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  1. I have done well from the shoreline at this time of year. I have also caught lakers from the banks. Most of the lakers I caught from shore were caught on yellow power bait. Merrill creek fishes basically the same way round valley does at this time of year.
  2. Huntingdude

    Lots of action so far

    I’m going to do a morning sit up there tomorrow, I’ve only sat in the evening twice there and one of those times the other night. It seams to happen every year that the late day action slows and the morning is on fire. I’m about to head into the woods to do a mid day sit behind my house in zone 6. I think they will be on their feet mid day today because of the moon last night.
  3. Huntingdude

    Lots of action so far

    I was hunting by you yesterday and my spot was like a ghost town..
  4. Huntingdude

    Summit Openshot Climber For Sale

    I guess it’s sold. I would have took it
  5. Huntingdude


    I used to use it and It seamed to work good. I had deer cross my path and not get spooked or alerted
  6. Huntingdude

    Had to get down 6:45am.....

    Sorry to hear bro🙏🙏🙏. We lost my wife’s father to pancreatic cancer not that long ago. It hurts to watch them suffer more than anything else. Stay strong
  7. Huntingdude

    Grouse come back

    I used to see them in the woods at green pond in Rockaway pretty regularly.
  8. Huntingdude

    Tom the butcher

    Picking up a deer from Tom tomorrow, they do a great job butchering and packaging.
  9. Huntingdude

    Hunting the Wind

    I hunt with a guy who says it doesn’t matter the wind in N.J and only worries about wind when hunting out west. He shoots big bucks just about every year. I myself will not hunt if the wind is not in my favor and move if the wind shifts,I hunt from a climber 95% of the time. I like to be mobile..
  10. Huntingdude

    What are you doing???!??????

    I didn’t sleep Wednesday night thinking about tomorrow, last night with the help of some medication I had left over from a back fusion I had a good night sleep, I already know it’s not happening already.
  11. Huntingdude

    Show your boats.

    Just picked this one up, 20ft trophy walk around.i sold my 17ft proline CC. Needed a bigger boat I was getting beat up out in the ocean with the 17 footer
  12. Huntingdude

    Large Doghouse for sale $75

  13. Huntingdude

    Anyone Fishing today????

    Tried for some shad but the big d was just to high and muddy..
  14. Huntingdude

    Finicial Aid for illegals?

    I just don't understand why!!! Illegal is illegal not undocumented. I'll give financial aid for a one way ticket back to where they came from....
  15. And it will make the roads more slippery when wet..