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  1. I wear Natives. The ones I have run about $120-130 and come with two set of lenses, one for low light. They are durable and come with a lifetime guarantee, even if you sit on them and break them. I was out snow tubing with my kids and had them on my hat and they fell off and I didn’t notice till I got home so I went back and found them trashed in the snow, they must have been run over and stepped on and they gave me a new pair.
  2. This year was plagued by a second back fusion.A 360 lumbar fusion that I was healing from but I did put meat in the freezer and my daughter who is 7yrs old got to experience a successful hunt from a ladder stand with me and she is hooked. So even with the back problems it was a memorable year for me.
  3. What gas stations actually sell ethanol free gas??
  4. I have a bear skull I will be needing to be measured for B&C if anybody can help me out with that. But I won’t be available on Saturday. If you know anybody it would be appreciated. Jay I’ve met you before. Im freinds with Mark that you did a bear mount for him a few years ago. The one you had to get a grizzly size mount for. I really wish I would of used you for my bear, it was around 600lb and when I got the the mount back it was terrible and looks like a 250lb bear.
  5. I just called my mother, she has a 2004 crv that had the recall and airbags were replaced. Thanks for sharing..
  6. It sickens me to think what the future brings for my children. These Muslims are taking over Europe and the left wing news is dead silent. If people knew the truth instead of being brainwashed liberals and wanting everything for free our country would stand a chance but as we stand with terrorists already infiltrating our government it looks like it will be the Islamic states of America in the future. This is a scary time for our country...
  7. Thanks ,you too septic. She was very surprised and exited when I showed her the bow. 👍
  8. I may be interested for my daughter, what’s the specs on that? DL and DW and is it adjustable without a press?
  9. Between these far left wackjobs throwing free shit to everybody but the people who will be paying for it and the Muslims in congress I feel that it’s all down hill from here. It’s like we are living in bizzaro world. The Dems don’t even try to hide their true agenda anymore and dumbing down of America has took its toll.
  10. I hunt zone 8 state land and if you put the time and your boots to work scouting you will do well, most guys don’t go in further than 100-200yds. I hunt allamuchy in zone 6 and 8 as my yard backs up to allamuchy property. Get in deep and look for bedding and travel areas as well as oak flats.You really don’t want to bait because of all the bears in the area.
  11. I have done well from the shoreline at this time of year. I have also caught lakers from the banks. Most of the lakers I caught from shore were caught on yellow power bait. Merrill creek fishes basically the same way round valley does at this time of year.
  12. I’m going to do a morning sit up there tomorrow, I’ve only sat in the evening twice there and one of those times the other night. It seams to happen every year that the late day action slows and the morning is on fire. I’m about to head into the woods to do a mid day sit behind my house in zone 6. I think they will be on their feet mid day today because of the moon last night.
  13. I was hunting by you yesterday and my spot was like a ghost town..
  14. I guess it’s sold. I would have took it
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