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  1. Stay tuned... Actually putting one together for Northwest NJ. If all goes well, info should be out early next week.
  2. Hey All- Looking if anyone is selling a layout boat. Preferably a 2 man. Just thought I'd ask before I look to order one. Thank you!
  3. Fall cleaning continues..Selling an older Summit Climber. Believe its the Viper. But its def one of the smaller models. Aluminum. Never use it. Cables still in good shape. $80. Pics upon request. Located in Hope, NJ. Thanks for looking.
  4. Pics coming tonight for the guys/gals that requested. Got held up last night! Thanks
  5. Interested in the 20 Gauge combo

    located in Oxford

    Can you forward a couple pics

  6. Selling 2 mint Mossberg 500 Combos . 1 is a 20 Gauge other is a 12 Gauge. Hardly used. 12 Gauge was used more than 20 and it shows with a little wear. Both come with field barrel (chokes too) and rifled scope barrels. Bought these ago from Dick's now just sit in gun safe. Hoping to help someone out looking for a inexpensive gun. $250 each. PM for pics and more information. Located in Hope, NJ. Ofcourse buyer will need FID and we will need to do transaction at a dealer. Thanks.
  7. Santini's...Hmmm interesting concept here. Def interested to see how this will operate. Will stands be provided? How will hunters know where to go (pre scouted)? Will you be paying for a spot that someone blew up the day before? Anyhow, think its def worth a shot! Goodluck and look forward to seeing follow ups and hunter's reviews as this progresses.
  8. With 3 weeks to go I'm surprised to not see more used bows for sale.... Anyone selling their used/back up bows? Know a few guys in the market. Thanks in advanced.
  9. Exactly what's wrong with the world today... Gonna cryyyyy that you didn't get something because you believed you were first... Well guess what you weren't! Someone PM'd me an hour before you did. Sorry I didn't get a chance to write 'Sold" or respond on the thread... And the way your acting I wouldn't have sold it to you regardless....Sheesh... Nevertheless, its being sold to an 11 year old to get him into hunting. So take yours parts and shove it.
  10. Sorry not always online... Crossbow was sold.  Sorry.  Thanks again

    1. _X7


      Looks like I won't be first in line in a thread to buy something and not get it from you. Thanks for nothing


    2. TheBuckStopsHere


      Waaa grow up! You weren't first.  Someone PM'd me ahead of you. 

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