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  1. Livesintrees

    Archery target stand.

    99% done. Just need to get some plywood and such for the roof. An hour or so this weekend and it’s time to start poking it with arrows. Cemented the 4x4’s and the rest is treated 2x6 and such that I had leftover from other projects. Horse mat behind the target for the over penetration of the soft spot that will surely develop.
  2. Livesintrees

    What to plant?

    They don’t have to get away from people. If they get away from you they have succeeded.
  3. Livesintrees

    Where did it go?

    Even harder to find.
  4. Livesintrees

    Too late for a mineral site?

    Worst case deer fine it late, they’ll know where to look come late winter/early spring
  5. Livesintrees

    What to plant?

    Like I told ya that day. Winter rye. Get soil amendments in and you can get certified white Dutch clover and brassica to grow anywhere.
  6. Livesintrees

    Stand Maintenance Time

    Clear your trails and got me with ground clear. No growth for a year
  7. Livesintrees

    Morning hike through the new growth

    Again. Cut it spray it. Next week pull it out. Dealt with countless of these guys this year as well barberry.
  8. Livesintrees

    Morning hike through the new growth

    Most invasives can be cut back every year and controlled. But that isn’t one of em. I’d cut it, spray it. And then pull it up
  9. Prefers full sun. Frigid forage has a product called plot screen also.
  10. Livesintrees

    Clovers burning

    Clover will come back. I’d soil test it. Get some fertilizer on it end of the month and some remond mineral #10 fine. Then overseed with chicory and winter rye in late August.
  11. Livesintrees

    Discharging a firearm to scare a bear-legal?

    Unless you call them and say hey I just shot a bear with a non lethal round bc he was standing on my porch.....you’ll have no issues. I have one that just recently decided he likes getting too close to the house. Two dogs barking he doesn’t care. Me outside yelling at him he doesn’t care. Walk towards him, he stands his ground. Rubber slug is next. If that doesn’t phase him, then I’ll deal with him.
  12. Livesintrees

    Discharging a firearm to scare a bear-legal?

    Lightfield rubber slug right in his yambag
  13. This passed week was hot. Extremely hot. Out here in Sussex county the acorns all around are dropping. Looks like the fall crop will be lighter
  14. Livesintrees

    Clovers burning

    Spraying grasses wouldn’t hurt the clover. It’ll knock back weed competition for what little water there is available