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  1. NorthJerseyMike

    Scoring my buck

    perfect. thanks!
  2. NorthJerseyMike

    Scoring my buck

  3. NorthJerseyMike

    Scoring my buck

    Hi all, I am expecting to get my buck back from Sahanas Taxidermy soon and was wondering if there is anyone here in Morris/Passaic county region who could give me a hand in scoring my deer. I know that it requires 60 days for P&Y, and I have satisfied that time period.
  4. 2 bags of corn - $20 1 bushel of old apples from the hot farm chick at the stand in Sussex County town $8 2 mineral rocks in summer time $30 (I split those in half with my hammer) I still have a bag of corn left.
  5. NorthJerseyMike

    So...who here is "fixed"???

    Six years ago I had it done. Bit of swelling. Wear a jockstrap for 2 weeks. Plan it when you enjoy watching TV. (ie NCAA Playoffs & Final Four). Get ice. Get beer. Nothing has changed in the sack with the misses and no need for protection anymore has spiced things up which is great. Have your kids first.
  6. NorthJerseyMike

    First Buck... Finally. So happy.

    Yeah Buddy!
  7. NorthJerseyMike

    Holy Cow! Anyone Like Eggnog?

    Yeah Pennsylvania Dutch is some good ‘nog! Welcome aboard.
  8. NorthJerseyMike

    real estate?

    Www.northjerseymike.com for all of your real estate needs...
  9. NorthJerseyMike

    Freezer mishap leads to lots of cooking

    That roast venison looks great.
  10. NorthJerseyMike

    Big Monmouth County 10 point

    Absolutely wonderful buck. Great story. Yes. He deserved it!
  11. NorthJerseyMike

    Permit bow buck.

    Nice job!
  12. NorthJerseyMike

    Target buck down

    Yeah buddy! Congrats!
  13. NorthJerseyMike

    One Day Early But I'll Take the 8pt.

  14. NorthJerseyMike

    slug gun success! first deer with a shotgun!

    Yeah buddy!
  15. NorthJerseyMike

    12/05/18 6-day Firearm Check In

    Went to my spot... I have two stands there for me and my kid.... some dude is literally leaning against the tree where my stands are in... smh.