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  1. Any known cases of blue tongue in Sussex County yet?
  2. Thanks everyone for all the replies.
  3. My son-in-law got this picture on a trail cam by his house. He lives in Georgia. Curious as to what you guys think it is. He's getting it checked out by the Div. of Natural Resources down there.
  4. I guess it's time to start posting again.
  5. The real estate market by me in Sussex County is going nuts. There are bidding wars and homes are selling for way more than they are worth. The house right across from me just sold for 430,000. 5o k over asking price. Just a short time on the market. House was small with only 2 acres. Are homes with acreage, hunting acreage , bordering state land, in big time demand to those living below right now, or is this just an inflated temporary market?
  6. And wait till Camel-toe Harris takes over!
  7. Old Sussex county saying: "South of Ross's corner sucks"
  8. Well my second shot of moderna appointment was today. I cancelled. gonna try to get by with just one dose. For now, subject to change.
  9. They broke the mold with these men. My father was a flame-thrower on Iwo Jima. Then after the war a Steamfitter.
  10. It seems that the pandemic is for the most part behind us. The majority, or close to it have been vaccinated. Less people are becoming infected and the death rate is now very low. Somewhat like the flu. I live in a very rural area of NJ, retired . I'm three weeks past my first moderna shot. I guess I have about 80% immunity. If I get my 2nd schedueled shot next Tuesday I will be at aprox. 94% immune. What I'm getting at here is in my case, Is the second shot, with all its dangers. worth it.?
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