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  1. Congrats to you and your old man - I’m trying to do the same for mine!
  2. Great shot and beautiful buck! Congrats!
  3. Agreed. But when you hunt the wind and get busted bc of ground scent, time to figure out new access paths and find new ways to minimize ground scent in general.
  4. Access trails and leaving ground scent (or not leaving it) are things I’m really working on and always have been trying to improve. Sometimes it’s extremely difficult to avoid leaving ground scent. Anyone do anything in particular that has helped them?
  5. Depending on weather, I have light Oboz (hiking boots) that are super comfortable and sturdy. If it’s really cold or there’s a decent amount of snow or it’s wet out from a previous rainfall, I use my Crispi’s. They’re bulletproof and I’ve used them on my elk hunts. Expensive, but worth it.
  6. Gotta get a heroclip to hang the weapon on! Good luck!
  7. I shot a bear for years and it was forgiving and reliable. Never had any issues with it but I just felt that it was time to upgrade. I bought a used (demo) Prime Centergy Hybrid (AXA is 35” but I’m 6’4 so that helps) and here are my thoughts on my specific bow and dealings with Prime. First, as long as you are the “original” owner, you register the bow and are entitled to their warranty and free strings every two years. Considering mine was a demo, I got the bow half price, but was more concerned whether or not they registered the bow, which they did not, therefore, I am the “original” owner.
  8. Glad you got him! Congrats!
  9. Do you know the make/model? Condition of both?
  10. Did you get a hold of anyone with a dog to track the deer?
  11. I noticed and thought the same thing the other day driving with my wife on 80. Found this article (old but makes sense). https://www.farmersalmanac.com/dead-squirrels-32602
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