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  1. I was hunting in turkey zone 14. Not far from 70/ 72 circle and 4 mile road. If you lost/left something in the woods, can accuratly describe it and want it back PM me. Otherwise I wouldn't mind keeping it. Lol. No...its not a gun! Already posted on FB.
  2. Like everybody has already said Check whole bird. Closest station. Fillet breast off the bird Take legs and thighs. Contrary to popular belief they are very edible after a few hours in the crock pot.
  3. Im game message me. Mostly hunt Greenwood.
  4. No...no...nooooo It's stupid. Been posted god know how many times... Bad dad joke stupid. Insert homer Simpson meme stupid. It's just stupid.
  5. Every year someone make this stupid post.
  6. Jeagermeister

    Ohio Outfitters

    Crazyhorn outfitters western Ohio. Pm me for reference details
  7. Thought a big squirrel jumped on the tree.
  8. I'm up here now. The bit is on!!!
  9. Home tied ULTA minnow jigs. I have a far amount available now and will tie to order if the demand is there. Northern Burlinton county. 2 oz...$3 3 oz...$3.50 4 oz....$4 Thanks you.
  10. I'm going to tag it on google maps. "Jeagermeisters crabbing spot". At least ill have company. I will ask that people bring beer and share.
  11. I'm not a pro. I dont buy into that garbage that no one will ever find " my spot" or there will be a mad dash of hords of people from this site to the oceanic bridge. I share good info. I doubt very much it will get "crabbed out" lol.
  12. Went last week. By Oceanic bridge. Got 33 in about 5 hrs. Most were 6 plus inches this one was 7 1/4.
  13. 26.5" 1916 arrows free Northern burlinton county
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