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  1. I'm not inventing a problem, I'm just asking a question.
  2. So if I'm riding my atv on my land, drinking a beer, not wearing a helmet, atv is unregistered, not insured, and a law enforcer wants to bust my balls-- He can?
  3. You need a helmet even if your the owner of the atv and the owner of the land?
  4. Are there any laws regarding atv use on private land?
  5. Thats what I thought. Hoping that there might be a loophole if you address it to yourself. Guess not. hats what I thought. Hoping that there might be a loophole if you address it to yourself. Guess not.
  6. can my sister mail a pellet pistol to me? She lives in Va. and I live in NJ.
  7. chuck172

    real estate?

    I remember in the mid-70's right after the Tock's Island fiasco the old Layton Hotel had written on the mens rest room wall "SOUTH OF ROSS'S CORNER SUCKS". If your grandparents weren't born and raised around there, you'd never fit in.
  8. chuck172

    real estate?

    We do have Stokes, Flatbrook, Bear Swamp and the Appalachian trail here. Lots of hunting land.
  9. chuck172

    real estate?

    I posted this on the other site too! Just wondering, Is there any interest in moving out to susssex county? I know people are flipping houses like crazy out here. Is Sussex County a desirable place to relocate to?
  10. I understand that active military must pay, but I'm farmland assessed, my son-in-law, who lives on base in Quantico during the week, but lives here on my farm week-ends would like to know if he qualifies for farmer permits.
  11. I do own a qualified farm. That is the land in question.
  12. Immediate Family: For the purpose of farmers hunting and trapping, “immediate family” includes the spouse, mother, father, child, grandchild, stepchild, stepparent, legal guardian, mother-in-law, father-in-law, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, grandparent, great grandparent, brother, sister, stepsister, stepbrother, brother-in-law and sister-in-law of the farm owner or lessee who resides thereon. If my son-in-law lives here on weekends, but also stays on base in Quantico, is he eligible for "immediate family permits"?
  13. Wow, I get all these permits for nothing. Now wonder there's lots less hunting pressure.
  14. My son-in-law, who is an active Marine stationed at Quantico, bow hunts my land here in Sussex county. He stays with me here on weekends, and lives on base during the week. He just bought the extended bow buck permit and had to pay like $ 56.00. Is this right?
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