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  1. Hi I'm new to NJWW.  I'm interested to know if anyone has information on Hunting SIX mile run in zone 14? I walked through it last year but saw little evidence of deer. I have been hunting farm land around Phillpsberg in bow, shotgun and muzzleloader seasons,  but was looking for a place closer to home (North Brunswick).  I'm open to suggestions of private or public lands. If there are no good location near me I'm will to travel some distance for new adventures.  BTW If anyone wants a new hunting partner I can use some company. I have a 2 person stand. It's being delivered next week :>)

    1. Bucksnbows


      RKVal, try the NJ Division of Fish & Wildlife's Wildlife Management Area (WMA) map for a list of huntable Division owned lands.  This does not include town or county owned lands or State Park owned lands, much of which you can also hunt.  I suggest you post on the Hunter Meet Up forum or just General Hunting and ask for someone local to you that could help.  I'm in northwest NJ and hunt near the NY border on private lands that I manage. 

      Brian Cowden/Bucksnbows 

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