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  1. What a clown, hopefully the confiscated his vehicle along with his crossbow!
  2. Hopefully this is the year that you get to take a picture with him, good luck!
  3. Unfortunately, you will feel worse tomorrow. Right now you're running on adrenaline so you won't feel the full effects of the impact. Glad that both of you are ok, it could've been much worse. Feel better!
  4. You're welcome. .35 Whelen brass and ammo isn't too difficult to come by so that shouldn't be a problem for you to get.
  5. They also have Remington and Nosler brass available. https://www.midwayusa.com/s?targetLocation=%2F_%2FN-670%2B4294911663%3FNp%3D2%26Nr%3DAND%28p_visible%3A1%2Ccustomertypeid%3A1%29%26Nrpp%3D24%26Ns%3Dp_metric_sales_velocity%7C1%26Ntpc%3D1%26Ntpr%3D1&userItemsPerPage=48&persistedItemsPerPage=0
  6. Midway has Nosler Custom loaded with 225 Grain Partitions https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1001747582/nosler-custom-ammunition-350-remington-magnum-225-grain-partition-spitzer-box-of-20#read-reviews
  7. Congrats, lucky for you that you missed the $60 per brick prices for .22 ammo several years ago!
  8. Maybe you'll have better luck with your next wife!
  9. Way to go Ken, congrats!
  10. Nice buck, I like the way he carries his mass all the way through his tines.
  11. Sad time for sure, sorry for your loss.
  12. I saw a clip on TV a couple of days ago showing the third world country that Denver is starting to look like the other night due to homelessness, drugs and good old liberal policies at work!
  13. Great pics, looks like you have a new hobby!
  14. Put it in writing to them as others have said stating that you can smell gas. Also, tell them that you want it in writing that they are responsible if someone gets hurt by their property that they refuse to pick up, that should get some movement but at the same time call the township you live in because they don't want your neighbors calling or any potential liability as well as your county board of health. If you do those things, I doubt this will last to the weekend. It's much easier to F off a customer than any government entity that can possibly affect your ability to do business there. Good luck!
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