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  1. Canadian Bacon

    Chest Wader Advice

    Just to let you know I'm a big guy also, neoprene waders give & stretch are warm but can be prone to knicks & cuts. FYI: I have a brown set and when my wife saw me in them she almost died laughing "you look like a giant turd" so be forewarned they will fit snugly!!
  2. Canadian Bacon

    Jet Sled?

    Have mine for a few years now, use it to clean the yard, haul wood, best thing to drag out deer plus as an added feature my daughter & I both fit in it when we sled! EBBEA08A-47E6-4FF3-B59F-462CBA885C56.MOV
  3. Canadian Bacon

    My target buck working a doe!!!

    Well she's just following the new trend of using life like dolls!
  4. Canadian Bacon

    What do you consider a shoulder mount worthy deer?

    The deer that I killed today with my daughter will be done, it's something very special to us both!
  5. Canadian Bacon

    First deer kill with my daughter.

    Thanks, we've seen bigger deer but when this guy presents himself broadside at 17 yards and her eyes were popping out of my daughters head I wasn't going to hesitate!
  6. Canadian Bacon

    First deer kill with my daughter.

    We went out for pheasant in the morning didn't see anything so called it a day. Came home and my daughter said why don't try for deer instead. She was completely ecstatic when I dropped him for it was the first time she saw me shoot a deer.
  7. Canadian Bacon

    ROOKIE MOVES/List them here!

    Getting all the decoys set for an opening day of waterfowl, get back into the blind looked at my cousin and said " it's almost shooting light hand me my gun ". well he looked at me and said "I thought you still had them in the boat " ! We ended up leaving them in the truck, nothing pisses off a bunch of duck hunters than a jackass ripping down a canal spooking everything out of the marsh at legal shooting light!
  8. Canadian Bacon

    Halloween freak show round 2

    These are the kind of bucks that you're never going to forget, I'd rather shoot something unique like that even if it's smaller than a typical rack. Good luck on your pursuit!
  9. Canadian Bacon

    duck hunting is... hard

    The fighter jets of edible ducks are broadbills, the cut the wind hard and fly fast!! Go for them and your really going to be surprised how fast and maneuverable a bird with stubby wings can be. Nice brace of woodies.
  10. Canadian Bacon

    Monmouth county bobcat?

    The way to take them out is there's one bolt that holds the whole thing together, it's in the back... it's true for I saw it on Bugs Bunny with Chip & Dale.
  11. Canadian Bacon

    Door install cost

    Maximuss66 is correct, know this first hand for I did millwork for Lowes. Capping, dump fee pack out is extra. It's about the going price some will charge more but doesn't mean that you're getting a better job. I'm still an installer for Lowes but just strictly do shower doors instead.
  12. Canadian Bacon

    Opinions on head on or quartering to shots

    It's like you said I've done it several times and they go probably 25-35 max before piling up.
  13. Canadian Bacon


    Thanks see you soon
  14. Canadian Bacon


    Booner I'll take em I'm in Jackson. I shoot traditional and go through plenty of feathers
  15. Canadian Bacon

    Broken to my core

    When it's our kids it's extremely hard to not be overly emotional, you sound like a great dad keep your spirits up & her's. Kids are resilient get her the best care that you can & DON'T rely on the opinion of just 1 doctor. The best to you and your family.