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  1. njhunter24

    Bachelor Party Hog Hunt

    Thanks for the recommendation - looks like a top notch operation. I checked their site and it looks like they're booked solid through November 2019!
  2. njhunter24

    Bachelor Party Hog Hunt

    I personally would like to harvest a four legged hog, can't say the same for some of my buddies who may end up chasing two legged hogs instead. Drinking around the campfire is preferred, definitely not trying to go wild and have myself a mid-hunt hungover throw up session.
  3. I'll be getting married next November so i'm looking to take a trip down south around August-September (2019) for a "bachelor party". I am ideally looking for an outfitter that can accommodate 6-8 hunters for 3-4 days. My ideal trip would be some sort of combo, whether it be hogs and bass fishing, hogs and doves, etc. I'd like to go somewhere within reasonable driving distance (around 14 hours or less from central NJ) for ease of firearm and meat transportation - South Carolina, Georgia, etc. I would greatly appreciate some recommendations if anyone has personal experience with a trusted and professional outfitter. Thanks!
  4. njhunter24

    Boycott Yeti

    ORCA is offering 20% off their products - I just ordered a 26qt cooler. Lifetime warranty on hard coolers, made in the USA.
  5. njhunter24

    Fly Fishing Advice -Help

    I’m a beginner as well, with this being my first season using the fly rod - im hooked (pun intended). After a few outings with the fly rod, I haven’t even touched my spinning gear. It’s much more fun, rewarding, and the fight is much better as well. Looking forward to learning and expanding my game. I’m using a Cabelas prestige rod and reel combo - 8’6”, 5wt, 4 piece.
  6. njhunter24

    Decoys For Sale

  7. njhunter24

    Decoys For Sale

    Forgot to mention - PVC cord and strap weights are not included.
  8. njhunter24

    Decoys For Sale

    Selling some decoys. Located in Glen Gardner (hunterdon), but I travel to union county M-F for work. $150 OBO Green Head Gear life-size (4) hen bluebill (8) drake bluebill Tanglefree migration edition (weighted keel, foam filled) (6) bufflehead
  9. njhunter24

    Post your ride or toy pics here

    The ole girl and the toy
  10. njhunter24

    Looking to buy handgun...

    I picked up my permit today. Anyone looking to part with a Glock 21 or M&P45? If not, I’ll be heading to heritage guild on Saturday.
  11. njhunter24

    Looking to buy handgun...

    I have the compact beretta px4 storm in 9mm. Awesome little gun.
  12. njhunter24

    GoPro Goose Hunting Video

    Divebomb’s silhouettes are amazing. We’ve killed many, many geese since purchasing these particular silhouettes. They look great, are easy to set up, resilient, and require minimal space for storage. Although we do have to use a homemade jig and long drill bit to get them into the ground when it’s frozen.
  13. njhunter24

    GoPro Goose Hunting Video

    I had several short clips saved on my phone. I used the “clips” app that came installed on my iPhone to merge them together
  14. njhunter24

    GoPro Goose Hunting Video

    Quick compilation of some goose hunting we did this year. We put down quite a few birds this year, but I did not get all of our hunts on video..
  15. njhunter24

    Looking to buy handgun...

    Thanks, good info there. I also looked into the P320 but ultimately steered away from it since larger mags are expensive and hard to come by. I’ve shot several glocks in various calibers and always liked the feel of them. I also shot my friends M&P 45 that I loved (minus the trigger). I heard the 2.0 has a much better trigger so that is definitely a gun I will look into if I end up buying brand new.