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  1. Sitting all day in Zone 36... nothing... hoping the next hour yields something
  2. Maybe I am missing it, but are there any updated bear harvest figures? I haven't seen one all week.
  3. I want to go out, but the winds are ridiculous by me this morning... not sure if it’s even worth it - and Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
  4. I grew up and used to live in Ringwood and still visit Ringwood several times a week as I sell real estate. I hunted areas including the the spots just across the state line on Sloatsburg Rd (I'd hunt the right side up the powerlines) and often hunted deep into the forest from access points North and west of Blue Lake off the Red trail. (That area is hit hard during early rifle season). I had much success between Greenwood Lake and Sterling Lake. Be prepared to hike - a lot. I had to quarter a buck and carry it out from there. Not too much competition from other hunters the deeper you go in.
  5. I’ve killed a few in there. Tough hunting some parts. Be prepared to pack one out if you go deep into the woods. Rifle season is terrific.
  6. Try Anthony 973-715-3394 If he helps you out, please let him know that Mike from Kinnelon recommended him.
  7. Well done and terrific poses. You’ve motivated me to spend a few more minutes posing my trophies. Five hours... whew.
  8. So I registered to take my daughter to the Black River spot for tomorrow but didn't get any confirmation. Also, I am not sure what time to get there. Can anyone share the info?
  9. Put some out today. Out in blind. rain here. Hoping it slows down or stops soon. Maybe something will come on over by me.
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