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  1. Just do not use contractions. You are welcome.
  2. I don't see anyone getting arrested unless they bring it to a range, and get pulled over and searched. It will be enforced only when the opportunity presents itself on a case by case basis. I think this because this is how the NY SAFE act is being enforced, basically by not being enforced.
  3. Lots of good advice. How fast is your bolt? The slower the greater effect of the angle. My bait is 28 yards from my stand. Sight in at 30 yards on flat land, I am 1 inch low, dead on from my stand. Are you lazer ranging the deer? Also in the excitement of the hunt, or you sure your putting the correct yardage hash mark on the deer? The modest angle your shooting from should not be causing you to almost miss the kill zone.
  4. People talking about "opening day", 3 months after opening day.
  5. Last year I bought a swiss army knife hunter. It has a locking main blade, bone saw, gutting blade, can opener/screw driver and cork screw. Costs about 35 dollars. I never thought about actually using it for deer hunting, until my fixed blade Buck knife broke and is now sent back for warranty repair. Tonight I had the chance to use the Swiss army knife on a nice size doe. Bottom line it worked perfectly. The main blade, gut blade and bone saw all work exactly as intended. Clean up of the knife was a 5 minute job with hot water and dish soap liquid. I doubt I will get my Buck knife back this season, but will have no problem with the Swiss army knife.
  6. Eating the heart is how you get the power of the animal. Slice into even pieces like the pictures others have posted. Pan sear medium rare. It's my 3 years old daughter's favorite food.
  7. John B

    Doe down

    Great shot, I get the same results with a 3 blade fixed head.
  8. I do 2 things, hunt and ski. Just putting this out there, the best winter gear made is Spyder. I wear a thin base layer under my jacket, does not matter if it's 10 below or 35. I am comfortable. I got Spyder gear about 25 years ago, and will never want or need a new one. The sticker price will stun you, but it's a lifetime investment.
  9. John B

    I am crushed

    Do you know what the issue was? Lack of penetration, or did the shot glance off to the side? I have successfully taken hard angle shots, but never this shot, not sure what I would do.
  10. The deer I shoot must be very good at dieing. On Sunday I shot my 3rd deer of the season. 30 yards double lung broadside. 3 blade 1 and 1/8 inch fixed head. It fell over dead in 30 yards. I will never use any mechanical, because I never had an issue with a fixed.
  11. John B


    I am not suggesting or telling anyone to break the law. Just thinking, so long as the people know each other well, not a stranger, and both have FID cards, there is no record of who owned what long gun. Guy wants to buy friend's rifle. Who could ever know it was not his to begin with? Just saying.
  12. John B

    10/27 check in

    Thinking tomorrow morning will be good. Be safe if out in the wet and wind.
  13. All the deer I have ever shot with a 3 blade 1 1/8 fixed head fall over dead in 20 to 50 yards. I can shoot at sharp angles and never worry about penetration. Moving parts equal failing parts. I like excalibur crossbows, pump action slug guns, and bolt action rifles, ect.
  14. I bought my complete matrix 380 package from Walmart online 3 years ago. It came from a sporting goods shop. Walmart had the best price.
  15. This is exactly correct, over night lows is the 30s in zone 8 are coming new few days, highs in the 50s, no rain!
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