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  1. My buddy lives in the Princeton area. Works a ton. Is looking for his first compound and a shop to purchase from. He knows less than I do about the sport/hobby and needs someone that won’t oversell or over-bow him. Wayyyyy too far south for me to have a valid opinion so I’m asking here: Can y’all recommend a really good shop in that area?
  2. For me personally, in a short action 6.5, I’d go 260Remington. It has a bit more ass behind it as it has a bigger case. Drawback; less available factory ammo. It’s a hand loader’s proposition. The 6.5Creed is an awesome little cartridge . It’s not magic, but it’s awesome.
  3. @pathman I have been looking for a few weeks and was looking for a hunting gun. Nothing fancy. Just something handy and in a caliber with less recoil than 308. I stumbled on a Remington Mod7 in 7mm08. It’s on the way to me.
  4. Any movement on this @Pathman? I actually settled in on one today. Should be here Monday. Hoping to share the journey.
  5. Yessir. 10/22. You are correct on that point. But, you asked about the differences. That one of them (accuracy). The carbon barrels are certainly accurate enough for “x” applications, but there is a difference. All of it is a balance of compromise. I have fussed with enough rifles to say this, build a rifle from the bullet out. Meaning, pick your cartridge, pick your bullet, and build your gun around it and what you want that bullet to do. Buying a factory rifle makes that a bit more challenging but, let’s say you want to shoot a 223 (this is all as an example
  6. Accuracy? You won’t see many carbon barrels on the line at a BR match. And say what you will about BR, but those guys build some accurate guns. Is is something that will make a difference to most? Nope. But for guys looking to squeeze out that last little bit it makes a difference. I like the carbon barrels a bunch. Don’t get me wrong. And, I’m not at all a BR shooter. So for me, I pass due to finances 😂
  7. Me personally, I have a fondness for Winnies. Crazy part is, I don't own one. But I used to. Featherweight in 308. Was a great gun. I also have a fondness for 7's. Deer: https://www.gunbroker.com/item/884963425 Bigger than deer: https://www.gunbroker.com/item/882785906 Glass: https://www.leupold.com/scopes/compact-scopes/vx-5hd-2-10x42mm Good luck. Lots of good info and suggestions. As with most stuff gun, it'll get "mission specific" pretty quickly. A good hunting rifle is not necessarily a good bench gun. Light weight sporter barrels get sloppy fast
  8. Price drop to 600 OBO. Cash/trade or a combination. Can and will add cash depending on the rifle.
  9. Bully

    WTB: Climber

    Thanks. As stated above, I have one.
  10. If I did it wouldn't be up for sale! 😂
  11. Only 308 I would consider in trade would be a Ruger Scout if anyone is interested.
  12. None that I can see. Trigger guard/floor plate is also intact. Trigger locks the bolt when on safe.
  13. I find it boring. Odd answer I know. But it’s the truth. I like 6’s and 6.5’s.
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