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  1. Exactly what's wrong with the world today... Gonna cryyyyy that you didn't get something because you believed you were first... Well guess what you weren't! Someone PM'd me an hour before you did. Sorry I didn't get a chance to write 'Sold" or respond on the thread... And the way your acting I wouldn't have sold it to you regardless....Sheesh... Nevertheless, its being sold to an 11 year old to get him into hunting. So take yours parts and shove it.
  2. Sorry not always online... Crossbow was sold.  Sorry.  Thanks again

    1. _X7


      Looks like I won't be first in line in a thread to buy something and not get it from you. Thanks for nothing


    2. TheBuckStopsHere


      Waaa grow up! You weren't first.  Someone PM'd me ahead of you. 

  3. Brand New Size 8 Redington Palix River Wader Boots. Sent me wrong size. $50 Cheaper to keep them then send back.... Location Flexible with work
  4. Older Horton Ultra Hunter Sl for sale. Hardly ever used it. Rather see it being used. $50. Location flexible. PM if interested.
  5. Looking to part with my Elite Pure bow -29'/70. Great shape comes set up with Spot Hogg 5 Pin sight, QAD, stabilzer, etc. $350. Will even throw in a hard plastic case. Location flexible (travel fo r work). PM me if interested.
  6. Hello everyone. Looking of a layout boat, preferably a 2 man. Let me know if you or someone you know has one for sale. Thank you in advanced!
  7. Great bunch of guys/fam!!! Look forward to keeping Jack's legacy going with this boat!!! Thanks again!
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