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  1. No reason they can’t harvest the corn. Or the beans. Etc etc and then get winter wheat in the ground. It’s green. Deer love it. Helps with soil compaction. Will suppress weeds until it’s time for the next crop. And it’s cheap, especially in bulk
  2. Livesintrees

    Need a new archery shop....

    Best thing to do is learn how to do it yourself and invest in a press. You’ll never need a shop again.
  3. Livesintrees

    Buck Down!

    Here’s a couple of him from November.
  4. Livesintrees

    Buck Down!

    Zone 2. Finally caught up with this guy. He has been VERY visible yet very elusive at he same time. 45 yard shot hard quartering to with the muzzleloader. Crappy at night picture with a flashlight for light. He’s a 9 point. Never split into a ten.
  5. Livesintrees

    Coyote question

    There’s a lengthy time frame to shoot and hunt them. So if the numbers are high (which they are) then guys need to actively hunt them. If not, then we will hear the same complaints year after year.
  6. Livesintrees

    Heating oil and service recommendations Sussex County

    Sorry that would help. Sussex County
  7. So the company we used last year is giving us the run around saying the soonest they can get someone out for the yearly service is April. Not really to thrilled with them all around. Who are you guys using for heating oil and who is doing your yearly maintenance? Sussex County
  8. Livesintrees

    12/9/18 check-in

    Congrats! What zone
  9. Livesintrees

    Electrical question

    Put a gfi in. Do it yourself in just a few minutes.
  10. Livesintrees

    Question for the driving gang

    Here’s my issue with some of these huge scale drives.....what does it do to the public’s perception of hunting? If there’s an orange wall posted along a frequently traveled road and people are driving by on the way to work or wherever it is that they’re going, what do those non hunters take away from what they see? When theirs 20 guys in orange with guns over their shoulders marching down the main road, what image does that portray? When people have guys marching through their property, or within sight of their houses, what image are we giving them? Is it enough to take some who is “indifferent” to hunting and sway them to the “against hunting” side? While I understand that it’s a tradition, we can’t afford to not consider these questions. 6 days of tradition can be more costly then you realize
  11. Livesintrees

    Nocturnal bucks

    I’m willing to bet they are stacked up in your hingecuts. And will only keep piling in as the week progresses. And that’s not by accident!
  12. Livesintrees

    12/03/18 6-day Firearm Opener Check In !!!

    I saw three does. A spike. The same fox a dozen times and exactly 23 turkeys. Couple shots well before legal light. And 8-10 after that. In the distance.
  13. Livesintrees

    Opening Day/Shotgun

    Got a fully setup H&R 12 and 20 gauge. $1000 each or $1999 for both.
  14. Livesintrees

    Opening Day/Shotgun

    I’m gonna be that guy this year. My work schedule has been ridiculous and I’ll be buying by license today. I’m taking a lunch with me to wait in line with. Also for those stilL looking I have 10 boxes of Accutips 20 and 12 gauge. 2 3/4 and 3”. $99.99 a box.
  15. Livesintrees

    Deer numbers way down across the country

    Guys shoot deer. Just to shoot deer. So they can post on Facebook and get “likes” like they need such feedback to be successful. Guys also shoot deer so that they didn’t “burn a $28 tag”. Pretty silly. If $28 makes you or breaks you, you might want to work some extra hours and re-evaluate your life choices.