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  1. Everyone here agrees that as a NJ property owner, one has the legal right to carry a pistol on your own property. Both indoors and out. Correct? This topic always comes up.
  2. this is an example:https://www.guardlinesecurity.com/
  3. total distance, I'm 800' off the main road.
  4. what kind of range does the ring have?
  5. Is anyone here using a motion detecting driveway monitor? Lots of suspicious vehicles around here lately!
  6. You're right, and if you own woods, cut your own firewood, hunt your own property, You got it made!
  7. If you can find buildable land bordering state hunting land like Stokes state forest, it would be worth checking out.
  8. My father was a flamethrower on Iwo. Fifth marine division (spearhead) Very proud!
  9. jap barberry and jap stiltgrass is killing my woods. Deer overbrowsing too. I have no regeneration.
  10. chuck172

    deer flies

    About when do the deer flies crap-out in Sussex county? Gotta be pretty soon!
  11. Trump says he will start deporting millions of illegals next week. I hope he starts in NJ.
  12. The picture did make the local newspaper (NJHerald). Page B3
  13. I just heard that the picture of the bear swimming made the NJ Herald. Did anyone see it?
  14. 'sorry, having problems posting pics.
  15. Way less bears around this year. But this one is big!
  16. I hate loud motorcycles going down my road.
  17. Makes me proud! https://www.sussexcountywatchdog.com/blog/2019/5/28/parker-space-backs-sheriff-strada-rips-murphy-on-sanctuary-state-bs
  18. I had no idea: The Person Who Chooses To Use Medical Marijuana In Pennsylvania Or New Jersey Is Prohibited From A Possessing A Gun Or Firearm Under Federal Law. https://www.gambonelaw.com/blog/medical-marijuana-means-no-gun-pennsylvania-new-jersey.cfm
  19. I'm not inventing a problem, I'm just asking a question.
  20. So if I'm riding my atv on my land, drinking a beer, not wearing a helmet, atv is unregistered, not insured, and a law enforcer wants to bust my balls-- He can?
  21. You need a helmet even if your the owner of the atv and the owner of the land?
  22. Are there any laws regarding atv use on private land?
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