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  1. I second @Booner 's thoughts on this. Breath'n is very talented and I would for sure just have him make some recommendations on arrow weight and such... and have him build them if he can. Always remember, guys kill a lot of deer/elk/moose/bear with MUCH less complicated machinery at significantly slower speeds that that thing is gonna put out. You will be just fine with whatever combination you decide to go with. From all I know and understand (which is very little) the high FOC thing is mainly applicable to trad set ups. You want all that weight up front to compensate for the loss of speed inherent in a trad bow as opposed to a compound. I would tell you to pick your broadhead and weight and have him build the arrows around that and your bow. And, you can up FOC by shooting lighter weight vanes (2" as opposed to 3-4") as that moves the weight forward. Good luck in your decisions. I don't think you'll go too wrong unless you go really wrong.
  2. A solid waist belt is a must. Thanks for the tips on the ziploc. I'm really trying to avoid buying a frame pack for just one hunt. I am probably looking for something between 1500-2000 ci. I will be mostly carrying clothes and food. I have a onsie that is pretty bulky that I would NOT want to wear in, I'd change at the base of the stand and/or wherever we set up. I'd also like the ability to strap it to a stand if it comes to that.
  3. Although I appreciate your thoughts and sentiments and really do understand your point, please realize that sometimes guys simply like nicer stuff. I'm one of them. Additionally, I will be going on a hunt with a 2-4 mile walk in and out next year. I'd like something that's a bit more comfortable than a Wally-World pack to hang off my back and carry my stuff. Understand that I'm not getting pissy. Just explaining why I'm looking for suggestions on what guys use.
  4. Seems as though they are no longer...
  5. What's everyone's favorite pack for bowhunting? Why? How do you hunt? Tree? Stand or saddle? Ground? Why do you like your pack so much? Features, looks, price, comfort? I'm starting to look around and am am overwhelmed by the choices. I don't have unlimited resources, but do feel as though one would come in handy for hunting some of the bigger places in the state, which is something I would like to do more of next season. Thanks to those that reply.
  6. For anyone that is looking for a sweet bow at an awesome price this is it. These are amazing little shooters and pretty forgiving as well. If you're looking for a recurve grab this.
  7. Bully

    Brookville PA scumbags

    These are the types of kids that a watchful eye needs to be cast upon. https://heavy.com/news/2019/12/cody-hetrick-alex-smith/?b2np=d&utm_source=heavy-newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=12/02/2019
  8. So, a.... I'm sorry I missed all this. I was out hunting (I managed to kill some time at least!). Thanks to all for all the advice. I really appreciate it. I'm hoping to hear more.
  9. I'm betwixt and between on this. So, just so we're all on the same page, I'm not looking to buy a hang on from a big box and some inexpensive sticks. I'd be looking at something more akin to either the Lone Wolf Assault or the XOP version of the same. Same with the climber, I'm looking at a Lone Wolf. I'm hoping to get my ass out this summer and spend some time learning to actually hunt. Not "hunt" as in show up over a bait pile and kill deer. "Hunt" as in, learn to read sign and figure out where the deer might actually be without baiting. I have a couple of gents that are willing to help me in that vein. Additionally I'd like to get out and hunt some bigger public land. Stokes, Watershed, etc. Mostly northern parts of the state (I'm blessed with a wife that understands and allows me some time to get out and do such). As such, I'm trying to figure out what would be my best and most versatile option. I don't have tons of money and what I do have is going to get spent on my home and some vacations this year. FWIW, I'm relatively fit, 51, and pretty able bodied. Thank God. That's the story... Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Nice find. Great shooting!
  11. Trade interests include: Lone Wolf climber ( or similar) Glock 17 gen3 Upper parts Several other things that I can't think of currently.
  12. It’s now at 425. It’s not just here. All the used markets are soft. Such is life.
  13. Some tire kicking, some very cool offers, but nothing has stuck. Still here and looking for a new home.
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