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  1. Movement is the killer, trying to get ready for the shot before they are in tight saves many birds lives. Better off having slightly raised cover around you to mask your movements than being covered and having to react.
  2. Everyone thought that Terminator was a joke, just look at the robots that have been created in the past few years with the ability to think & evolve . Many dismiss the past but that's what leads to demise.
  3. Module is available found them on ebay plus some dealers still have them kicking around. It's nuts that every cam had a specific design.
  4. Ok been out 3 times without seeing a deer. What I changed this year was I've been taking out my Satori that has been my 3d killer all summer. Also been using different clothes. I know that might sound stupid but next hunt using my Great Plains Rio Bravo that killed plenty of critters last season! Also going back to my old hunting clothes. Forgot how nice it was to shoot a 1 piece wooden bow. Short, fast & quiet may the hunting Gods smile on me on the next hunt!
  5. Could put a package together, arrows with broad heads along with everything else listed. I don't have a case for it that would fit.
  6. 3rd time I've been out, still not a deer 🦌 to be seen!
  7. Going out in 16 maybe 3rd time will be the charm!
  8. Just been sitting not being used ever since I went completely Trad . Elite Energy 35 2 sets of limbs 65 & 70 Fuse single pin sight Night hawk drop away rest Currently with 30.5" draw module but can be changed with different modules All black or black with Kuiu Veride limbs Truglo Extreme thumb release Asking $475.00 or best offer Located in Jackson
  9. He looks like the squirrel in Ice Age movie!
  10. Yup it's bad this year, went out for the first time yesterday afternoon couldn't take but a couple of hours due to the rotting smell filling my blind. Checked my cam one fawn, couple of young bucks. Normally would have close to 10-15 does, not this year.
  11. Girls are great, mine is 12 now and she loves going out. The nice thing is you get to buy double the hunting equipment and you can't catch grief for it because it's not just for you! Enjoy every moment they really grow up quickly!!!
  12. Good luck, I have a job that ran over till tomorrow 😒
  13. It's adjustable with different modules currently set at 30.5"
  14. I have an elite answer 35 with 2 sets of limbs. 60lb set and 70 lb set complete with Fuse single pin & vapor rest
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