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  1. Sat in stand with my daughter today... saw a nice buck but at a distance.. decided to ground hunt the afternoon by myself... A19F4F46-8057-4A25-8A83-7AD029800407.MOV D60F50B9-59C1-4BA0-95E0-853B58B33332.MOV
  2. I've lost ground blinds due to weather, theft, dead falls, and bears... Although I have one good Ameristep one and a cheap collapsible one, I've started building them using branches, boulders and dead falls. I've stuffed leaves into tightly packed branches, scattered dirt and top soil (from bags) in them, thrown down different seeds and moss, and now I have some pretty decent blinds in good spots.. I leave some milk crates in them. the dominant winds hit them and no one is walking away with them. Also, it makes set up a breeze in the dark.
  3. Come hunt by me buddy Or cement a tripod stand there.
  4. Was thinking about doing the same thing this week . Great weather. Nice job.
  5. Thanks for the feedback all. We've followed up on some of your leads and others that folks have shared with us. We have decided on a Chesapeake Bay Retriever from Chessieville Bay breeders. The visited them over the weekend and are very excited as they have a litter due early May. My kids can spend time training their pup over the summer.
  6. Hi Gang, Haven't had the heart to post this, but my buddy Scout died a little over a month ago. He was almost 13 and lived a great life. My heart's still broken, but it's time to move on... I am in search of a reputable breeder. Considering English labs, Goldens, & Chesapeake Bay Retrievers with litters due in April or May. If you have a good name, please respond to me. Thank you.
  7. Just wanted to thank everyone for putting this together. Ms. Grit, Thanks a bunch. Cousin Brown, my daughter thanks you for the mystery box! It was full of an eclectic mix of useful goodies and she is looking forward to late summer to begin scouting! This is what it's all about!
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