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  1. John B

    22 magnum ammo

    CCI gold dots still available. This is great coyote and hunting ammunition. Have 10 extra rounds you can test to see if it shoots well in your firearm. PM me.
  2. John B

    22 magnum ammo

    Remington and federal sold. CCI MAXI MAG gold dots still available.
  3. John B

    22 magnum ammo

    Pm answered
  4. John B

    22 magnum ammo

    Remington 33 grain v max. 350 rounds. 130 dollars. CCI gold dot 50 grain HP 550 rounds. (This ammo is rare and discontinued ) 175 dollars. Federal 50 grain HP. 300 rounds. 75 dollars. NOTE. Buyer will need FID card as ammo is also a handgun caliber. All ammo in original boxes stored in cool dry location. Morris county area. Will meet at reasonable distance.
  5. John B

    Screw this heat

    I hate the heat. When is the polar vortex coming back? About cats and dogs. What pet did the Godfather have? What pet did the head of SPECTRE have? Draw your own conclusions, I am a proud Persian owner.
  6. John B

    Epidural Next Week !!!

    Best of luck. I am just wondering, c 5 and 6 are in your cervical spine, your neck. This often causes arm pain and weaknesses. Your c discs are causing back pain? I had issues few years ago, made full recovery.
  7. Am I the only one thinking what someone may or may not have has nothing to do with what you take to the range?
  8. John B

    My Generator Project

    Nice, running on my generator now!
  9. John B

    Crossbow scope recommendations under $350

    Consider this. My Excalibur came with a tact zone scope with duel color IR. It was clear, bright, easy to sight in and held zero, I was happy. Then one day while shooting before the season, the rear ocular bell feel off! It was glued on! Total POS. Funny thing is that scope sells for over 200 dollars retail, it's not worth 25 bucks. Think I paid under 200 for the Leupold. Cheap scopes are great, until you find out why they are cheap. No one is saying to put on 2,000 dollar nightforce on it. Any hunting rig is a system, only good as weakest link. I buy quality and keep it for a lifetime.
  10. John B

    Crossbow scope recommendations under $350

    If I could add an IR, sure I would. But when I look through the scope in last few minutes of light,can see better, looks brighter, than with naked eye. Ultimately I chose quality and reliablity over one feature that would only make a slight difference to me. My experience is 30 mins after sunset, plenty of light to see and shoot. if you want an IR, then buy the highest quality scope that has one.
  11. John B

    Crossbow scope recommendations under $350

    I own the Leupold crossbones, it's perfect. I passed on the Ziess, hold over marks to 75 yards, too busy, will never shoot that far.
  12. John B

    yotes are eating good

    I have a 17 HMR I can hit a dime with at 100 yards. If anyone wants to invite me to a hunt, I promise to kill these damn things. 20 grain in the brain.
  13. John B

    WTB pellet gun

    These threads remind me of something. Years ago was in an NJ outdoor store. Mom walks up to gun counter and stays she wants to buy a pellet rifle for her son. After being told she needs an FID card, guy behind the counter says, "just go to PA." He just told her to commit a felony!? I was an an antique store in NJ. Guy was selling all sorts of Billy clubs, black jacks, saps, koshs, and even old air rifles! I asked him, he said,"just don't get caught with it." Prepper store selling knock off ASP batons. Flea markets selling steel ninja stars, and small firecrackers and sparklers. All this stuff is illegal in NJ to the best of my knowledge, and no one seems to care.
  14. John B

    Mass Shooting in Fla.

    Kid is crazy, classmates and teachers knew he was crazy. He should have been arrested for making threats, and convicted before this ever happened.
  15. Keep in mind, this is what they show the public. Now think about what the government has in secret test sites. Yes be sacred. If Martial law ever comes, it will look like the Termanitor, not Red Dawn.