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  1. That thing is awesome. If I wasn't so enamoured with my Xpedition, we'd be talking. GLWS
  2. Thank you. I'm just posting what they told me.
  3. TTT I just spoke to them on Friday. This is still at the shop in Englewood Cliffs and they want it gone. Give a call with a cash offer. It could be your lucky day.
  4. PSA: I know these are pretty popular. It’s at a shop local to me, Iconic Arms in Englewood Cliffs. It’s a 20ga with a turkey choke and key. Camo. They’re asking 499. 877.495.1911
  5. Decided to keep.
  6. Bully

    .308 Ammo FS

    I have no dog in the fight, but... This is premium ammo. Not plinker crap. Federal Gold Medal Match is the standard for judging a rifle's accuracy with match ammo. Hornady TAP is awesome SHTF ammo for barriers like glass. The more you know...
  7. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1262210973?pid=476462 Double check but this should be the right one.
  8. G19/3 is my favorite pistol. If I didn't have a few I'd take a poke at this. GLWS.
  9. Why is your brake sideways?
  10. Ill send you his info.
  11. Not 100% as it's not mine. If you're interested I can get you his cell and you can reach out to him.
  12. Anyone need an Inch Pound Torque Wrench?
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