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  1. Yes, and Keith just confirmed to me he got that as well as from me. He’s handling it now.
  2. Already done. BTW, there was nothing stopping you from doing what you are preaching….
  3. Looks like I was correct. This is the for profit firm that does multiple states online for a fee unlike the Division's test which is free. https://www.huntercourse.com/ Someone needs to reach out to that firm as it has nothing to do with any mistakes made by Division staffers.
  4. But that's only because you have two young kids and haven't hunted in years, so any deer you shot at this point must be paraded through town. And if I were you, I'd leave it on the hood for several days!
  5. It is so obviously a bobcat that I am always shocked when some insist it's a mountain lion on all these bobcat photos.
  6. You're going to miss the trout fishing! But best of luck in your new home state in 'Bama!
  7. The Eastern coyote is not an easy animal to control as far as numbers. A state like NJ will never see a bounty system. Never. The most effective eradication method is poisoned baits, but that is also never happening. Shoot them if and when you can, but they are very wary as many here know. I came close to shooting one two falls back, but she came in on the wrong side and I got busted.
  8. My mother wouldn’t let me own one, so I bought a go kart instead. But I rode my buddies’ many times. You can still buy them today at places like Tractor Supply.
  9. That looks like the for profit company doing that test and not the Division. I do know you can pay a fee or could and do some parts of the course online, but that was an outside service. Either way, it is dated. I’ll ping Keith Griglak today about it if he’s around. He may be on vacation
  10. Customer 1: “I’m still waiting for my pizza by the way!” Customer 2: “You’re not getting it”
  11. They remind me of the banana slugs we had where I grew up in California. Big suckers. BTW, you gardeners can use copper such as pennies to surround any plants the slugs are after. Salt also works. The pennies actually carry a very slight electrical charge which repels slugs.
  12. Bucksnbows


    Don’t forget the Spray On Hair. 😁
  13. Just remember that she didn’t create that hype. That comes from an out of control media.
  14. Looks like elliptio to me. Chinese pond mussels are not known to currently live in the US. Elliptio can grow very large in lakes.
  15. She has competed and dominated at the highest level in her sport. Only she knows what’s best for her. Who are we to judge given the lack of info we all have. She gets a pass from me.
  16. This site is a social media site. I think many here don't think of it that way, but it is 100% that. Given the slight uptick in license sales recently after major blood loss from a hunting numbers standpoint, I'll say there is more positive than negative.
  17. You're lucky in that you only drive it less than 3,500 miles/year. I put those miles on in a week sometimes.
  18. Wait, Jack shot a big buck? I hadn’t heard. Good for you, buddy.
  19. The new Comprehensive Black Bear Management Plan created by Division biologists and staff, firmly based in science, was approved by the independent Fish & Game Council. Hunting was one of the many strategies to limit bear to human contact. To make it official, it must be signed by the DEP Commissioner. That is per NJ Supreme Court rulings about the hunt in the somewhat recent past. Being a political appointee for a Governor against the hunt, our Commissioner simply has refused to sign it. That’s how Murphy did this.
  20. Because you said you plan to go out of state with your muzzy and/or shotgun, you first need to know at what distances you may encounter game in that state. If it's 50 yards and under like your NJ hunts, no need to worry. But if they tell you up to 150 yards, then you need to understand exactly where your rounds will hit at that distance.
  21. I should add that the property I manage for a friend is ground zero for NJ's bear "herd". I say herd because many years we have more bear than deer. I have had several close encounters on that property and on Rusty's cull hunt nearby as well. Always because we were retrieving a deer we shot. @TroutandBuckswas present once to see this. It happened on his first ever deer kill with his crossbow and we had first a big sow with her three cubs challenge us for the deer, then a lone boar, and then the sow and her cubs came back a second time and I had to run her off again. All that in the span of maybe ten minutes.
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