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  1. Can we add to this the Dunkin donuts drive through? So if your getting anything more then a cup of coffee and a bagel, you shouldn’t be able to use the drive through. Seeing 4 bags of food, and two trays of coffee come out the window ten minutes later is just as if not more aggravating
  2. Thanks to you and the club. I took a shirt from ya. If it was you I believe you said to just bought a bow in the Kuiu Camo pattern
  3. That’s correct. Still a lot of good deals out there. I never buy used. But there’s plenty of guys who buy 3 bows a year and pick their favorite and the others sell cheap
  4. Don’t rule out a high end used setup either. Plenty of top notch setups available for a good price
  5. Great shoot hot weather. Stuck around for all the novelties as well. 100 yard bison with an orange ping pong ball as a target. And steel deer competition made it out as far as 60 yards.
  6. Tomorrow and Sunday boys! I’ll be there both days. Looking forward to blowing up some arrows on the steel deer and missing the 125 yard buffalo repeatedly. Meanwhile a 13 year old shows us all up. Support the local clubs and come on out!
  7. BBD! Pics to follow! Aka 5 point with one eye and three nuts. Shot in the back leg.
  8. I’m pulling the laces out of my boots, going out a window on the opposite side of the house. And when they open the car door I’ll strangle them. Or have the wife lock herself in the bedroom with her AR. She can call police from there. Meanwhile I’m waiting in the dark to see which entrance said people chose to die at.
  9. Hopefully the rain changes dates and times
  10. If ya hurt yourself you’ll do no good! Try shooting 10 arrows twice a day. Or less if you feel something “not right”. In a week you’ll be able to start getting back after it.
  11. I hear a 90 pound Asian woman with high heels can loosen up those muscles quick. That’s what I was told anyway. I wouldn’t know personally.
  12. I heard when you get old you never trust a fart. Now your saying you that 2 are better then one? Conspiracy
  13. The hardest part of anything is starting. Whether that’s picking the bow up for the first time of the year, or going to the gym or whatever it may be. I feel like I’m behind every year. Bc from May-July you think there’s so much time. Then the calendar says August and your in the middle of 3 projects at once. The only thing easy to start doing is drinking a beer on the deck with grill going
  14. Your bow arm is built up and is part of your “bow muscles”. A lot of options for guys with less then ideal vision also. But I’m not here to argue. I don’t care in the least what anyone does or shoots.
  15. The key to anything physical is making it a year round routine. And not having time is no excuse. You could legit take 5 shots a day in your living room from 5 feet away just to keep the muscles working.
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