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  1. Scam!!! Selling stuff on Craigslist is the worst!!!
  2. Mojos have been the ticket this year!!
  3. I’ll be out next weekend. I ripped up the floor of my boat and will be finishing the job this week.
  4. Could be a rat snake.
  5. I saw this moth in my yard and on my screen the other night. It must have been about 5” across. I looked it up and it’s called a Luna moth.
  6. I was out in the bay yesterday and got a few. The bite was on early and shut down but turned back on later in the day. Trolling was definetly the ticket yesterday
  7. 100%true..I broke my back and was on some major pain meds and when I was good enough to get along without them I just stopped taking them. I felt like shit for a couple weeks but it got better. It’s a persons choice to be a junky not a disease...
  8. You get taxed by the inch for every fish caught but the illegals get paid for every bite they get...
  9. Me and my buddy got into Shad 2 days ago not far from the gap. They are there..
  10. Google hardcore Shad spoons. I used them last year and my sore arms at the end of the day was all I needed to know I needed to order more
  11. I wear Natives. The ones I have run about $120-130 and come with two set of lenses, one for low light. They are durable and come with a lifetime guarantee, even if you sit on them and break them. I was out snow tubing with my kids and had them on my hat and they fell off and I didn’t notice till I got home so I went back and found them trashed in the snow, they must have been run over and stepped on and they gave me a new pair.
  12. This year was plagued by a second back fusion.A 360 lumbar fusion that I was healing from but I did put meat in the freezer and my daughter who is 7yrs old got to experience a successful hunt from a ladder stand with me and she is hooked. So even with the back problems it was a memorable year for me.
  13. What gas stations actually sell ethanol free gas??
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