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  1. Awesome! My frost seeded clover is pushing 14” tall already. Kudos to the wife also for stepping in and helping you out
  2. Game hide makes a product called elimitick. I’m working on my own or another persons property 4 days a week minimum. I swear by their product. I replace every year. So far I rate it as an 11 out of 10.
  3. It may be an issue of simply creating a small ditch on the low side couple Inches deep so the surface water has somewhere to go. Perhaps grade the plot so it has a high side.
  4. I believe Osceola clover will do well in wet conditions. You can get white Dutch to grow anywhere as well. Maybe this spot is better suited for fall annuals when the water problem should likely be less an issue.
  5. What type of location is it that you have this water issue? May be time to do a little grading. Or more important do some no till planting and maintaining a constant cover crop (assuming you aren’t already)
  6. So what are the chances you’d give me a single honeysuckle plant? Invasive or not, I wish I had some
  7. It works additionally bc your not holding “too many” does throughout the summer. Solid plan.
  8. If you frost seed. Then overseed brassica and winter rye in mid/late August, no one crop gets hit “too hard”. You can also broadcast additional winter rye in early October. Deer will hammer the fresh young shoota.
  9. It would work even without the soil. It just wouldn’t last as long. The bales hold extreme moisture as well as decomposing matter so most anything would at the very least Germinate. There is a way to grow plots anywhere. Just a matter of the right seed and gradually improve the soils.
  10. Yup. Some guys go looking for them to take pictures. I get it. It’s cool to see. I have a healthy respect for them so I don’t go looking.
  11. Drag the dead shit into brush piles. It creates instant cover even if not an ideal type. Then if you have permission. Hinge basically a circle around what you want to be a sanctuary. Drop the trees out away from the center. Let’s light in, allows some regeneration to take place, and provides cover/food at the deers level. If there are any trees within gibs area that the neighbor lets you cut then drop them as well. The key 9 Times out of 10 is sunlight and topography. Anything you binge you want the deer to be on the backside of it so it helps screen your access. If you can give them everything thing on one side of a hill whereas you access from the opposite side you have a killer setup.
  12. If I were in this situation inwoukd want a property of this type to be a pass through. Or a pitstop in the animals routine. I’d have habitat and trails to collect deer as they enter the property and then give them something to move towards. Whether that be a trail to mineral, then to a mock scrape, then passed your pond, then up to your plot, and then off the property at or after dark. You just need to occupy them long enough so that they aren’t walking passed other hunters during daylight. 9.5 acres is tough to give them everything but it doesn’t take much to make a buck feel like he “needs” to check it out.
  13. These articles don’t apply to vast majority of lands we have access to hunt. Are they actual studies yes. Are they good from an informational stand point yes. But I tend to agree wholeheartedly with Jeff sturgis on this topic. No reason to continue typing. Here’s the link. It’s worth watching.
  14. I see some trees left to hinge. I have a saw.
  15. Honestly if you don’t want to wait just do it yourself. Where in warren county? I can ask around for you. I have so much going on with work i haven’t had time to take on any side work. What’s the deal with the outlet? What’s it doing
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