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  1. chuck172

    Anybody else had it with this weather?

    Up here in Sussex County it's been awful. Wet, and rainy. What I can't understand , and I'm not complaining, is there is and has been no ticks. Anyone know why not?
  2. chuck172

    Handgun for bear defense

    How effective would a little ruger .357 LCR be?
  3. chuck172

    Splitting maul- 6,8,or 10 lb

    Fiskers, go with the Fiskers. Great maul, indestructable. Had many different mauls but always go back to the Fiskers. https://www.amazon.com/Fiskars-X27-Super-Splitting-36-Inch/dp/B004M3BAQE/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8
  4. chuck172

    Goodbye America and Republicans

    Not 1.2 million, 2.1 million http://philadelphia.cbslocal.com/2018/03/24/new-jersey-governor-phil-murphy-immigrants-legal-aid/
  5. chuck172

    Goodbye America and Republicans

    Trump lost much of his base by not vetoing the bill. I'm not as enthusiastic about him as I was.
  6. I live/hunt Stokes. The six day has gotten worse and worse. No hunters, no shooting, no deer. Tradition is gone. All that's left for me that I really care about anymore is bowhunting the rut with my recurve.
  7. chuck172

    Dick's sporting goods coupon

    I just called Dick's, asked them about it and they said coupons are not good on firearms. Thanks anyway, very thoughtful of you.
  8. chuck172

    Dick's sporting goods coupon

    Thank you very much, just to be clear: Will the coupon work with in person purchases on already for sale firearms? I'll probably buy it tomorrow.
  9. chuck172

    Dick's sporting goods coupon

    could you email it to me?
  10. chuck172

    Dick's sporting goods coupon

    Will it work for in person purchases on rifles that are on sale?
  11. I'm thinking about buying a Savage mk2 .22 this weekend. It's on sale, but does anyone know of any coupons I could use on it?
  12. chuck172

    Out of state land price observations...

    I was under the impression that New Hampshire's property taxes are the 2nd highest in the country, right behind NJ. Beautiful state though!
  13. chuck172

    Out of state land price observations...

    20 minutes north of Honesdale is really in the sticks.
  14. chuck172

    Senator Menendez trial and implications

    Roberto Menendez, the patron saint of the illegal aliens. Typical hudson county scumbag politician.
  15. chuck172

    Out of state land price observations...

    I've been looking in Wayne County Pa. North of Honesdale. Really like the area and the people. I've starting to come to the conclusion that only properties that people don't want are up for sale at decent prices. Land and houses are expensive there too. I keep coming back to my house and land here in Sussex County and I'm starting to appreciate them more and more. Trying to find about 10 to 15 acres bordering state land in my Pa. target area is tough. My land borders Stokes on 3 sides, and the Appalachian trail just above me with no neighbors to speak of. Taxes in Pa. would be about 50% less, and the people there are just lots friendlier. I hate this State though.!!