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  1. John B

    Opinions on head on or quartering to shots

    This all depends on the set up I think. I shoot 380 fps, fixed 3 blade head. I can shoot basically length wise through a deer. My first deer this season was a steep qurating to shot at 30 yards. Hit front leg, through heart and lungs, out bottom side of deer, dead in 30 yards. I have also taken very quarter away shots. In behind last rib, out front shoulder. Aim for the exit if you have no doubt about penetration.
  2. If it helps make anyone feel better about the situation, know this. I monitor social media of NJ's number one anti bear hunting nut case. Those people are enraged at Murphy over this, they wanted a total ban, and feel betrayed. They have turned against him over this issue and will not support him for reelection. This has been a political backfire for Murphy.
  3. John B

    Wood heat and this time of year

    Heat! I still use my AC at night. I like my house in the mid 60s. The cooler the better for sleeping. I wear shorts year round.
  4. John B

    Tom the butcher

    I picked up my first deer of the season this past Friday from Tom. I got back 30 lbs of great looking meat, the correct amount for the size of the deer I brought in. I get the standard all boneless cut, loins, steaks, roasts, and ground. I brought him 8 deer last season, and always get back an excellent product. Also the packing is great, just had a loin for dinner, must have been frozen over 7 months, was perfect. He is polite and professional. 8 day turn around time. He is also very good about communicating on social media when things get super busy during the season.
  5. John B

    Tom the butcher

    I have my first pick up of the season tomorrow. He did 8 deer for me last season, always great work.
  6. I had a similar situation with my matrix 380. my BH shoots same a as field point. To confirm I made a target I put in front of my block target to stop the bolt. Get as many news papers or old books, duck tape them together about 10 inches thick. Put that in front of your block. This is only to confirm point of impact, not target shooting.
  7. John B

    Mechanic advice - lost all transmission fluid in Jeep

    I have a 2006 Toyota Highlander and a 2008 Nissan Xterra. Never had a single issue except normal wear out parts. I plan on putting well over 250k miles on each. Both currently between 130 and 160k miles. Of course Lexus never comes in for repairs, they are fancy Toyotas, the most reliable car brand.
  8. John B

    9/14 - Check In

    First deer of the season. Very happy with the doe. 30 yard heart shot, about same distance recovery.
  9. John B

    9/14 - Check In

    Perfect shot! I will be out this afternoon.
  10. John B

    Crossbow problem

    Wired things happen. Test the penetration on your target. Since a deer chest is basically hollow with thin ribs, I have never not had a pass threw.
  11. John B

    If I had some dry firewood....

    I am a winter person, can't get cold enough fast enough. It's the dampness I can't stand, dehumidifier running non stop!
  12. John B

    Deer and rain

    Light steady rain now. A deer is laying down on my neighbors lawn, no cover from rain. Is this generally what they do? I had zero movement yesterday in my hunting spot, where I always, I mean always see deer.
  13. John B

    9/9 Sunday Check in

    Non stop rain forcast for me for the next 48 hours! There was a break in the rain for 1 hour yesterday, but no deer. My next chance is looking like Friday. Good luck!
  14. I would say this already exists if you want it. Get a surplus chemical/Bio warfare suit, don't tell me a deer can smell through that, paint it camo, and sit in a proper blind, you are invisible.
  15. John B

    Forecast for Opening Day Bow

    70 high and cloudy, I will take it! This few day heat wave is it, summer is done!