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  1. So you're calling me pond scum that rose to the surface? You can have your liberal views don't really care grew up with libs I was the only conservative so little petty things don't bother me. But make no mistake biden harris will make this country nothing but a country full of illegals that hopefully will bring down you and your lib ideas
  2. So the ones that say "let's give him a chance " are you happy that he eliminates 70,00 jobs on his first day!! Wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I honestly don't know how anyone can say with a straight face he won honestly so let's give him a chance. They have been wanting complete control and now they have it, live in denial if you need too about what is going to happen. I've lived in socialism where they say it's for the good of society but never trust for taxes will rise, your voice will not matter. The change will come fast for them it's already started with all the executive orders he signed within hours. They have the power and they aim to retain it in perpetuity. People say elections matter but can anyone say that this one
  4. Will be going out till end of season, nothing but buttons showing up every time I'm out would rather kill a young doe so buttons are safe.
  5. George Beurling had the farthest confirmed kill over 800 yards. That's firing .303 so his lead must have been something outrageous! All caught on camera otherwise he wouldn't have been believed.
  6. Germans had to fly until they died or weren't able to anymore. They didn't have any sort of rotation plus they racked up many kills in Spain where they honed the techniques & skills against a much less well armed air force. They had to be ruthless to stay alive.
  7. They are nice guns, have a BSS sitting in Ontario that my dad just gave me but can't do anything about it because of the new important laws . Would cost me more than the gun is worth 😫!
  8. Yup kitty waiting for an idiot to sit down and take a rest with back turned to it!
  9. did you build them? Did you use a Great Plains bow as a template? The only reason I'm asking is because I have a Rio Bravo that looks almost identical. Great work if those are ones you personally made!
  10. Have had a great few months since picking up that bow from you, 3 deer so far and this fox! Plus having some great scores in 3d. I absolutely love this bow!
  11. Shot this one with Bear Razor Heads that I traded some other broadheads with Bone Collector 85 for. Easy to sharpen and left a great blood trail.
  12. First fox ever with a bow! It's been showing up on camera last couple of days so decided that a deer hunt was in order. Never thought that I'd ever get an opportunity for a fox. Just sitting there in my blind and all of a sudden all hell broke loose. Squirrel's jumping up onto trees barking like mad and then the orange streak running around chasing the last one that wanted a few more kernels of corn. Quickly mouth squeaked she stopped perfectly broadside about 18 yards. She was starring intently at the blind full alert, drew back focus on the elbow and watched that chartreuse fletching d
  13. Why do all you skinny guys sell your stuff that temps us big guys but we can never fit in it!!!!!
  14. My wife & myself celebrated by watching Die Hard , we both noticed it was after midnight when we could hear fireworks outside.
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