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  1. That’s a beast and if I was still into compounds I would take a run at it. GLWS!
  2. Bully

    WTB - Longbow

    Still looking. Last bump.
  3. Bully

    WTB - Longbow

    I am/have but am checking local as well. If I can grab something from a member here all the better.
  4. I'll be the dissenting voice here... If you're Bear is shooting well and you're comfortable with it, shoot it some more. Maybe upgrade the sight or rest. Or pimp it out (keep the stuff currently on the bow for resale). Get it tuned with a custom string. Take a lesson with someone very knowledgeable and learn that bow all the way through. New toys are nice. Trust me, I know. However when I took my first deer with a "beginner" set-up, I promised myself that I would buy a new bow. I did. It was great. It killed a deer or two. However the deer weren't any more dead with the new bow than the old. It was a bit tougher to draw in the cold because of the cams/draw cycle. Long story short, my old bow was as capable and in some cases, easier to shoot well, than the new one. Just my opinion. Worth what you paid for it.
  5. Bully

    WTB - Longbow

    Hey all. I'm looking for a longbow to fuss with. I'm not looking to spend tons of money. Just something I can mess around with and have fun. I'd prefer something 56-60", right handed, in the #45 range. If you have something collecting dust, shoot me a message with a cell and I'll text you. Work makes it tough to talk. I'm located in Bergen County by Paramus and can travel a bit. Thank you.
  6. Bully

    Back At It!

    Thanks. Gonna need it.
  7. Nice rig. I have the Micro335 and it’s a beast. This thing is awesome. Free bump.
  8. My current rig is a crossbow. An Excalibur Micro335. I got it barely used for 425 shipped. I bought a string from 60X and a stringer and arrows from Wyvern Creations (whom I cannot recommend highly enough). So I’m 550 in to it. If I buy another bow, it will be a longbow. I want one bow in particular, a Great Northern “L’il Creep” Michigan Special in 45ish lbs. I would have to stumble on a sweet deal as it would be a toy I occasionally hunted. So I’m not too hopeful. If Two Tracks did the “Ogemaw” in all green I would be tempted. Thankfully they do not. So for the moment, I have my crossbow and I’m fine with it.
  9. Thank you @Bad64chevelle I will check it out. @Farmshine that’s solid truth right there. I need as much help as I can get tho, hence my asking.
  10. ... And, How do You Use It? Im in need of some advice for a weather app for, shockingly, hunting. I have a solid spot that most evenings the wind is in my face but I’d love to verify that before I get to the spot. What apps do you guys like for wind/weather and is it pretty intuitive and easy to use? I’m shooting a crossbow from the ground.
  11. Bully

    Archery Stuff

    Releases are SPF
  12. Bully

    Archery Stuff

    Still here. Make an offer. Will trade for a decent, but inexpensive, longbow or recurve, [email protected]". Something I can fuss with when I do have time that's more fun than the crossbow I am currently running for this season.
  13. Bully

    Archery Stuff

    case is sold.
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