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  1. Sorry Gents – been tied up with work This is Zone 5 buck- Not a backyard lurker! LOL Anyways, unfortunately there isn’t a whole lot of history with this buck. The areas that I hunt, the bucks tend to have a rather large range. I did have one encounter with him during Permit Bow last year, but ran out of daylight. So I did know of him, and had previous pictures from years passed, however after gun season last year I never got new picture of him which def made me believe he had been harvested by a lucky hunter Fast forward to this summer. I don’t use cell cams due to the fact that I like the excitement of going to ‘check the cams’. Nevertheless, a week later I had him on cam, but only on one of them. And after some scouting and putting the time in, he was only showing up regularly on one of my cams. It was clear he had become a resident to where I was hunting. His range was tight. Super tight. He was smart and had everything he needed food, water, security. Lucky for me I already had a stand set up in this area and didn’t need to add a set up or spend any real time where he was. The plan was to tread light when needed, stay out, and make sure nothing happens to scare him to a new location. A lot easier said then done in NJ, whether you’re in the wide open country or not. I harvested my doe Saturday and decided I would not go in to hunt him until Sunday mid-afternoon. My fiancée bought me a portable SD reader which I only ever used once prior since I rather use a laptop. LOL she's not thrilled about that. But before I got settled in, I decided to use the reader to check the current card and reconfirm his existence. LOL. Well wouldn’t you know it, he was gone. Well not really but I only got one picture when usually I’d get many more. The picture was an early morning photo of him on Friday and he was STILL in velvet. He never appeared on cam again after that. I was a little in disbelief but had to believe he was close by and was preoccupied with shedding. After what felt like an eternity, and watching the woods come to life he finally showed up at 7PM, hard horned! I watched him do his thing for a few minutes as he got in range. I’m glad it unfolded the way it did. Often times too much time creates execution errors, but I had been prepping for this all summer and was ready. So, as I got time to admire the Monarch, and calm myself down, I was able to release an arrow at 25 yards and the rest is history. Thanks to all for the well wishes, he truly is a helluva buck.
  2. Was able to connect on this big 8 (2 add’l stickers making him really a 10) Sunday. Grossed 149-2/8” 25” and 27” beams. 22” Spread. Deer this caliber deserves some respect and appreciation. Complete Jersey Giant! Thanks for looking.
  3. Stay tuned... Actually putting one together for Northwest NJ. If all goes well, info should be out early next week.
  4. Hey All- Looking if anyone is selling a layout boat. Preferably a 2 man. Just thought I'd ask before I look to order one. Thank you!
  5. Fall cleaning continues..Selling an older Summit Climber. Believe its the Viper. But its def one of the smaller models. Aluminum. Never use it. Cables still in good shape. $80. Pics upon request. Located in Hope, NJ. Thanks for looking.
  6. Pics coming tonight for the guys/gals that requested. Got held up last night! Thanks
  7. Interested in the 20 Gauge combo

    located in Oxford

    Can you forward a couple pics

  8. Selling 2 mint Mossberg 500 Combos . 1 is a 20 Gauge other is a 12 Gauge. Hardly used. 12 Gauge was used more than 20 and it shows with a little wear. Both come with field barrel (chokes too) and rifled scope barrels. Bought these ago from Dick's now just sit in gun safe. Hoping to help someone out looking for a inexpensive gun. $250 each. PM for pics and more information. Located in Hope, NJ. Ofcourse buyer will need FID and we will need to do transaction at a dealer. Thanks.
  9. Santini's...Hmmm interesting concept here. Def interested to see how this will operate. Will stands be provided? How will hunters know where to go (pre scouted)? Will you be paying for a spot that someone blew up the day before? Anyhow, think its def worth a shot! Goodluck and look forward to seeing follow ups and hunter's reviews as this progresses.
  10. With 3 weeks to go I'm surprised to not see more used bows for sale.... Anyone selling their used/back up bows? Know a few guys in the market. Thanks in advanced.
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