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  1. Deer from other states - wow, didn't know that... we should get a few from Kansas and plant them in various parts of the state.
  2. Tie between my bow and muzzy
  3. I keep a few frozen gallons of water in my chest freezer to make cavity icing a breeze. Also, if I go hunting in warmer weather, I bring them in a cooler and then I can place them immediately in the cavity so the meat ices down on the ride home.
  4. Well, the last youth day with my daughter. She has been skunked on every one. My kid has put her time in the woods over the years and is still deerless. In the past, we’ve seen them, but she never had a clean shot window. Today, we saw 6 deer, and two got spooked (and we were hunting into the wind), three behind trees and no honorable shot, and one about 150 yards out. We hunt mountainous hardwoods and have no farm access. She’s come out with me since she was seven, and now at 16, she still goes deerless.... The hardest part has been trying to keep her motivated to go out. If
  5. I am fortunate to have a few public land spots and at least one great piece of private land that I get to hunt. This afternoon, I decided to hunt a slope that I haven't spent much time on this year. Actually, I hunted the piece a lot in the past, but my favorite buck disappeared. I resigned to the fact that he was killed a few years ago. Last March during early Covid, I invited my wife to take a walk with me to the area. We brought our Chessie and went shed hunting. We found a few sheds, and low and behold, a large one that resembled that of my favorite buck. I wanted to bow hunt today
  6. Im sitting with my rifle in 5J right now. Entered woods this morning. Have heard some shots in the distance, but haven’t seen deer. Just found this though, 1/3 mile from my truck in thick timber:
  7. Sitting in 36. Decided to wear the heavy gloves this morning and use my kids xbow in my ambush spot. Its a nice elevated ridge on a pinch point near a swamp. Ive taken a few nice ones here over the years and haven’t hunted here since ‘16. Stay warm and good luck!
  8. Shot two doe in early bow. No good bucks. Today, I grunted in a button buck. He got a pass... waiting for a nice one tomorrow morning :) IMG_2525.MOV
  9. I harvest them often. First, make sure it’s not growing on any pine tree because they can be toxic. I take them off of oaks. If. you are taking the entire thing, Slice across the base but leave some on the tree so you don’t kill the root system ; it’ll occasionally come back. I take the young petals as they are usually more tender.
  10. I know, but it’s his third year of hunting hard and he hasn’t had a shot...
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