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  1. Bully

    Remington Managed Recoil 308 WTB

    I'm in Bergen County but my mom is in Hackettstown. If you get caught out, let me know. I can let you know when I'm headed that way and grab some brass from you. I've loaded up 308 with Trail Boss and they're super easy to shoot. I'd be happy to load some up for you.
  2. Pot is in great shape. It's used. Belonged to a buddy. I used it once but found something that fits my needs better. $25 picked up in Bergen County by Paramus. Shoot me an offer if you think I'm out of line with the pricing. Will text pics.
  3. Bully

    WTB...Electric Lead Pot

    He'll ship it down to you for $35. It currently occupies space in my house, shoot me a text and I'll send you a pic. PM incoming.
  4. Bully

    WTB...Electric Lead Pot

    My buddy has a Lyman pot he'd probably sell. He's in the Pequannock area. Might be a bit of a hike for you. Let me know if you want to pursue it.
  5. Bully


    PM replied to.
  6. Bully


    Last bump and I'll let it die.
  7. Bully


    Pretty much everything you need to build a 45# longbow minus the limb forms. Bingham’s plans with 2 extra copies to cut, walnut riser block, drill jig and hardware(with extras). Glue, tip material, yadda-yadda. I have more pictures available via text if you need. Asking $150 for everything. Come and take it away. I will never get to building this and would love someone to finish this and hopefully take a deer or two. I’m in Maywood, by Paramus, Bergen Cty.
  8. Bully

    Books for Sale

    Up. I added a longbow kit.
  9. Bully

    Xpedition Xplorer SS

    Feel free to make an offer. I'd love to see this go to a new home. I'm open to cash offers and trades/partial trades for Remington 700 and AR related parts. I'm in need of upper parts (barrels, bcg's, etc.) for AR's and stocks and barrel blanks for Remington 700 short actions.
  10. Bully

    Books for Sale

    Shooting books sold and gone. Anyone for the archery/hunting books?
  11. Bully

    Books for Sale

    Shooting books SPF to BCsaw
  12. Bully

    Books for Sale

    Archery/deer books: $35 or best offer for all. I also have a 45lb longbow kit with glue and hardware that I'm just not going to get to. I have enough wood for 3 risers and laminates for 1 pair of takedown limbs. The video, 2 sets of plans, drill jig, and everything else is there. You just need to have the time to make it happen. I'm about $250 into it and I'm asking $125 for all of it. I can send pics to anyone interested. Will trade for ammo and/or AR upper parts. I'm in Bergen Cty/Paramus area.
  13. Bully

    Whats up with bow shops?

    Yeah. Agony Outdoors closed late last year. Good guys but their business model wasn't conducive to making it work. Jimmy is still around and doing tuning. I don't know what happened to Mark but I'm sure he's fine. Tommy, if you've gone to Targeteers, I'm not at all surprised by your experience. I won't ever set foot in that shop again. As several have said, give GardenState Bow and Reel a shot as well as Simon Peter's. There is nothing in our area, everything is a 35-45 minute drive. Good luck.
  14. Bully

    Summit stand and safety vest

    Message sent on saw.
  15. Bully

    WTS/WTT Remington 700 spa tactical .223

    I wish you were closer and yet, I'm glad you're not