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  1. Its called biological warfare,and I don't think thats what happened
  2. We only have ourselves (people of NJ) to blame. Election after election we vote the same old same. Spend more and raise taxes.
  3. On route 72. Not much in it. Got a bit beat up from the tumble it took. Would like to get it back to owner just the same. PM me to describe and reclaim.
  4. Just sitting on the side of the road in the pine barrons.
  5. AT Shooters. We have treestands set up in the indoor range.
  6. Went a few years ago its was a waste of time and money. Walked throug it in less than an hour. Harrisburg is the place to go.
  7. As pictured. Good shape. Not twisted. $80. Northern Burlington co.
  8. 10 point is a good bow. Plus it has the accu draw. Meaning that it can be cracked to full draw.
  9. Sure. Tonight. When i get in from hunting
  10. Make offer. Northen Burlington County.
  11. I was hunting in turkey zone 14. Not far from 70/ 72 circle and 4 mile road. If you lost/left something in the woods, can accuratly describe it and want it back PM me. Otherwise I wouldn't mind keeping it. Lol. No...its not a gun! Already posted on FB.
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