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  1. Congrats on a giant!
  2. What size are you? I have a heavy field and stream jacket that I’ll give you. It’s in very good shape.
  3. So here’s the icing on the cake and a GREAT GUY alert... Gobblengrunt volunteered to help me look for the shed and after some hard work and piecing key information together, he worked his magic! Not only did he refuse compensation, he didn’t even let me buy him lunch!! The irony is, we found out we have a mutual friend, too - small world!! This hunt and experience goes beyond a great deer. I’ve had some great people help me along the way and that’s what hunting is all about. Again, thanks for all the support and advice and thank you Ron for driving over an hour away to help a complete stranger!
  4. Joined 6 hours ago, in Somerset county and only posted to this thread. Interesting....
  5. I can guarantee you I don’t regret shooting him. He’s a mature whitetail that’s has outsmarted many hunters. Finding the shed would be icing on the cake.
  6. Thank you and excellent work!
  7. Mostly liver. The small amount of stomach matter must’ve been from the intestine because the stomach was fully intact.
  8. Absolutely. I almost passed on him but I knew I would’ve regretted it. Thank you!
  9. No trail cam pics but he was a bit wider with only two drop tines. He got a bit narrower and grew a third drop tine.
  10. Maybe 50 yds from where I last saw him
  11. Meat is fine, thankfully. He wasn’t too stiff this morning. It was a liver hit, so that helped
  12. State land - been hunting this deer for two years. Almost didn’t shoot him yesterday due to the fact that he only had one side but I feel like if I put enough time in, I can find his other side. Someone had pictures of him on Thursday, not far from where I shot him, with both sides. Again, if anyone can recommend a shed dog, I would be ecstatic!
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