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  1. Canadian Bacon

    Door install cost

    Maximuss66 is correct, know this first hand for I did millwork for Lowes. Capping, dump fee pack out is extra. It's about the going price some will charge more but doesn't mean that you're getting a better job. I'm still an installer for Lowes but just strictly do shower doors instead.
  2. Canadian Bacon

    Opinions on head on or quartering to shots

    It's like you said I've done it several times and they go probably 25-35 max before piling up.
  3. Canadian Bacon


    Thanks see you soon
  4. Canadian Bacon


    Booner I'll take em I'm in Jackson. I shoot traditional and go through plenty of feathers
  5. Canadian Bacon

    Broken to my core

    When it's our kids it's extremely hard to not be overly emotional, you sound like a great dad keep your spirits up & her's. Kids are resilient get her the best care that you can & DON'T rely on the opinion of just 1 doctor. The best to you and your family.
  6. Call me.  732-244-4362.  Available most of the time.  Ron

  7. Canadian Bacon

    12 gauge ammo - FREE

    I'll take it, when is a good time to meet.
  8. Canadian Bacon

    Anyone out in this heat today?

    Moved a ladder stand to an area that deer funnel through. Got home soaked from sweat my daughter looks at me and says " man you stink, what have you been up to?"
  9. Canadian Bacon

    You Open Your Tent Flap See This

    He seems pretty uninterested as far as what's around him, that being said I certainly wouldn't want to make him curious as what is looking back at him. I'd honestly be thinking of every prayer 🙏🏻 I could think of, wondering if anyone could identify anything that would be left after he's done ripping me apart!
  10. Canadian Bacon

    Grab Bar Install into Beveled Tile and Wonderboard

    Spade bits keep them cool by dunking them in water every couple of seconds, don't start with the largest bit first thinking your going to get done faster for your just slowing yourself down. Over bore the holes and use the anchors mentioned above. Most of those are rated at 285 lbs per anchor in the 3/16" size that's just in drywall not counting that tile & wonder board increased that figure. Plus you're going to have 6 of them so you're good.
  11. Canadian Bacon

    Which are you using on the opener?

    Recurve if I manage to get out.
  12. Well it change your body chemistry to make ya light in the loafers & a giggle in your step? I wouldn't chance this stuff touching my clothes then my body!!🤣🤣🤣🤣
  13. Canadian Bacon

    Bow misc stuff

    What spine are those arrows?
  14. Canadian Bacon

    Single or Both Eyes Open to Shoot

    Both eyes open, compound, recurve or shotguns. For those who never tried it give it a go you're going to find you pick up the target faster and clearer. I'm sure plenty already know this but your taget is supposed to be clear and you're sight will be slightly blurred but you're going to be more accurate.
  15. Canadian Bacon


    First time deer hunting in Michigan, was up the tree well before daylight. My anticipation was high so I was on pins & needles not knowing what to expect. About 10 minutes later the most God awful screeching, along with what sounded like claws raking across sheet metal. I was frozen stiff! Turned out to be 2 porcupines fighting in a metal sided deer shack that was near my stand.