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  1. Rompola Buck

    Here is a southern Ontario buck sho 2 yrs ago . The similarities are there so why wouldn't his buck be real.
  2. A visitor from the past

    Too many have forgotten what was sacrificed for the freedom that was fought for, sad but true!
  3. White wing recurve

    I have a #40 Tioga that I plan on using for hunting, picked this up because for $40.00 couldn't go wrong! This bow will be primarily used for 3D possibly for a hunt just not sure yet.
  4. White wing recurve

  5. White wing recurve

    I'll post more pics soon it's #35 , 66" from what I read these bows are supposed to be great shooters.
  6. White wing recurve

    Ok trad guys bought this white wing recurve, plan on bringing her back to her glory. The thing that I can't seem to find on another recurve is that the riser has a cutout. Anyone ever see this before?
  7. how is it I can lose a crow?

    They're tougher than you think, we use to shoot couple hundred a day during the winter weeks when they've flocked up and roost by the thousands. Of course this was in Southern Ontario Essex county know for the great numbers of roosting crows in the winter. #5 lead would usually stone them out to about 55yrds, but plenty of time you'd think they were dead and they'd be walking around.
  8. Handgun Canada

    I'd check with Canadian Customs they're super tough on those crossing with handguns, long guns you need to have all the proper paperwork with you or they'll either confiscate them or turn you around and deny access.
  9. Dipped and fletched arrows

    They look great, how does it hold up when it's time to clean & re-fletch?
  10. 02/17/18 - So who is out there for the last time?

    Thanks for whoever rotated my pic.
  11. 02/17/18 - So who is out there for the last time?

    Went out in 15 those golf course deer know exactly what to do ! Did see this nice red doing his thing.
  12. How do your spouse/kids feel about hunting

    My wife doesn't hunt but supports me 100% , actually met her when I came here on a deer hunt. Didn't kill a deer that trip but ended up with the love of my life 25 yrs this fall! My daughter loves going out with me whatever type of hunting I do, she's anxious to get her first kill and cheers when we hunt together because "tasty deer just hit the ground " those are her words.
  13. I am an idiot

    It could have been much worse, broken back or neck so a wrist isn't a big deal in hindsight, all the best to you.
  14. For You Snake Lovers

    Plenty of boot material!
  15. Presidential Portrait Fail

    This is what happens when you choose skin color to do your portrait instead of quality of their skill. This sure as hell doesn't look like Mooochelle!!!