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  1. No chance. You need to take a “course” to have the certification for home charging station installation. No reason for it at all. Basically a large portion was discussing the needs of these stations. We are a decade away (best case scenario) if we worked around the clock to improve substations across the country to handle a fully electric society
  2. Some rough numbers based on the current grid we have is that a family with 3 electric vehicles and home charging stations will require basically the equivalent of an additional 70 amp service (dependent on how often they need to charge). So without adding either a solar system (such as Tesla’s solar roof for example), your electric bill goes up. As does the strain on the existing grid.
  3. This is the shit I use https://www.domyown.com/talstar-professional-insecticide-p-97.html
  4. I use talstar with biefthrin (spell check). Actually just picked up a stihl SR200 mist blower today for pesticides as well as large area invasive control with herbicides.
  5. Bears are the only concern. I won’t allow them to set fruit for the next 3-5 years so hopefully they don’t have interest
  6. Started with this area as full timber last year. Established 1/4 acre plot last year. Apple/pear/persimmon went in this year. Haven’t posted here in awhile so this is a done but never really done project. FullSizeRender.mov
  7. Two people I work with. One after the first vaccination. The other was fully vaccinated.
  8. I have more if you decide you want it. Any size, shape or color 😂
  9. Last time I did all the work and had it sitting in my driveway for the taking I had half a dozen or so no shows. From this site 😢
  10. I should have done one this year. We would need 20 Participants, and someone who wants 20 cords of wood 😂
  11. One plot still has a little snow on it. Should be gone and ready to go for next weekend. But the plot trail was ready to go. Cleaned it off during the week. Spread the seed early this morning. Crazy weather and crazy year. But 1 of the plots is “done” for now.
  12. https://www.grandparayoutdoors.com/product-page/plantain
  13. Get some plantain in that mix! I assume in one of them there is also chicory?
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