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  1. Canadian Bacon

    Single or Both Eyes Open to Shoot

    Both eyes open, compound, recurve or shotguns. For those who never tried it give it a go you're going to find you pick up the target faster and clearer. I'm sure plenty already know this but your taget is supposed to be clear and you're sight will be slightly blurred but you're going to be more accurate.
  2. Canadian Bacon


    First time deer hunting in Michigan, was up the tree well before daylight. My anticipation was high so I was on pins & needles not knowing what to expect. About 10 minutes later the most God awful screeching, along with what sounded like claws raking across sheet metal. I was frozen stiff! Turned out to be 2 porcupines fighting in a metal sided deer shack that was near my stand.
  3. Canadian Bacon

    Climber Recommendation

    I use the Summit Titan but I'm a big guy 6'2" 310lbs and it's roomy and extremely stable.
  4. Canadian Bacon

    Hoboken Deer

    You can tell when someone isn't familiar with critters for its a full grown doe!
  5. Canadian Bacon

    Wing Gull

    Ok trad guys found this one and couldn't pass it up. It still has its original string, original wing rest & box! Since I'm not originally from here some of you may recognize the label on the box.
  6. Canadian Bacon

    GUILT OVERLOAD - I have a confession!

    You do realize that it was all down hill after the "back waxing " incident!
  7. Canadian Bacon

    Urban Pheasant Habitat

    I was referring to the WMA's I know that NJ would never put habitat before tax dollars , someone has to pay for illegals, pensions and the rest of the bullshit that goes along with this state. It's only ever going to be about revenue in this state, quality of life doesn't apply when everything is for sale or barter if it's beneficial to tax revenue in the short run.
  8. Canadian Bacon

    Urban Pheasant Habitat

    It's funny how the birds have adapted to a city that once was a thriving metropolis and now is a destroyed shell of a city. They bulldozed hundreds of city blocks to keep out the crack heads & squatters and wildlife came pouring back in. They have deer, fox, songbirds in abundance now living there. New Jersey doesn't put the effort into closing certain areas to let the birds establish, here it's about dollars not restoration. In Detroit the only Urban hunting that goes on is human. If they didn't slash & burn all the fields every year it would give them cover to nest and raise the chicks , those birds need cover but thick cover doesn't convert to dollars for guys complaining that it's too thick to hunt! I grew up in Southern Ontario 40 minutes from Detroit, it use to be the Pheasant capital of Canada, just like South Dakota but as the cover was destroyed fence lines went from being 20-25' wide to 3' due to farming practices and high cost of production. The birds literally disappeared in 3-5 years down to nothing. We use to see 40-60 wild birds in a 2 hour hunt down to 1-2 in a week. It doesn't take alot of effort it takes commitment the birds just like the deer will thrive but the human mindset needs to change.
  9. Canadian Bacon

    Rompola Buck

    Here is a southern Ontario buck sho 2 yrs ago . The similarities are there so why wouldn't his buck be real.
  10. Canadian Bacon

    A visitor from the past

    Too many have forgotten what was sacrificed for the freedom that was fought for, sad but true!
  11. Canadian Bacon

    White wing recurve

    I have a #40 Tioga that I plan on using for hunting, picked this up because for $40.00 couldn't go wrong! This bow will be primarily used for 3D possibly for a hunt just not sure yet.
  12. Canadian Bacon

    White wing recurve

  13. Canadian Bacon

    White wing recurve

    I'll post more pics soon it's #35 , 66" from what I read these bows are supposed to be great shooters.
  14. Canadian Bacon

    White wing recurve

    Ok trad guys bought this white wing recurve, plan on bringing her back to her glory. The thing that I can't seem to find on another recurve is that the riser has a cutout. Anyone ever see this before?
  15. Canadian Bacon

    how is it I can lose a crow?

    They're tougher than you think, we use to shoot couple hundred a day during the winter weeks when they've flocked up and roost by the thousands. Of course this was in Southern Ontario Essex county know for the great numbers of roosting crows in the winter. #5 lead would usually stone them out to about 55yrds, but plenty of time you'd think they were dead and they'd be walking around.