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  1. Last Saturday's Nice Warm Hike

    Haaaaate snakes. Whereabouts did ya find them?
  2. Finicial Aid for illegals?

    They get financial aid. But I owe the government money on my taxes. Riiiiiiight.
  3. What are your goals for this coming deer season?

    Have a safe season and enjoy it with my father. That’s what’s important. Anything else is a bonus. Always work to do on the woods so the season never really ends
  4. Best place for topsoil in Sussex County

    Excellent. Are they members on this site?
  5. Best place for topsoil in Sussex County

    Looking for recommendations on best place to get topsoil from in Sussex County. I’m in Vernon Township.
  6. New to Deer Bow Hunting NEED MENTOR!!

    I don’t hunt public land anymore. However I’m in Sussex County. Not sure what exactly you are trying to do whether it’s find some spots or just in general learn about the ins and outs of the sport. I’ll help out if I can. Shoot me over a PM if you don’t already have help.
  7. Need some yardwork done

    Call a supply house. They have countless recommendations
  8. Spring is creeping in.

    The frogs in the pond have been going crazy since Wednesday. It’s here
  9. Mowing clover? Brush hog?

    Jay you could always use glyphosate at a reduced rate. It’ll kill the grasses and “damage” the clover. But the clover comes back on strong. There’s a lot of info to read about it.
  10. Help with a Thief

    Every time so far. It’s amazing what tax maps and the internet today can do for you. Pull tax maps. Get names. Search social media. He or his wife or kids will pop up in the search. And then he will be in a picture with them. You then have his name, address, kids names etc etc etc. keep searching and you’ll find where he works and so forth. You have to be a complete moron to not only trespass, but then get caught stealing all on a camera that your too stupid to see.
  11. Cedar and pine seedlings

    Deer will bed in cedars. It acts as thermal cover. Norway spruce however will grow faster for you then the cedars will.
  12. Good by baiting for deer.....

    Wrong. When deer don’t have bait to depend on to fill their stomachs they will move bc they need to eat. Deer can sit up in the backyards. Wait till dark. And then load up on everyone’s corn piles. And as far as deer having no reason to be on a small piece goes..... if bait is the only reason a deer is on the property.....well then the habitat sucks. Period. I don’t care if it’s stopped or not. I dont bait. I won’t bait. I’ll still see deer. I’ll still kill deer. If bait is the only way someone can shoot a deer, they are in for a big surprise
  13. Good by baiting for deer.....

    Spot on.
  14. Fyi....farmers get 3 free buck tags valid for any zone

    The attack on farmers seems to be safe he subject of a lot of your posts. What is the issue? I believe it began with the whole “in kind” topic about grounds on the WMA’s not living up to your expectations. While I agree there should be more oversight to it, the cheaper option for the State should enough headaches come from it will be to say screw it, let it become overgrown. People will still hunt it. They still get the money. But with no headaches. You could turn every WMA into a whitetail paradise. And it wouldn’t change a thing. People will still abuse them bc they are slobs. And the good deer will still be living where they are now Bc reality is it will get hunted even harder. It’s a no win situation. And as far as farmers getting a couple tags for free...does it really affect any of our lives? I for one won’t lose sleep over it Bc I don’t care. As mentioned above several times, as the farms sell off so does hunting property. Whether you or someone you know hunt it or not it’s a big loss for us all. These guys aren’t exactly millionaires. But truthfully the work they put in, the hours, the equipment, the risk and so forth I wouldn’t blame a single one of them from selling off. And guess what? Goodbye property and hello development. Exactly what we need. More development. The only issue I have with the permits is the depredation oversight. There’s a farm in Sussex county with a permit right now. They have some horses. No crop. I have yet to see a deer eat a horse. So there’s either no oversight, or that guy knows someone who knows someone to get the permit. Corruption? Not in N.J.! The other issue I have is before depredation permits are issued it should be mandatory that the property currently have active hunting taking place. At the end of the day I certainly would never turn my focus and efforts towards the farms in any way. And certainly not on the grounds of a couple free permits. That my friend is a losing battle. Would you rather have the countless numbers of guys that are on these farms now join you in the WMA? The farms are assets to us whether we realize it or not. If people don’t like state land the options are simple. Buy your own. Lease a property. Or find another Hobby. And no I’m not a farmer. I look funny in overalls.
  15. Good by baiting for deer.....

    When baiting goes away, guys will kill better bucks. They’ll move naturally. And deer in general will have to spend more time on their feet browsing naturally.