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  1. How far did you walk in them? I’ve been looking to buy these bc my feet froze Friday and Saturday.
  2. I have a new HSS X1 harness still in the box if you’re interested
  3. I bought this pack in 2014 for an elk hunt and used it again this year for another elk hunt. Other than that, I have not used it. The pack is in very good condition (like new). I can send pictures to you if interested. Here is a link to the exact pack (there are others that are just the external frame; this is the frame with the pack) https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1007597290?pid=623982 Asking $150
  4. VFL


    I’ve been wanting to use grape vines for scrapes for years. Heard they work well - I could never get my hands on one.
  5. Sitka gear is worth it if you can afford it - also look into first lite. You get what you pay for. First lite has some of the best merino wool on the market. Merino wool is great for all seasons. If you look on camofire or black ovis, you’ll find deals on all kinds of gear.
  6. Bill dance was always something I looked forward to
  7. I totally agree with all your points and I have found myself with many backup plans over the years. I always hunt the wind, but that particular spot, during the rut, with a north wind is my go-to. I felt some hunter pressure close by last year, so I got some lw sticks and a lightweight Millennium to go portable this year.
  8. With the lay of the land, it’ll be tough, but that’s kinda where I’m at. Trying to find plan b, c and d
  9. Easy access for me - I have permission to park where nobody else can and I walk in from the back. It’s a hike for them...
  10. I know it’s public land, but what do you guys do when you’ve hunted the same spot for years where you thought you were away from everybody and all of a sudden a guy pretty much takes over and hangs stands all around you? Do you stay put or get out of dodge? It’s a good spot, easy access and ideal for the rut, but this guy and his friends are hanging stands 20-200 yards around me.
  11. I’m an advocate for training dogs yourself, but if it’s your first dog, I would find a trainer that trains the dog and teaches you the how and why he’s doing what he’s doing. There are a lot of intricate details that not all books will mention. I have two GSPs. The first one was trained and I was very involved; the second one, I trained myself. You need a lot of time and a lot of resources.
  12. VFL


    You must’ve never seen Tommy Boy 😂😂
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