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  1. They broke the mold with these men. My father was a flame-thrower on Iwo Jima. Then after the war a Steamfitter.
  2. It seems that the pandemic is for the most part behind us. The majority, or close to it have been vaccinated. Less people are becoming infected and the death rate is now very low. Somewhat like the flu. I live in a very rural area of NJ, retired . I'm three weeks past my first moderna shot. I guess I have about 80% immunity. If I get my 2nd schedueled shot next Tuesday I will be at aprox. 94% immune. What I'm getting at here is in my case, Is the second shot, with all its dangers. worth it.?
  3. seems like asking any dr. if you should get vaccinated is like asking a barber if you need a haircut.
  4. Good to know I'm not alone in my concerns.
  5. Kind of leaning towards getting the 2nd. All this talk about the virus ending and the reactions of the second shot just got me thinking.
  6. You are protected to some degree after the first shot.
  7. Has anyone opted to get only one dose of Moderna? Seems like many get bad reactions from the second.
  8. I had one knee done at HSS. They are probably the best, but I hate the city and don't want to be treated like a piece of meat. I'd like to go to either Morristown or Hackensack. Newton is out! Anyone hear of Dr. Lombardi out of Jefferson?
  9. I didn't want to Hi-Jack his thread
  10. Can anyone recommend a real good surgeon that does knee replacements? Morris/Sussex area.
  11. Everyone here agrees that as a NJ property owner, one has the legal right to carry a pistol on your own property. Both indoors and out. Correct? This topic always comes up.
  12. this is an example:https://www.guardlinesecurity.com/
  13. total distance, I'm 800' off the main road.
  14. what kind of range does the ring have?
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