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  1. I want to tell you that I “should” have some left and piled. I do have more to drag out still so I will have more at some point. Get in touch with me and I can give you a better answer end of week.
  2. Chances are I’ll be out cutting more tomorrow. If I don’t answer feel free to stop by and take some. I’ll have more as well should the pile disappear (fingers crossed)
  3. If you burn a lot it’s a no brainer. Next year I’ll just sell it. Probably easier then giving it away haha
  4. Possibly having someone come over the weekend. Or within a couple days thereafter to take some more. This is what’s currently stacked. And I still have more to drag out. Lot of oak. Some hickory. Some birch. And everything in between. I’ve gotten rid of three cords so far.
  5. Even if you buy land here. 20 years from now you are well ahead of the game. “They” aren’t making more land. It’s always a good investment
  6. Just saw this post. Yeah man. I’m dragging wood out today. Gonna be plenty
  7. Another load gone today. Still have quite a bit more
  8. Got 1 1/2”. Didn’t even know it was supposed to snow. They saying another inch tomorrow. And 5-8” for Sunday
  9. I don’t deliver to Democrats. Sorry
  10. I already dropped the trees. Cut them to size. And piled them. My part is done
  11. Buddy of mine took a truckload today. Another guy coming for a load Sunday. And a member on here is trying to secure a truck to take some. Still gonna be plenty left.
  12. Whitetail institute. And trophy rock aka Redmond minerals makes a product called 465.
  13. Can’t beat 4 lone wolf sticks and their hang on.
  14. Been cutting for a couple weeks now. And I’m not done yet. I have several times more then I need for next year. So if interested it’s all yours. Sussex County.
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