  5. Wow - this is disappointing. I remember talking with you about this and the tactacam reveal x (I chose the tactacam). The pictures have been a little blurry for me, but I think I have to adjust the settings a bit. Glad you revisited this, as well.
  6. I spoke to a customer rep regarding this. He told me to start off with the pro plan, see if I’m getting a lot of pictures, and if it seems as if I’m going to go over the 250 pictures for the month, then I can upgrade at any time. It makes sense and I think it’s the best way to go about it. I would definitely give them a call if you have questions - not a long wait time and they’re really helpful. Good luck!
  7. My exact thoughts - so much money would be lost and that’s all they care about. Not to mention the number of car accidents that involve deer and crop destruction the farmers will face.
  8. Nevermind the seniors, I’m 36 and I need this! Thanks!
  9. I had the measurements in my phone but I’m not sure what I did with them. Mid-160s sounds better anyway lol
  10. Awesome deer! Congrats!
  11. I think Jay and I had it around 158 or so..
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