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  1. Whitetail Institute hat. He’s been eating the sugar beets
  2. Cabelas Outfitter Camo pattern.. Pants are a size 38 but fit like a 37. Shirt is an XL and runs true to size. EXCELLENT CONDITION. Worn twice. $70 shipped
  3. Pants are a size 36. Sweatshirt is a size Large. Excellent condition. $50 shipped
  4. Size is large. $25 shipped
  5. Adjustable waist strap. Thinsulate insulation. $20 shipped
  6. Livesintrees

    9 pt

    Holy shit! Congrats on that pig! What zone was this stud taken in?
  7. You aren’t kidding. I almost don’t even wanna sell it.
  8. Size is 2xl but fits like an XL. You can layer if you want but I assure you, you won’t need to. Outfitter Camo pattern. Excellent condition. May as well be new. WORN TWICE during a polar vortex. Well below zero temperatures. This is legit the warmest piece of clothing there is. If it’s minus 10 and blowing 40, you’ll be warm. No exaggeration. As pictured it has a full hood and detachable hand muff as well. Has Windshear as well $175 picked up $200 shipped
  9. Pending payment. Will update if anything changes.
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