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  1. my place smoked meats. Point Pleasant PA. 20 min north of ELY'S. Basically the same menu. Glen Hauser is the Proprietor. He doesn't have a web page.Phone (215)297-8048. Meat needs to be quartered(not de-boned). He has a area to hang and quarter, all remains need to be taken away. I've been going there since 2005. Cheese hot dogs, porkroll, jerky,bologna, slim jim, ,sausage just to name some products. Great place.
  2. The second and third and so one. Rifle/carbine/B.A.R./bayonet/grenade.
  3. His faults is to much to list. As a sportsman and gun owner he was on are side.
  4. Great post! Thanks for the homework.
  5. I will pass. She shall be known as snowflake!
  6. I switched over to center pinning for steelhead 10 years ago. Just another technique that can be very effective. I still use my fly rod depends on conditions. I use a 15ft cts custom blank rod for big water on the salmon river and the Catt. Gloomis, St.croix and Raven make a very nice center pin rod which i also have. Longer rod is more effective for control of your float IMO. Reels I use a Kingpin started out with a okuma but made the switch. My son uses and Islander. Most important is the bearings either German or Japanese ABEC 3,5,7 will dictate the smoothness and start up. Your budget and preference will be a factor on choice. Raven line or siglonP 10lb is a good choice main line IMO. Raven floats are good, Check out herodrifter foats on facebook he makes a excellent float. Hit me up if you have any questions.
  7. Nothing fancy no stamping.Plain leather
  8. Thinking about getting into cowboy action. I have my late fathers cowboy rig witch need to be resized. I would like to use his custom leather rig but way to big. Looking for some one to do leather work. I am in central Jersey but willing to travel.
  9. Cheyenne MT. outfitters Bordentown,NJ. I always stop in any Mom & Pop store when passing by and purchase something even if its a box of ammo. The other half loves it . Private stores are closing up faster than they are opening. Cabela's in Hamburg.
  10. Whitetail in PA and NY. My son and I booked and antelope hunt in Wyoming this fall. He has been talking about going hunting out west since he started to hunt at age ten. Now at age 22 with a career job as a L.E.O. We can finally make it happen. Hopefully its a start for more to come.
  11. I always switched out the ratchet strap on the platform with a chain and turnbuckle. Its helps with the two man stands.
  12. Venison with pineapple wrapped in bacon for starters. Pheasant parmigiana for the main course!
  13. I have only owned a Ten Point cant really say much about the other brands. Ten point warranty and customer care is excellent IMO. I had a issue do to my own care. I sent it back and they sent me a brand new one.
  14. Looking for Rio209 primers. Anyone have any to sell or trade? or any sport shops who stocks them. Going to check Solomon"s in Farmingdale. Few online sites have them but would rather not pay the hazmat fee.
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