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  1. Livesintrees

    Stranded In Jersey City

    Better yet without 4 wheel drive, stay home.
  2. Livesintrees

    Stranded In Jersey City

    Took me 8 hours and 31 minutes to get home from work. Murphy needs to be hung by his balls and beaten.
  3. Livesintrees

    11/14 Check in

    Take grandma out with you. I’ve heard my whole life that she gets run over by reindeer this time (ish) of year
  4. Livesintrees

    Slow rut

    This “rut” that I keep hearing so much about is gonna be dragging out into 6 day firearm. Intense no. Is there gonna be unexpected movement, I think so anyway
  5. Livesintrees

    Need help identifying a trespasser

    The answer for him most times would be 3.
  6. Livesintrees

    Changing my mind about genetics

    Age is the number one thing NJ deer need. I’d tbey make it to 4 or 5 they blow up. And they get hard to kill past 3.5 in my opinion. So if you can cross your fingers and let em walk I like to think there’s a 90% chance or better that deer makes it. At least from what I’ve seen anyway.
  7. Livesintrees

    This Week Has Been A PIA !!!

    I agree with Tarhunts post. Soon as you say F it and take a week off that’s when the deer of a lifetime shows up. Don’t ask me how I know. Couple of times now.
  8. Livesintrees

    This Week Has Been A PIA !!!

    Just stay in bed. Who knows what’s gonna happen next
  9. Livesintrees

    I've been stewing myself over this

    4 acres is way to tight for two guys. But if he’s sitting on your bait pile it’s time to set some rules or have him leave. The deer may feel comfortable bc you don’t sit over bait. If he is sitting on it, your deer will be night visitors only very soon
  10. Livesintrees

    What do you think?

    I think in the upcoming 2 weeks your gonna be seeing new bucks. They have bred the local does and they will be traveling just a little bit further to try and find some new girlfriends. I have seen zero rut activity in two different zones. I’m nearly convinced my spots skipped the rut this year.
  11. Livesintrees

    Season for the books

    Nice buck man! What zone is all this chasin in? I haven’t seen any yet
  12. Livesintrees

    Best wind indicators?

    Wind floaters. Basically milkweed. Only place I still find em is amazon
  13. Livesintrees

    Camera Pics Over The Weekend

    I won’t be shooting a doe here for the next several seasons.
  14. Livesintrees

    Camera Pics Over The Weekend

    Makes you wonder. Still a lot of season left. Next two weeks bucks will be venturing further to find new girlfriends. You never know
  15. Livesintrees

    Camera Pics Over The Weekend

    Well since 98 it’s safe to say you know the area and what GWU do! Have you strolled through the public a couple hundred yards and taken a look around?