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  1. On my property (60 acres) when I’m working in the woods, I carry. I don’t do it just bc I can or to make a statement about 2A rights. I do it bc the bear situation is out of control, and there are a few here who have no fear and get way to close for comfort. With that said, I don’t feel the need to sit on my porch with a shotgun and a Marlboro Red. I also don’t feel the need to take a dump with my AR. However, if someone else wants to do those things, have at it. Just consider the reality, vs someone’s perception. A big scary gun turns into a hysterical phone call to 911 by a passer by and now
  2. Same thing every year around this time. Hunting season is here! The page is busy again. Anyway, everything said is an opinion. Everyone is right in their own minds. I’ve hunted a little of everything. If it’s public and someone sets up too close, sucks for you. If they are in your stand, sucks for you. If you leave anything out there, sucks for you. If you leave nothing, nothing is stolen. If you show up carrying your shit and someone is there you can either hunt anyway (and be the guy you complain about) or move on to a new spot/ get there earlier (what you expect everyone else to do). Or you
  3. I think your issue here is your price. A brand new one from Sitka themselves is $450. Your selling one used. Depending on when you bought it and what model there have also been a few changes. I have all their shit already so I’m just trying to help
  4. So many bear last year and this year I might actually decide to shoot one. Not that I want to but bc they are a nusaince. Democrats of the forest.
  5. Little black bastards. I never hated bears as much as I do until I lived in bear country. I’d shoot a cub before the sow bc they are more problematic on a weekly basis here. I’m about to hide in the garbage can and smack one
  6. Why not use both of you are still hesitant. Better then the tether AND a lineman’s belt. Lineman’s is only going to bounce your chin off everything on the way down. Not to mention make a metric shit ton of noise with every move into position you make
  7. I’ll be the one with the unpopular post. The state needs to get their heads out of their asses. Season is OPEN and you can’t get a digest. JOKE. Go to buy a license and it’s an issue. JOKE. The excuses are getting old. They know today what the season dates will be next year. They can’t get the license system in order and can’t have the digest which contains the rules hunters are supposed to follow in order....we have a problem.
  8. Nice buck! Where was this slob taken?
  9. Wow Man. Prayers for your wife. What is the cause of all these clots?
  10. I’ve only been to three of his bday parties. But covid could be to blame. Hmmm 🤔
  11. Tricky question. Is it who shoots one first or who tags one first? What if I shoot one tonight while drinking a beer out of my kitchen window. And then I tag it in exactly one minute after legal light? Asking for a friend.
  12. Have had a 2017 Tacoma TRDPro for almost 3 years. 70k plus miles. That includes hauling wood amonst other things and commuting 60 plus miles one way per day. So far zero issues. No complaints at all. It’s done more then I can ever ask it to. With a baby girl now, my next upgrade will likely be a TRD Pro Tundra when it’s time.
  13. Whoever calls the tracking dog first. That’s the first deer.
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