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  1. I have one. It stopped sending pics after a couple days and I had to hike in and turn it on and off and that fixed the problem until today when it stopped again. Picture quality sucks and it eats batteries. BTW customer service is hands down the worst I have ever had from a company..
  2. I have the same problem up there!! 😂
  3. I had a 7pt on cam like 2 or 3 days ago with bloody velvet antlers. I was surprised that they were shedding already and a have a pick of another buck that’s looks to be fully shed last night but my cam sucks so I’m not 100% sure on that one
  4. Sorry to hear that,I used to like watching his show.
  5. I just set up a micro about a week and a half ago. It does the job but the pics it sends suck.. customer service is a nightmare and I’ve already had to walk back in once to turn the camera off and on because it just stopped sending pics. But for $120 I guess it’s ok...
  6. its Most definetly the guy who hunts the property also.. Some guys are just little bitches and think they own public land. I walked up to my spot one day and a guy was in my tree. I looked up at him shook my head and walked away. A descent person would leave a note and not pull shit like that but we do live in liberal lunacy land. I have had SD cards taken on public land and I consider myself lucky that’s all that has grown feet
  7. Glad your ok. I fell off the top of a ladder and broke my back about 3 years ago. Two surgeries later and some titanium jewelry and I’m still hurting every day but I try not to let it slow me down to much. I fired my pain doctor because he just felt the need to shove me on high doses of pain meds that helped the pain but made me feel like shit..
  8. Scam!!! Selling stuff on Craigslist is the worst!!!
  9. Mojos have been the ticket this year!!
  10. I’ll be out next weekend. I ripped up the floor of my boat and will be finishing the job this week.
  11. Could be a rat snake.
  12. I saw this moth in my yard and on my screen the other night. It must have been about 5” across. I looked it up and it’s called a Luna moth.
  13. I was out in the bay yesterday and got a few. The bite was on early and shut down but turned back on later in the day. Trolling was definetly the ticket yesterday
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