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  1. NorthJerseyMike

    Bill proposed by Sen. Booker

    On another note, if you haven't read Atlas Shrugged, do yourself a favor and read it.
  2. NorthJerseyMike

    Bill proposed by Sen. Booker

    I f'in hate this guy. This entire redistribution of wealth scheme is absolute communism. Bring back McCarthy.
  3. NorthJerseyMike

    Best Muzzleloader ????

    I shoot a Traditions Pursuit. I use 100 grain of powder and a 125 g. Powerbelt. I have taken deer at 50, 75, and 90 yards with no problem. The breach plug comes out easily. It's light. Very user friendly. I clean it after every three shots and after every hunt. Terrific gun.
  4. NorthJerseyMike

    Rut buck down

  5. NorthJerseyMike

    2 Minutes for him

    Bam chica bam bam....
  6. NorthJerseyMike

    My Biggest bow buck

    Wonderful story and buck! Congrats!
  7. NorthJerseyMike

    Need Opinions Help!

    Good luck and keep us posted!
  8. NorthJerseyMike

    11/08 Check In !!!!

    Good luck to all. I’m out with my daughter. She’s hunting. Please say a prayer for her.... she needs a kill or else she’s going to lose interest...the poor kid has put her time in...
  9. NorthJerseyMike

    7 Card Stud Food plot

    Nice. Please show us some pics of the deer that hit it.
  10. NorthJerseyMike

    Public Question #1.. You voting yes or no?

    No friggen way. Enough of my money is hemorrhaged by urban society. And how are we going to pay for it?
  11. NorthJerseyMike

    8 pointer down! Dad scores!

  12. NorthJerseyMike

    Sweet November! 11/4 Check In

    Good luck all... sitting in the blind with my boy today. Hoping to see some action.
  13. NorthJerseyMike

    Got an 11 pt

    Awesome ElkBuck! Congrats
  14. NorthJerseyMike

    Jersey Jays, here I come. Buck down

    Congrats and good read!
  15. NorthJerseyMike

    A Fun Hunt ends with a Nice Buck

    Great hunt! Congrats!