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  1. Walmart in Watchung usually has red worms and night crawlers, Petco/Petsmart have fatheads but no shiners and then Hate to say it but Dicks in Union on occasion have worms
  2. So I have a 10 year old daughter who enjoys shooting. My wife wants to get her onto a shooting club/team/camp or even lessons for kids. I have looked and looked but haven’t been able to find anything. Does anything like this exist? Anyone have any ideas? We are in Union County but willing to travel for the right option. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Hey guys, I hunt Black River often for deer, and usually park in a parking lot or a well used “pull off”. Does anyone know if I can just pull off anywhere and park? I would be off the road and technically on the WMA property. Would I need to work about getting a ticket from Chester PD? There aren’t any no parking signs anywhere but there are plenty of NO Stopping or Standing signs. Anyone have any input or experience?
  4. There was also an add on Craigslist for this lease. Wasn’t second guessing myself not going forward with it. Now after reading all this glad I didn’t!
  5. Hey got a question about “shoot through mesh” on ground blinds. I shoot mechanicals and was wondering if shooting through the mesh impacts the arrow flight? I’ve read other threads and found mixed reviews anyone have any good or bad experiences with this?
  6. It’s in the conservation center and Brightwood Park. It is being ran by the county
  7. I thought I read somewhere that it is closed until early 2020 is this true?
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