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  1. First Lite is offering 20% off almost everything on their website from now until 11/30. They make an excellent product.
  2. I arrived at the Washington DMV at 5:30 this morning and was 8th in line. I walked in at 8:00am and was on my way home by 8:15. There was well over 100 people waiting in line.
  3. Yikes. I was planning on going back around 5am one day next week with a folding chair and sustenance.
  4. I purchased a boat and trailer last week that I need to get registered in my name. Knowing how backed up everything is, I arrived at the DMV in Washington at 7am this morning (an hour before they open), and there was already a line wrapped around the parking lot. Does anyone have experience with arrival/wait times in the last few weeks?
  5. I’m with you on this, rug. I work with quite a few guys who are fat, out of shape, smokers, or all three. They’re the same guys who are always missing days for doctors appointments, illness, and on tons of prescription meds for a litany of issues. becoming a fan and follower of Cam Hanes and Goggins after hearing them on JRE has improved by fitness and nutrition game immensely.
  6. I’ll pack out all the meat if you pack in those yummy vegan treats I love and my favorite Biden 2020 blanket
  7. Thanks for the reply. Looks like they offer what I’m looking for at a reasonable price. I’ll get in touch with them!
  8. Hey all I am going to be in Colorado for a work event in September of 2022 so naturally I am looking to extend the trip to do some archery elk hunting. I’m looking for a reputable outfitter who offers semi-guided trips. I have never elk hunted before so I’d like some insight and guidance from a guide, fitness is not an issue and hard work is preferred. Any help would be appreciated!
  9. I live in Glen Gardner, which borders Clinton. As others have said, you may want to check out the Glen Gardner/Califon/High Bridge area. High Bridge has a great down-town with a few restaurants, brewery, pizzeria, coffee shop, and direct access to the Columbia Trail which is one of my favorite spots to run and cycle. The Ken Lockwood Gorge, Spruce Run, Clinton WMA, and tons of other public lands/trails/rivers/streams are all just a few minutes away. Although depending on how far north of Clinton you end up going, route 31 can be a real pain with rush hour congestion and traffic.
  10. I have two pistol permits in hand, let me know if you have any handguns you're willing to part with! I would prefer 9mm or 45acp, as I already own those calibers, but I am also open to just about anything. I live in hunterdon county, work in union county (for FFL transfer purposes.)
  11. We had a similar issue with our dog a while back. Same symptoms and issues as your dog, except instead of vomiting she was experiencing uncontrollable diarrhea. We did the chicken and rice thing then slowly reintroduced her food. Any time we gave her even a small amount of her old food she would have terrible diarrhea again. At the recommendation of the vet, we switched her to a grain-free food and she's been 100% fine ever since.
  12. https://www.wildandwhole.com/zaatar-spiced-venison-meatballs-avocado-tzatziki/ This recipe is a staple in my weekly dinner line-up. Delicious and easy to make. Wild and Whole is part of the Meateater crew, they have dozens of great recipes on their site.
  13. I have been following this thread since it was posted and I am anxious to see the results of your experiment. I am an avid JRE listener so I have heard the ins and outs of the carnivore diet quite a few times. I have done brief zero carb diets to trim up a bit before vacations. My diet consisted of only meat, seafood, eggs, and certain cheeses for up to two weeks. I wouldn't say it was enjoyable, as the foods I was eating became monotonous after about a week, but it was a very efficient way of burning fat. Another downside was that my breath wasn't great during the diet, I believe this is refe
  14. Offering up my used HSS vest for free to a youth hunter. Served me well for many years (never had a fall, luckily) but I recently upgraded. Can be picked up in either Roselle (union county) during the week, or Glen Gardner (hunterdon county) at night or on the weekends. PM me if you're interested!
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