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  1. I put out tramp stamp tonight and had a buck with his nose to the ground walk right by it and not even skip a beat.
  2. I have a spypoint link micro and it just plain sucks!!!! Nothing but problems and customer service is as bad as the camera.
  3. My spypoint worked good until after my free trial and I paid for a year and now it’s been nothing but problems...
  4. Interested if tuck doesn’t take them.
  5. I see them by the creeks by my house and I’ll go with water snake also. They have bad attitudes...
  6. The only thing good about Muslims, sorry I couldn’t even think of one.....
  7. Yea he’s got no belly either, I would say 2.5 also. No mass to the antlers either.
  8. I’ll be out in 8 or 6 or z7. I never know where I’m going to end up until I get in my truck. It all depends on the wind and weather to where I’ll go. I won’t even sleep tonight.
  9. I was so exited a couple years ago I got to my tree put my climber on and realized I forgot my bow on the hood of my truck.
  10. Just Wow!!!! Unbelievable, hope this bastard gets the book thrown at him. Beautiful deer, I kinda want to say I’m sorry for your loss. That would of been a dandy on your wall..
  11. I have one. It stopped sending pics after a couple days and I had to hike in and turn it on and off and that fixed the problem until today when it stopped again. Picture quality sucks and it eats batteries. BTW customer service is hands down the worst I have ever had from a company..
  12. I have the same problem up there!! 😂
  13. I had a 7pt on cam like 2 or 3 days ago with bloody velvet antlers. I was surprised that they were shedding already and a have a pick of another buck that’s looks to be fully shed last night but my cam sucks so I’m not 100% sure on that one
  14. Sorry to hear that,I used to like watching his show.
  15. I just set up a micro about a week and a half ago. It does the job but the pics it sends suck.. customer service is a nightmare and I’ve already had to walk back in once to turn the camera off and on because it just stopped sending pics. But for $120 I guess it’s ok...
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