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  1. Very nice, love the finish on the stock! Best of luck with it, what caliber?
  2. Sig220

    Buckshot choke

    Before you start experimenting with aftermarket chokes, try Winchester's 12 GA, 3" XX High Velocity load. The catalog # is SB12300. This load has 12 copper plated OO buck pellets and a muzzle velocity of 1450 fps. This round throws very tight patterns in my Browning Auto-5 as well as Rem 870 & 11-87 with a standard Invector and Rem-choke full chokes. Most 3" 12 GA OO Buckshot loads have 15 pellets which have to be force through the tighter choke causing pellet deformation and thus poorer patterns. By taking out a few pellets, this load tightens patterns considerably. The increased velocity of this load hits noticeably harder than standard fare. I have taken deer with this load out to 60 yards that have dropped on the spot consistently.
  3. Interested, sent you a PM
  4. Outstanding! The only one that should be prouder than you at this moment is that young lady herself. Great job by both of you, congrats!
  5. Doesn't get much more efficient than that! Is that a Browning BSS?
  6. I thought that looked like central MT, I hunted pronghorn and birds northeast of there near Winnett years ago and had a blast. Really need to get back out there. What caliber did you opt for?
  7. Gorgeous buck, congrats to the hunter!
  8. Nice trophies, congrats! What part of the state did you hunt?
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