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  1. Sappercat

    recommended way to attach id tag

    I have the copper tags with a hole on each end that I just fold in half on the swivel and use a 1/8" pop rivet to secure it.
  2. Sappercat

    Hudson River bass fishing ( freshwater)

    I've caught lmb/smb down to the Newburgh bridge...never fished south of that.
  3. Sappercat

    New USO Facility At Newark Airport

    Stopped in yesterday to visit a buddy of mine who was volunteering at the new facility. Not the biggest at 2000 Sq ft but the state of the art lounge area was impressive.
  4. Sappercat

    If September 10 is too early

    Best time of the year to be on the river imo when the weather cooperates...which looks to be case this weekend.
  5. Sappercat

    Welcome to NJ Woods & Water, Introduce Yourself!

    I'm not sure if I'll be able to get out for bow. I've been battling some bursitis last couple months. Shoulder is coming along but I'm about 80% right now. I'll defifinitley be out with the muzzle loader though.
  6. Sappercat

    Welcome to NJ Woods & Water, Introduce Yourself!

    Hello! New member from Sussex County. Good luck to those getting out in the upcoming season.