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  1. VFL

    Free Stuff

    I could use an extra release if still available...
  2. VFL

    Buck hit

  3. VFL

    Jumping deer

    Hey Rusty - thank you. About thirty minutes after getting settled in (probably 45 minutes after jumping him and the does), two of the does circled back to the bedding area. Shortly after, two more does came sprinting in (was hoping he was chasing), but a spike was chasing them. Then I saw another doe that looked skiddish. There were a bunch of scrapes before (and after) his bed so I put some buck pee in there. The wind will be good for that stand tomorrow. I’m hoping he comes in tomorrow morning to freshen his scrapes up after this rain...(although this wind is going to suck) Thanks for the advice - I’ll keep you guys posted!
  4. So I jumped a monster bedded with three does. He never saw me but he probably heard me walking in. One of the does turned back as I stood still. I waited a couple minutes to continue walking and took a detour but they spooked again (didn’t see me from what I believe). What are your experiences? Do they come back? I am hoping the does make it back and he follows. I obviously need to change my travel route now...
  5. WTB Autumnwood Outfitters Wool in a size Medium or Large. Please PM if you or someone you know is looking to sell it. Thank you - good luck to all and be safe out there!
  6. VFL

    DIY Colorado Archery Elk

    Get a good pair of hiking boots, socks that will limit the number of blisters you will get and break them in as much as possible. Jet boil's and being in shape is a must. Did a trip to Utah on a DIY Elk hunt a few years ago...feel free to PM me and we can discuss over the phone if need be. Good luck!
  7. Yup - well kept boat. Thanks. Hopefully it finds a good home.
  8. Posting this for a friend. I can attest to this boat; I have fished on it for a couple years and it runs good and my buddy always maintains his toys well. He's only selling it because he upgraded. The description is below (you can find it on craigslist, as well). '97 Sea Nymph 16' flat bottom bass boat w/ '97 9.9HP 2-stroke Evinrude. Runs good. Galvanized Trailer, 40lb Minn Kota bow-mount trolling motor w/ foot pedal, livewell, 2 fish finders, pedestal seats & carpeted deck. $2,750 - Cash Only! PM me if interested and I'll forward him the messages.
  9. Great deal...somebody help this guy (and dog) out! If I didn't just get my 2nd gsp, I would be all over this! Please just don't ship him off to a shelter!
  10. VFL

    Whittingham or Assunpink

    Whittingham it is...thanks guys!
  11. I've been to Whittingham for pheasant hunting before but never Assunpink...what do you guys recommend and why?
  12. VFL

    0 - 2

    Same thing happened to me yesterday - arrow deflected off a twig and arrow smacked into his shoulder. He was a nice 8 I rattled in from 150-200 yds out. Only got about 2-3 inches of penetration and the broadhead is stuck in him. He ran away on three legs, no blood, 4 hours of searching - no sign at all. Went to creeks, beds, you name it. Unfortunately, it happens. Hopefully he makes it. Hang in there - we're in the same boat.