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  1. Iceman looks like it could.be. where about do you hunt? PM wondering if I know ya
  2. Yup drove by today cause swamp said he saw it laying dead on side of road and this is what I found. People suck wasting deer.
  3. No increase is due to plastic vaccum bags most likely price of plastic and stuff like that has increased alot. Also side note I was number 1 deer drop at his new shop πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜β˜οΈβ˜οΈπŸ‘
  4. Still waiting on turkeywings rut report to make it over hereee....
  5. I love the cold too but that's alittle much especially trying to pump crap and dig holes. I'll give ya 20 degrees but 0 no way
  6. I did because I was to lazy to do it the proper way lol
  7. First one at Tom's new shop this morning☝️😁got her done at about 7 quarting to shot blew right through the shoulder she only.made it 45 yards. Love the new mathews.
  8. Yea it's been like that since early this year I drove out to test shoot a hoyt and they had 0 archery stuff and were ripping everything down, that being said I only went to test shoot the bow there, I refuse to buy anything from them ever again. Picked up a pistol from the branchburg branch years ago and it was supposed to come with a hard case and extra mags, however they couldn't find it that day and said that if they couldn't find it they would give me a new hard case and mags and even wrote it on the receipt. After no word from them and calling and getting the run around I made it back to the store a few weeks later and they basically told me oh well tough luck.
  9. Misunderstanding I thought you meant 400 dollars a deer, maybe if you didnt speak like Biden it would have been easier to decipher your vague description.
  10. 400? 400 what regular cuts 100. Up alittle from last year but with how everything is now alittlemincrease was expected.
  11. Did he get the new shop up and ready for the new year? Good for him hes a good guy been using him and his dad for years.
  12. What's your dl and where are you located I'll let ya shoot mine if you want
  13. Yup I got one Long with 3 of my.friends. I was a diehard hoyt guy and disliked Mathews, until I shot this one I love the way it feels.and it is crazy fast. That said this is bow very torque sensitive I've found out. Also if you get it also.get the top hat kit(shims) or shoot a bunch of different arrows at the bow shop to see what the bow likes best.
  14. I built alittle bowshop/ 17 yard range. I got a good sized feild.point bag right now it's just hanging from the rafter with mechanics wire, I'm gunna built a shelf for.it so.its more stable and also get a block for broadheads.
  15. All you Ford guys domt forget to get your pre order in on this gem.
  16. Dad asked me to find him a cell camera. Hes not the most tech savvy guy and im.not great either. What's a good camera to get that's not hard to set up.
  17. So my gun is still capable of shooting more than 3 rounds, all I need to do is remove plug once in feild, prolly slot easier to do that than restring crossbow
  18. So with that logic just leave one of the sets of limbs unstrung then it is no longer capable of shooting.
  19. What if.you disconnect one of.the strings? Would.that be good?? I dont care either way cause I dont shoot a crossbow. Just throwing options out for guys that already pissed money away on it. I mean it's a grey area cause I have a shotgun capable of holding more than 3 rounds does that mean I can hunt with it to cause its capable of shooting more.
  20. What if you only cock one string at a time, would that then be ok?
  21. Here's a better pic of that deer for everyone. Poor bastard
  22. Nation run by idiots, we are a nation of lazy people who think the world owes them everything just because.
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