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  1. Thanks, great post. Very inspiring to see such amazing animals.
  2. They aren’t “adapting”, they are thriving because whitetail deer are edge habitat creatures. Man creates far more edge habitat than fires, wind or disease can. That’s why there are more deer in North America than ever before. Deer thrive off human caused edge habitat creation.
  3. Prices are up everywhere. BTW, I live in Flanders and bought a bag of corn there (TS) the other day to jump start a new mineral site. They also sell 50 lb bags for $11 which is a better deal than 40 lbs. at $10/bag. Look in their feed section. Inflation is here!
  4. A state threatened species limited to the Pinelands and Coastal Plain. Nice shot.
  5. Like so many things in life, there are many, many variables that make up fawn production. Although we had a largely failed mast crop year last fall, we also had a mild winter and browse availability was very good and that makes up the lion's share of a deer's diet in winter months.
  6. Not sure which page this post jumped the shark, but I'm trying to keep up and all I am reading is personal attacks. This thread now locked.
  7. Funny, where I live in zone 8, I’m only seeing twins and triplets. No single fawns. It seems like a higher number of fawns here this year. My zone 6 property I hunt I just got cams out last week and won’t check them for a bit.
  8. That wasn’t just a frost last year on May 14, we got an inch or more of snow and ice and temps fell into the 20s along with high winds. That’s what did in our oaks last year.
  9. I don’t know about the rest of you, but when I think of a hunting and fishing forum, I immediately think of Olivia Newton John songs.
  10. Bucksnbows


    It’s in NO way confined to NJ! I’m seeing it in MT, NJ, CT, NY, etc. The pandemic has made it worse IMO.
  11. Bucksnbows


    Yes! Everyone merging in to 80 wants to immediately move left into the “fast lanes”. Stay in the slow lanes and you’ll get there 10 minutes earlier.
  12. Bucksnbows


    Part of the problem is nobody moves out of the so-called fast lane or “passing lane” these days. They park there going 62mph. That leaves the slow lane wide open at times, turning it into a fast lane.
  13. Ran up to Sparta yesterday to put down more minerals and some blocks. Had a large red oak down across the woods road from a recent thunderstorm and it was loaded, but with next year’s crop. Hopefully what precious few whites we have drop this year. Doesn’t look like the reds will until 2022. But we have a lot of chestnut oaks which are in the white oak family, and they may be our savior this fall. Time will tell…
  14. I know they always were but haven’t gotten my beach buggy pass in a few years. We have done epic stirfries in a huge pan over a fire on the beach at night. Just dig a hole and bury it when you’re done.
  15. I was worried about this thread earlier today. Glad it didn’t fully derail. Sometimes it’s best to PM the poster if you have an issue or concern rather than pee on the post as happened a bunch today on several threads. Must be the heat….
  16. I know when I was in the corrugated box industry, Anheuser Busch's Newark brewery sent all their spent grains to pig farms in the general area. Never heard it used to attract deer in any state.
  17. I hope they do so that it becomes a SCOTUS heard case and the outcome, which I believe will be highly favorable, will become the law of the land.
  18. The beauty of ceviche is you can easily bring the ingredients and just catch a fish to add to it. Here we were in Labrador, Canada at McKenzie River Lodge a few summers ago making our own northern pike ceviche that the camp chef (doling out the appetizers) was excited about because she had never seen it made before but knew the process.
  19. I’ve been making ceviche for decades but never knew there were so many cultural differences in recipes. I tend to use whatever citrus is available at the time along with onions although lime is always an integral part. I can’t even guesstimate how many different species of fish I have eaten that way over the years.
  20. Yup, looks like 18 year olds will be able to secure a pistol permit soon.
  21. And here I thought you were going to finally replace your deck…..
  22. Now you want the government to control what others say and think? Isn’t that even worse than some random talking head bloviating on CNN which nobody watches? Be careful what you wish for.
  23. I thought we agreed to not talk about the sheep. After all, there are pork rollers on this site that don’t understand Sussabama.
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