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  1. Becoming a business owner was the best move I’ve made in my career. Best of luck in your new venture. And you’ll find Tarhunt to be a great guy and highly knowledgeable if you reach out to him.
  2. “SR” is the Salmon River…..
  3. I love to travel and always have. Did it heavily for business for 21 years, then a long break, and now I’m back at it. My parents took us all over the continental US which gave me the travel bug.
  4. There is a hard edit between him loading the gun (too early) and when they begin hunting and there is no way to know what time he began to hunt. But there were all sorts of other shots all around which tells me he waited until legal light. Also, the dog handler was calling back his dog at four minutes before legal light to keep the dog from going on point. But the gun should not have been loaded early.
  5. I was just down in Key West where it was cooler than here. Flying to Montana later this week where it will be hotter than NJ. Go figure…
  6. That’s a landlocked Atlantic salmon. They look alike at times. These are the fish we get from Massachusetts each year and then grow larger at the Hackettstown hatchery before releasing them into a few water bodies.
  7. The best thing I ever did was leave Tapatalk behind and use the mobile app.
  8. I earned my cold beer in a much easier way. I just sat down at the pool bar and the pretty lady handed me one. Then another…
  9. What better to do on a three day Key West bachelor party than a day spent catching dinner? Trolling trip, and we caught mahi, almaco jacks, a small wahoo (released), a blue runner, and a barracuda.
  10. Anyone else notice how these raging liberals double speak? It’s all part of Matt’s master plan. He’s even left the mods in the dark on this one. Pretty soon the site will be pushing Critical Baiting Theory.
  11. Best thing I ever did was to give up Tapatalk for this site!
  12. Is that part of why Arizona is looking at this regulation change if you know? That’s nuts BTW. You have to move on when you see that, no?
  13. The Penn State study was funded by their school of Agriculture, not the government for what it's worth. But we are a long way from being broke so long as we keep printing more money and ignoring our ever growing debt load.
  14. Brown’s Point Park would be one of those access points. I’m not sure where, if any, exists in the NY section which is approximately 60% of the lake.
  15. Because you can also fish from shore. Also, there are thousands of boats on the lake regardless of the lack of public launching. We used to pay local marinas a launch fee back in the day, so my guess is that the lake got jammed with people ever since the pandemic hit and that hasn't slowed down yet.
  16. Having grown up in West Milford and boating on GL for decades, the only property I can think of would be Brown's Point Park for a public launch site. That's on the southern end in NJ.
  17. Just remember that the “free” vaccine is something you pay for in your taxes. The government’s money was your hard earned money.
  18. I’m sure 100% of the posters here appreciate and thank him for his service, but in no way does that buy him some liberal pass here with his politics.
  19. I’ve got gasoline, diesel and mixed gas. Whatever you need!
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