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  1. All I know is my ring doorbell in Sussex had 5 bear on it this passed week. One sow and 4 cubs. It’s gotten worse this passed year. My trail cameras have shown two sow with 7 cubs TOGETHER since July. When they no longer run when they see you and the dogs, you have an actual problem. One of my neighbors has had issues with the GROUP OF 9 banging against his front door in the past 2 weeks. FGW needs to take their balls out of the jar before another fatal incident occurs.
  2. Congrats! Your next decision is where on the wall does he go
  3. Company was called deerscense (I think spelled that way). They had a pink you’d light and then blow out and it would burn slowly sizzle down 12” or so. They sold a black collapsible “cover” that you put over it to contain and release the smoke and prevent the wind from blowing it out. A company that sold the smoker for clothes is called scent smoker. It’s the same as a beehive smoker. They just put a name on it and market it as though it’s some kind of ground breaking innovation. On amazon the beehive smokers are like $20 or so I believe. It has a bellow that your slowly work to keep air flowing into the chamber enough to cause the wood chips to smolder and produce smoke.
  4. Your going after the smoke effect to kill bacteria. I can’t see it making a difference. I know the companies that market the beehive smoker to hunters typically offer hickory wood chips
  5. Same here! Unfortunately I have an older insert that is more for looks then actual function. But, it keeps the heat off in the main area of the house while we’re home. Therefore no oil burned
  6. I’ve done it in the past. No negative reactions. Basically use a beekeepers smoker. And puff the smoke into and onto all your gear. Smoke kills the bacteria. No bacteria typically means no scent.
  7. Refuse why? Wood is free. A happy wife is....never mind that’s not possible.
  8. I use no gloves period. No heavy face mask period. And when guys knock the Sitka gear I switched to several years ago, I remind them I never have bulky clothes. So zero issues arise regardless of time of year and clothing.
  9. Can’t believe it’s the first burn. Maybe it’s a little colder on the top on the Hill by me lmao. I’ve been cranking this sumbitch up for awhile now. I need a new setup but for now anything that keep the furnace from sucking down oil will have to do.
  10. Run em off a cliff. Still do it this way during 6 day. I paddle my heart out and hope someone on the other end is able to hold the line
  11. Looks like a stud! Any better pictures while I sit in the couch? 😂
  12. I let the ole yambag hang out all the time. Whether the wife wants to see it or not. For better or worse. She knew what she was getting into.
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