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  1. A go-nowhere lawsuit. But it wouldn’t surprise me if the Biden administration is behind this. It is the perfect ruse for the far left.
  2. Your wife doesn’t count
  3. I also have one you can borrow. I'm in Flanders. If you do choose to purchase, they aren't very expensive. Mine has 2" teeth on one side and just the smooth chain on the other. Works great!
  4. Always very localized where it does hit, so most of us don't have to worry. But when it does hit your local herd, it can be decimating.
  5. That's hands down the funniest post of all time! Especially since you actually meant what you said.
  6. The legislature would offer that deal, not DOJ if I wasn’t clear. Just some behind the scenes early talk I’m hearing. The story won’t go away easily now that Biden, Pelosi and now Schumer have said he needs to resign. Even CNN will eventually have to cover this story. 😁
  7. The early whispers coming out of Albany is the legislature will offer him a deal: resign and no criminal charges. Let’s see how good my sources are….
  8. He grew up in that business. But I hear you! 😁
  9. If anyone wonders why this old post popped up, we had a spammer jump on this thread. That post is deleted, but it puts the old thread back up on Recent Topics. So here’s some more recent photos of that same pond after two full growing seasons.
  10. Hmmmm….I do often need trees and branches removed ahead of our restoration projects and we do own Stihl saws…..
  11. Cuomo will not resign, that I agree. But he will be impeached by his own party and here’s why: the Democrat AG has proof of legal wrongdoing at both state and federal level. If Cuomo were still in office this time next year in the height of the midterm elections, it would cost Dems even more lost seats not only in the House and Senate, but in state offices as well. The Democratic Party knows bad things are coming based on both historical and current trends, and they will apply maximum pressure behind the scenes to have the NY Congress impeach him at some point later this year or early next. They can’t have this hovering over the midterms.
  12. I read online that there was a rash of catalytic converter thefts across town in the Budd Lake area recently. I know it's happening all over the country.
  13. No, and apples to oranges. Deer have been hunted continually in NJ and most everyone in the state knows they need management (hunting). Their hunt is codified under the Game Code as is all the other game we hunt with exception of black bears. However, there is a deer management plan, but it is fully implemented. The "old" black bear hunt ended something like back in 1973 and much more recently, the SCI lawsuit that went all the way to the NJ Supreme Court in favor of the hunt created the Comprehensive Black Bear Management Plan. That plan was renewed recently, but the current DEP Commissioner, being a highly political animal herself, refuses to sign it which ends the hunt. She has no such power over the other game animals.
  14. I agree. For every post about "Block X is the best", there are others that will tell you that Block X sucks. It's just like vehicles (Ford, Dodge, GM). In my experiences over a long time, bears will eat them all and deer may or may not find a preference if the bears leave them anything to eat.
  15. Don’t forget Brent, my favorite keyboardist for the Dead. Happy birthday, Jerry
  16. Bears will not bother Pinch Point much, but ANY block will be carried off within the hour where I hunt by one of a dozen bears we see regularly.
  17. I disagree with several points. You were trying to compare Alaska which is the only state in the United States with a completely intact ecosystem and all of the animals still present in the same general numbers as when white men first entered that state with New Jersey which is the most densely populated state in the nation and has too many bears compared to humans which causes great conflict. Alaska does not have that problem whatsoever. New Jersey created a management hunt whereas Alaska is a sporting hunt and not designed to control numbers as New Jersey’s hunt is. Or should I say was? NJ does not have more antis now than it did before the hunts. Antis make up about the same percentage of citizens as hunters which is 1%. In poll after poll the 98% that are not hunters or antis poll in the majority that they support a hunt to curb bear numbers. We have an activist Governor and that is the only issue, not which bears we shoot when a season is open.
  18. We leave political posts up not until a leftie complains (we get more complaints from those not on the left FYI), we take them down when we see 7 or 12 pages with the same five or so posters going back and forth as if any of them had a chance of changing the minds of others. Otherwise we try to leave posts like this up.
  19. That sea bass was exactly 1/2” longer than the jig it was caught on.
  20. Not necessarily. But in this case it was an outside vendor issue and the Division addressed it the same day they learned about it.
  21. Yes, and Keith just confirmed to me he got that as well as from me. He’s handling it now.
  22. Already done. BTW, there was nothing stopping you from doing what you are preaching….
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