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  1. Isn't it interesting that the 5 states (PA, WI, MI, GA & NC) that are hanging in the balance without much information coming out on the progress of the count all have democrat governors? I guess when the vote's not going your way you just stop counting until you find a way to make it work for you.
  2. You can use any FFL in NJ that you choose. It’s probably a good idea to identify who you want to use prior to purchasing out of state this way you’ll know that this dealer is willing to accept the firearm on your behalf and what the fees will be. Also, the NJ FFL will have to provide a copy of their license to the seller prior to them forwarding the gun to NJ.
  3. You can purchase a handgun out of state or online but cannot take possession of it at that time. The seller would have to ship it to a licensed FFL in NJ that would process your NICS check and permit paperwork in order to transfer the gun to you.
  4. Leupold VX5HD is great glass and you can’t go wrong with that product line, however, that objective is way too big for most practical applications. You said that this combo is meant to be used as along range rig, what do you consider long range? A scope with that big of an objective would have to be mounted in extra high rings which presents problems to achieve good cheek weld on the stock which is essential to accurate, consistent shooting. Long range shooting, while hunting anyway, benefits from shooting prone when possible which complicates a scope having to be mounted that high even more.
  5. Of course he has his hand out looking for Federal aid but he wants enough to cover all the wasteful spending and giveaways that he and his ilk have perpetrated for decades so he can wipe away all state deficits and begin free wheeling spending again. Will we see property or income tax relief? Hell no we won’t, it will go to more giveaways for the takers and illegals. It’s amazing how a governor that gives the federal government the finger on enforcing the laws of the land by being an openly “sanctuary state” wants them to cover the costs of the illegal activity! As the saying goes, only in Am
  6. Sig220


    To clarify, I don’t buy the political spin and BS around this whole situation. The narrative and spin that will come as the country reopens was crafted and written long before people started leaving the house again. Rusty just made the point I was driving at about it being way to soon to have definitive results in 3 days let alone know if those people that just tested positive we’re infected before or after the relaxing of the restrictions.
  7. Sig220


    Not buying it. Interesting how it fits the political narrative being pushed isn’t it?
  8. Great news, stay well! Hoping your wife gets better soon and your other daughter tests negative.
  9. Not to worry, they're forming a commission! What a joke, it'll be another bunch of political hacks looking to drag this out past the next election cycle, smh! Can someone explain where they're going to get the funding to hire thousands of additional state workers to monitor the situation prior to re-opening the state when they can't afford to pay the ones they already have? Wasn't the governor threatening to lay off a large portion of the state workers unless the Feds bailed them out of the deep deficit they already had prior to the virus?
  10. Feel better, wishing you a quick recovery.
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