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  1. Livesintrees

    Thumb release

    Chances are you’ll need a loop change. Effectively changing your position of anchor. Also there’s a chance you may need to tweak the peep up or down a hair.
  2. Livesintrees

    Looking forward to tomorrow

    I don’t wanna see pics of yer yambag. I wanna see your buck. You perv
  3. Livesintrees


    There’s always a couple great deer there every year. The
  4. Livesintrees

    Looking forward to tomorrow

    Someone shot him already. Go to work. RIP
  5. Livesintrees

    Looking forward to tomorrow

    All these mystery good lucks. What’s he look like. How bout a picture. Now I’m curious
  6. Livesintrees

    Looking forward to tomorrow

    Zone, gps coordinates, stand location. Please?
  7. Livesintrees

    Opinions on head on or quartering to shots

    I’ve done it. I will continue to do it when conditions are perfect. I’ve had nothing but devastating results
  8. Livesintrees

    Thumb release

    Yes. Silver back (tension) , a nock 2 it (trigger) a 2 smooth (hinge) Carter ember (trigger) and a stan shootoff (trigger)
  9. Livesintrees

    Thumb release

    I haven’t done it yet.
  10. Do you shoot the silverback release?


    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Livesintrees


      Yes. The stan is top notch. It can be adjusted to perfection to fit your hand. And the trigger is excellent. But the two finger design of the nock on series just promotes consistency 

    3. Happy


      Thanks for the input.  Looking for something new to try.  Trying to tighten up my groups

    4. Livesintrees


      Silverback bar none is what will do it. A lot of guys get frustrated with it and give up. It basically shows you exactly  what you are doing inconsistently. If you shoot it for a couple months you won’t believe the results. Just need to realize your gonna lose some accuracy before you gain some. 

  11. Livesintrees

    Thumb release

    I only shoot thumb triggers. Some are triggers. Some are resistance activated. And some are hinges. Once you shoot one you’ll never go back
  12. Livesintrees

    3 Legged Buck at my feeder for the last 3 seasons

    I’d let him go. He earned it! I had a 3 legged Doe like that years ago. She had fawns and everything. I let her go every time
  13. Livesintrees

    NAP Hellfire 3 vane Quickfletch

    I’ve been playing with AAE. I shot flex fletch variations for year. The aae max series with their glue and primer are incredible
  14. Livesintrees

    So You Think Your Shoulder is Bad!!!!!

    You’ll win trail cam contests with these photos.
  15. Livesintrees

    Giving up on the compound already

    My definition of failure is giving up. Success in anything takes time and dedication with an end goal in mind.