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  1. Trap the one with the hairless tail next. Otherwise the AR is going to. Thanks!
  2. Get off the bait. And hunt midday. Your welcome.
  3. Get yourself an interlock kit. Then get a reliance power inlet box. Then you’ll need a 2 pole 30 amp breaker. Or a GenerLink kit Don’t waste your time or money with transfer switch kits for a portable gen setup. You can do quite a bit with 30 amps if your only using what you need. If you wanna live life like power never went out then a whole house is your only option.
  4. I always end up with a ton of wood as of feb 1st i start cutting
  5. It works. More important then the overhead cover is the side cover and the location. You could legit take your old mulch up each year and use that as well. It’s basically just a thermal barrier
  6. Understatement of the year. Thousands still without power. Like tens of thousands
  7. Shut your dirty mouth. It’s flashing again!
  8. You know what’s worse? Grown ass men doing it. That’s what I deal with more then anything. Old enough to know better, dumb enough to keep doing it. Prosecute on the first offense. Period. If you wanna trespass, poach, damage equipment....you get what you get.
  9. Nobody needs one until they hit the floor. Especially this time of year with these weather conditions and icy steps and platforms. If I get to the stand and it’s iced up, I climb down and find a spot to sit on the ground. No reason to take chances.
  10. Anyone chancing the roads in the area is a fool. Doesn’t matter you drive. Everything is glazed over in ice
  11. If your horrible. Then so am I.
  12. Lifetime loss of license. Fines. And community service. That’s how this needs to go. And PA sportsman should step in and demand the state drops the hammer on them. Otherwise it’s even more fuel for the antis. These aren’t hunters. These aren’t stewards of the land and sport/lifestyle. These are the people who actually have it in them to continue to torture animals and people in the future.
  13. Even without AG, if you manipulate the forest to continually provide new growth and regeneration, you can produce some excellent animals
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