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  1. One of our guides was fishing that tournament yesterday. Don't know how he did yet. Sounds like a great day on the water regardless.
  2. Depressing to see the forest floor covered in Japanese stiltgrass. Yet another highly invasive non-native takes over our native vegetation. Good luck with the bucks.
  3. I always tell my wife than anything over 70 degrees is a waste of the sun's energy. Our rivers got cool enough to trout fish again. At three spots on the Musky where I had meetings today, I got 65, 64 and 63.5 degree water temps! Trout were rising at 2 spots and actively feeding mid depth at the other spot. Wish I had time to toss some dry flies....fall will be here sooner than we think and I can't wait.
  4. Very cool rack! I think you can call him a 9 with that extra point off the extra main beam down low. Hope he walks in front of you during hunting season.
  5. Ironically, I gun hunt in PA using a 7 mm Rem. mag. and can't shoot or see beyond about 80 yards out of my stand there even though it is a tack driver well beyond 500 yards. Here in NJ, I hunt big, open woods where I can see 300 yards in certain directions but am limited to far less because of our shotgun only rules (I don't own a muzzle loader). That is the reason I decided to try the Hornady SSTs a few years back. I was thrilled that in my gun, they shot a much tighter group than did the 3" Remington Copper Solids (I think I was using an older version of what you are using now). That SST round is much flatter shooting with the higher velocities. I took a 200# bear at 128 yards and got a pass through at that range. I did run up on the bear and put a finishing shot into it, but my first shot got the back of the lungs and the liver. Good luck if you try something new as we all know what a PITA it can be switching slugs.
  6. That map is very general. If you notice, it treats entire states the same way. We all know there are spots in every state with WAY too many deer and others with WAY too few. I do know that PA's deer herd is far lower than it once was and the decision to bring it down factored in deer/car collisions, forest health, and age class of bucks. I travel enough and have throughout my life. I can't think of any other state with the # of deer hit by cars and trucks as right here in NJ. Hard to know the data that went into that map.
  7. Basically, the cheaper you go, the lower the velocity. But it doesn't always mean different accuracy. You have to factor at what range you may need to shoot to best decide. If all of your shots are well under 100 yards, that is one thing. If you might shoot beyond that distance, your decision might be different. I'm shooting Hornady SSTs out of my 12 gauge. They've managed to make a 2 3/4" sabot with a velocity of 2,000 fps that shoots better out of my Remington 870 than the Remington Copper Solids (3" Rem. Copper Solids has velocities of only 1550 fps) did when I shot them. You can buy them direct from Hornady for $15.87 plus shipping and I find their online prices to meet or exceed my local prices (plus I don't have to pay shipping when I buy locally). Now is the time to buy slugs, not a month before the season begins. Most local shops (at least by me) have them in stock and I don't just mean Hornady SSTs.
  8. It makes sense to me to bait the one property you can legally even though you can't hunt it, but I would put my camera out on a trail leading to your bait that is closer to your tree stand. That said, getting deer used to bait takes a day at most, so IMO, I wouldn't waste lots of $$ on bait 2 months before early fall bow. As you know, you wind up just feeding the bears. So far, the only bear-proof bait I've found for deer is sugar beets. It takes northern NJ deer some time to figure them out, but once they begin eating them, they pound them. Bears show no interest or at least that has been my findings based on experiments I did last year.
  9. You're exagerating, by morning, it will only be 57 days
  10. I just hope it doesn't harm their other 2 stores. The one near me in Sucassuna has never been better since it moved into a new mall.
  11. I've been gun hunting for 38 years, but just got into the bow a couple years ago. I'm hopelessly addicted now. My PA hunting camp trips for grouse and woodcock with my Brittany now includes morning and evening sits with the bow and I'm adding another buddy's newly purchased NY farm to my fall bow season this year. Forget about fishing, I've been at that since age 4 (44 years now) and fly fishing since I was 7. That's another hopeless addiction, but one that led me to a new job (jobs if you include my guiding) almost 6 years ago now. Once again, welcome. What part of the state are you in?
  12. Welcome. Fishing and hunting? What are some of your favorites? Bow? Gun? Fly Rods? etc.
  13. I seem to recall that Princeton Borough went through this for awhile until they broke down and hired White Buffalo to thin the herd at great taxpayer expense. Bow hunters can do that same service just as safely for $0.
  14. I hear he had a meeting with the NTSB about that bridge. Or was it the NBA? Either way, I'm sure he's got a track machine cutting through his wetlands to build the Brooklyn Bridge in Chester as we speak
  15. Up here, I've been getting my fill of blackberries so far. I'll have to see if our blueberries are ready and if the bears left me any.
  16. When they do it right, the fish populations grow quickly in numbers and in size. I know nothing about that lake, but it looks like nice bass and panfish water. The forage base they added should grow the largemouths quickly once they are large enough to feed on the bait.
  17. There's no such thing as theft proof. You can do lots of things to minimize theft or to slow down thieves, but if they want it, they'll get it. Too many hunters place a trail cam by their stands that they leave in the woods or over a bait pile. You may as well just place a sign that reads: "free stuff" Most newer cams are IR and a lot smaller than just a few years ago. I have one by Bushnell and another by Stealth Cam. I've done same tree comparisons and found them more or less the same and battery life is very good these days regardless of model (some are better than others, obviously). Remember, you're not looking for proffessional photographs, just a decent image and even the cheap ones give you that. My advice is don't spend big bucks like you might on other gear, because if it gets stolen, you'll be out a ton of $$.
  18. The rearranged some reg sets. For instance, they recently added "3A" just for zone 6 which I hunt often which has now been moved to "4" with several other zones. Some zones got slightly more restrictive as deer population densities come in line with what the biologists want for each zone.
  19. Samsung has a new waterproof Droid as does Casio which is also shock resistant. I've actually taken underwater photos with my Casio. If you're an I-phone guy, you'll need the Otterbox. But check out the two Droids I mentioned and no need to buy the extra box.
  20. My high school did a cruise to Bermuda for our senior year trip. Needless to say it was the craziest trip I've ever been on in many ways. Beautiful island! I've always wanted to go back. Great pix.
  21. I know I'll be out just because I'm itching to go bow hunting. I'm prefectly happy to take a nice fat doe or two in the early season and then settle in on my target buck or bucks if I'm lucky. I could care less about a buck being in velvet or not, I'm after a nice deer in velvet or hard horn. Won't matter to me.
  22. HH, good catch, the Division is working on a fix already. I hunt that zone but didn't catch it myself. I did immediately see that Z6 is now "reg set 4" instead of "3A". But I knew they planned to change them around to whole numbers as 3A was a hybrid at the time since our local herd was on the increase but not growing too rapidly.
  23. I just let the Division know about that to have them fix it.
  24. I started shooting a couple of times each week about 2 weeks ago. Last year I overdid it and my groups actually got worse after awhile. This year I'm going slow and steady. Some days I'll just shoot a single arrow and other days a lot to build up stamina.
  25. First bear is small, but the 2nd one is much larger. Andover is overrun with bears and has been for decades now.
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