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  1. Looks like a slammer. Hope he sticks around for you. First pic of him?
  2. Some gobbles early and a few yelps. Got quiet fast.
  3. Awesome bird. Curious how much it weighs. Those aren't spurs they're daggers.
  4. Who ever finds the sheds should have the matching set right there when they do go.
  5. That is awesome. Noticed those white new balance. What age is the mandatory purchase of the all white new balance sneakers???
  6. Some real nice mass on that six. Congrats. One of the nicest sixes I have seen.
  7. Yobuck293


    Great South Jersey butcher we have used 4 times this year and I know other people that have used him as well. Just a little bit further south then Lou's. All vacuum sealed and marked. Place is very clean and price is very reasonable. He also makes real good sausage.
  8. Congrats on a nice buck. You also did him a favor.
  9. looks like a coyote just cleared it out
  10. Buy the bottom section they sell on Amazon also. Makes it very stable.
  11. I know alot of guys are thinking about Canada for next year for the same reason.
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