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  1. I started to get the form figured out. it’s a 2x4. Nothing fancy. I’m going to use inner tubes to put pressure on the glued pieces. The shear force of the glue will help hold some of the reflex/reflex once it comes off the form. Once the glue-up is done (a couple more weeks) then the real work begins.
  2. Bamboo backing, no glass. Yes, Smooth-On.
  3. Handle is going to be out of walnut. It's 11" long. Tried to cut the tapers tonight on the belly. I screwed it up. That piece is set aside and I've moved onto the next one. I'll give it a whirl in better light and minus an "Old Fashioned" or so. Might gonna come out a bit better. I have my second attempt all cut to length and ready to go. Handle has the corners tapered. I'll round them out after glue up with a rasp or on a sander if I can grab one. I also cut some nock reinforcements out of some Walnut and G-10. I'll scuff the G-10 up in preparation for glue and get the Walnut ready to go as well. I may try and taper it a bit to give myself a head start. We'll see. Sorry, no pics right now as nothing has really changed.
  4. Ipe pieces currently being glued together. I went with some thin pieces of Ipe for an additional lam between teh back of the Ipe and the 'Boo that I had left from cutting everything to size. It will serve to reinforce the handle and keep it from popping off (fingers crossed).
  5. My buddy’s schedule opened up enough to allow me a little time to use his cabinet saw. I ran over and got some cuts done on the wood. I cut the Ipe 1.375”w x .625” tall. I also found a piece of walnut for the handle that I cut to 1.375” as well. I also have a piece of walnut that I will use as a tri-lam. The ‘boo is from a local yard. I bought 3 pieces. One piece is too narrow. The second piece I screwed up while trimming the height on the bandsaw. The third... I think I did pretty well. Now to find a friend with a belt sander...
  6. Yes if you’re willing to pay actual shipping.
  7. I know @Granby140 is new on here but he is one of the best people to deal with. Always something good to move, actually shows up when he's buying, and just a great guy. Deal with confidence.
  8. I'm up in Bergen County. If you want to shoot it, just let me know you're on the way. It's yours to shoot. It's not at all tuned (I'm waiting on a quiver) but I can still shoot into the vitals on my bag target at 10 yards. So if you're ever in my neighborhood let me know via PM. I have a thread on it here:
  9. No problem. FWIW, I understand wanting what you want. But I have an Ogemaw and can’t recommend it highly enough.
  10. Bully

    Free stuff

    Only if he leans waaaayyyyyy left!
  11. https://www.archerytalk.com/vb/showthread.php?t=5717195 http://leatherwall.bowsite.com/tf/lw/classdetail.CFM?id=158933 http://leatherwall.bowsite.com/tf/lw/classdetail.CFM?id=158933 My recommendation... http://leatherwall.bowsite.com/tf/lw/classdetail.CFM?id=158921
  12. Thanks y’all. @JHbowhunter I’ve seen plans for them but have no interest in building one. I’m currently gathering materials for a self bow. That’s about as technical as I think I want to get right now. I have too many other projects already.
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