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  1. Bully

    WTS-McMillan A 1/3

    I have a Kydex cheek piece on the way and will include it for the original price if anyone is interested. If not it looks like I'm gonna have to build that 6.5 shorty.
  2. Bully

    WTS-McMillan A 1/3

  3. Bully

    WTS-McMillan A 1/3

    I have changed directions on a build and do not need this. It's an OD Green McMillan A 1/3 Adjustable length of pull 3 Flush Cups for sling mounting Picatinny rail for bi-pod mounting 700 s/a R/H Rem HV M5 Brand new aluminum pillars can be included. They are not installed. They are aftermarket and nicer than what McMillan would do. 2lbs 7oz Unmolested and never used Asking $600 picked up in Bergen County. I have more pics available via email/text. I can ship if you're too far and will work with you on a shipped price. I am looking for a lot of stuff including a KRG Bravo, spotting scope (20-60 mag), FT/R capable bipod, etc. If you have something to trade, feel free to ask.
  4. Bully

    Vintage Wood Arrows

  5. Bully

    Vintage Wood Arrows

    @fab I sent you a PM with my number. Call or text. @Rutting Buck As of now they are Fab's. If he doesn't call/text me by end of day I will reach out. Please don't post on my profile. PM only.
  6. Bully,


    If something falls through and the person doesn’t pickup the arrows I’d like to take them.  I live in River Vale and can come any day, I’m literally 6 miles away.





  7. Bully

    Vintage Wood Arrows

    @fab PM replied.
  8. fab

    I can get them tonight if they still available 

  9. Bully

    Vintage Wood Arrows

    Anyone? @Nomad if you're interested let me know.
  10. Bully

    WTB Leupold VX II 3-9x40

    Good looking rig
  11. Bully

    Lyman Turbo 2500 Pro Magnum Case Tumbler

    A location would help.
  12. Bully

    decided to keep

    Is this the one with the lug cut out on the bottom or is it a standard lug similar to a Remington?
  13. Bully


    All gone. Finally.
  14. Bully


    I still have this stuff. It's free if you can come get it. I'm located in Maywood, Bergen Cty. Everything is at my home.