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  1. Jeagermeister

    Ohio Outfitters

    Crazyhorn outfitters western Ohio. Pm me for reference details
  2. Jeagermeister

    Earthquake Reported !!!

    Thought a big squirrel jumped on the tree.
  3. Jeagermeister

    heading to Salmon river w/ DAV

    I'm up here now. The bit is on!!!
  4. Jeagermeister

    ULTA minnow jigs

    Home tied ULTA minnow jigs. I have a far amount available now and will tie to order if the demand is there. Northern Burlinton county. 2 oz...$3 3 oz...$3.50 4 oz....$4 Thanks you.
  5. Jeagermeister

    Anyone Crab Red Bank Lately ?

    I'm going to tag it on google maps. "Jeagermeisters crabbing spot". At least ill have company. I will ask that people bring beer and share.
  6. Jeagermeister

    Anyone Crab Red Bank Lately ?

    I'm not a pro. I dont buy into that garbage that no one will ever find " my spot" or there will be a mad dash of hords of people from this site to the oceanic bridge. I share good info. I doubt very much it will get "crabbed out" lol.
  7. Jeagermeister

    Anyone Crab Red Bank Lately ?

    Went last week. By Oceanic bridge. Got 33 in about 5 hrs. Most were 6 plus inches this one was 7 1/4.
  8. Jeagermeister

    Free arrows

  9. Jeagermeister

    Free arrows

    26.5" 1916 arrows free Northern burlinton county
  10. Jeagermeister

    New Shooter - Dominant Eye Question

    GO WITH EYE DOMINANCE! Especially a new shooter who knows no differance.
  11. Jeagermeister

    Lacrosse 1000g Waders

    Im interested. Im a size 13. Pm me if still avail.
  12. Jeagermeister


    Yea. Look for id. I found an auto insurance card on one site. Called it in and told them the details.
  13. Jeagermeister

    Boycott 84 Lumber

    Bud Weiser too.
  14. Jeagermeister

    easton A/C/C 3-71 300

    These arrows are good for bows shooting in the 70lb range.