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  1. Another thing to Keep in mind, most of what you will be planting for deer on small plots, you do not have to till. If the seed hits the soil with moisture on the way you will be fine
  2. Also merit seed, grandpa ray outdoors, Hancock, and killer food plots are great places to do business with. I use products other then seed from them as well. They have far exceeded my expectations.
  3. Tcook hit the nail on the head. I had basically that exact reply typed up last night but deleted it. I was expecting arguments. I’ll add to it, do a soil test. And amend with lime now. Start spraying your weeds now. Add your fertilizers when you plant. If a mix has a ryegrass in it, keep looking. If a mix has buckwheat in it keep looking (the small % is useless) not to mention it’s a summer planted forage/covercrop. The bag of seed pictured above unfortunately was a waste of time and money and sweat. The rye grass is a filler and garbage, it’s too early for brassicas, and the clover will likely do nothing right now. I would go heavy with rye grain, add some annual clovers for this fall. Then frost seed perennial clovers for the following year. Don’t waste your time with peas, beans or brassica/turnips in a small plot in the woods. You need a acreage for them to withstand browsing. The idea of a fence for an 1/8 acre sized plot sounds good but again useless. They can wipe a candy plot out overnight.
  4. Very few so far. After the rains end of the week I’m sure it’ll be bad
  5. They are angry bastards. Fishing in swartswood they are EVERYWHERE
  6. Hit them with triazicide (spell check). It wipes out damn near everything.
  7. That mix will grow anywhere. With the added buckwheat method it’s fool proof. Might i suggest adding chicory and clover for the fall? It won’t do much except start setting roots and it spring will explode
  8. So it’s nearly 700k for 3 acres? Good luck
  9. After I got that invite to the presentation I started realizing what they were. I get them around this time of the year. Basically the habitat plan for them is a clear cut type situation with some lowland mix. Clear cut is beneficial for all wildlife and the state will allow it to be written into any TSI style plan. The mature forest and lack of regeneration in the state overall is affecting there migration patterns basically
  10. I got something in the mail from the state last year about a project for the golden winged warbler as my property sits in the migration zone. Next time it’s offered I’m gonna sit in on the presentation and set it up
  11. You are still able to get wetlands into A woodland management plan. I have several acres on my 60 that are wetlands. My plan reads along the lines of manage invasive species in those areas. Also for the 2 years you have to wait for the tax break to kick in, have your forestor talk to the tax assessor in town. I received a substantial tax break when he mentioned that this area was protected and unusable.
  12. I assume you seen Jeff Sturgis’ videos on the subject? Bc this is how he does it. This is also how I do it. I don’t bother with the buckwheat however bc I frost seed and then use winter rye heavy in the late summer. I use cleth to control the grasses with excellent success. The key to the buckwheat is to not let it get “too high”. Roll it down and spray it and your in business.
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