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  1. I have a 70 440x6 roadrunner and a 68 427 tri power, both 4 speeds. I don't really worry about value I just love the cars. I'm sure they will lose value at some point.
  2. I own a 2003 Dodge ram 2500 with 225,000 still runs good. My next truck will be another Dodge.
  3. Thanks for all the input. After speaking to several people, my biggest concern is keeping trespassers off the property. I guess that all boils down to getting along with the locals and their help watching the property, even if it cost $$$.
  4. Hi, I'm responding to your comment on the thread "Buying land out of state, Pros and Cons?"

    My name is Joe 908-507-9790, if you send my your number I'd like to talk.

    thanks, Joe

    1. Bowhunter2004


      Joe, give me a buzz my name is Greg anytime mid day tomorrow  


    2. ForestGhost


      Hi Greg,

      This is Joe thanks for talking yesterday!

      I have a couple more questions, do you lease the property for farming, I think you mentioned that you did. Does the farm lease include hunting on the property? I'm just curious if a farm lease allows that party to use the land for other purposes besides farming. Does the property get a wireless signal from one of the telecom companies and do you use solar panel for electricity?

      FYI. the deer you posted on W&W are awesome,

      thanks, Joe

  5. Part of my intention is to provide my children with land to enjoy, hunting, shooting, ATV's, hiking,etc.
  6. I'm looking for land in the west/midwest, there is a lot of great 200+ acre hunting properties for sale with the minimum require of electric power. Eventually to build a home, Not looking for land in the east.
  7. There is a lot of info on this topic, but want to hear from someone who has done it. Looking to buy land out of state, Kansas, Wisconsin, Illinois, etc. to eventually build a home. Does anyone have any experience of owning a property 1000 miles away. How do you manage the property when you're not there? My first is thought is that you can't manage it when you're not there, but would like to hear any advice. thanks, J
  8. are the parts still available? if so i'll take them!
  9. Banning guns and counting on the government to protect you, the country will be a much safer place, wasn't that Adolf Hitler's pitch. People from every major city die (including little children) from alcohol related incidents everyday totaling 95,000 a year, did the truly caring Lib every bring that up.
  10. I think this is so obvious to everyone, but I guess not! Libs really don't care if we use the AR platform to shoot each other, they want to make sure the platform isn't pointed at them when they eventually force their utopian new world order on us. To them the average American citizen is expendable, we're perceived only as a vote and that's it! Why else would they open the borders? You think they really care about the dreamers or future vote in their pocket? The AR ban has nothing to do with saving lives, it has everything to do with disarming the population. for example Wiscons
  11. i used to fall asleep all the time, just made sure i was tied in.
  12. I love Hoyt's, tried more than a couple and always go back, Hoyt Carbon Spyder
  13. I bought a rifle and scope 5 years ago sighted it in and never had the time. I'm going to give it a try this year.
  14. People on this site are making this crippled animal a Media Sweetheart, i never heard of petal except for two hunting website with post after post after thread. And you guys act like someone actually did something wrong, Everyone bitches and moans about the poor cripple but it seems no one did anything to help, if the loons loved petals so much they should have removed it from harms way. i would stop posting and forget about it, They will not cancel future bear hunts because of petals. unless they want bear crawling in and out of their arses in 3 or 4 years.
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