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  1. they won't come to you unless it's a very large load. better off just taking it in yourself.
  2. That's a beautiful setup! It's also an honor that it bears your name and the 911 commemoration. If I could would be all over it but just can't swing it at this time 😫😫! GLWS
  3. Canadian Bacon

    bubba wallace

    political correctness is the downfall of society, throw in anarchy with complete lawlessness and it leads us to where we are at the moment.
  4. As others have said completely normal, those are primary leaves, they can get wind burned because they are so tender but it doesn't mean anything. Speaking from experience, was a commercial greenhouse grower of English Seedless cucumbers back in Ontario.
  5. This is what happened at Dairy Queen in Clarksburg. Hell of a wind.
  6. I did the same thing gave up the compound, it's certainly whole other thing when it's just you, your fingers and the visual sight picture without pins. But it's just plain fun won't take you long to extend your shooting far beyond what you would do for hunting but that just makes those close encounters easier mentally for you know that your capabilities. Remember one important thing...it's ok to miss! Knowing what you did wrong will improve your skill but everyone misses at some point.
  7. Do that sound in the woods and you won't have any deer within 1/4 mile from your location. Sounds like screech owls mixed with coyotes!
  8. Yup we're all being outsmarted by a bird with a brain the size of a cashew!
  9. If they're going to eat your landscaping you'll quickly change your mind!!
  10. He's going to regret this whole episode in his life, he's given up everything to be with a manipulative bitch who's certainly not giving anything up for him!
  11. Had an idiot on last day of pheasant, my buddy showed up in the parking lot and nobody was there. 20 minutes later a truck pulled in and told him to leave it was his field and his friends were going to show up soon the pheasants were theirs for they only hunt that 1 field. He told him it's public land and he wasn't going to leave, after talking to him for some time he said we could join them in the push for we didn't have any dogs. Well as luck would have it they couldn't shoot anything, finally the guy beside me missed twice on a crossing bird I shoot about 3 seconds later fold it and he screamed out I got him. Thought he was joking till he grabs it and puts it in his vest. Worst thing was the look on my daughter's face looking at him in total disgust and saying "you shot that bird why did he take it " told her it wasn't worth arguing with people that you don't know who are armed over a fancy chicken. His buddies saw what happened but nobody said anything. Public land slobs are everywhere.
  12. Either I'm getting old or mother nature doesn't know what day it is!!! 32 degrees on May 9 wish I had a heater in my blind.
  13. What the HELL was that!! Seems pre-meditated since they were just waiting on the road.
  14. I wish that I could have gotten video of it but my camera operator was asleep in bed. AKA my daughter! All I know is that his beard was dragging on the ground when he was in full strut.
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