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  1. Ok officially old I remember them all!
  2. I too am self employed, same boat been out once with my daughter for an afternoon hunt. We had fun but didn't see a deer, so I know exactly how you feel.
  3. It's our first time out today! Don't expect much but you never know and to boot it's my 24 wedding anniversary.
  4. Thanks Rusty she got the hunting bug bad last year and she wants to go out again this year. She's also studying to get her license for she turned 10.
  5. I've been shooting my bow regularly all year but I'm going to put in a blind tomorrow, hopefully get out for the first time tomorrow afternoon if not then Monday afternoon. My daughter has been itching for me to take her out so either day will be our first sit.
  6. I'm in Jackson so shoot me a pm and we'll set something up.
  7. I have an Apex Pro single pin power dot , they retail for 225 if you're interested
  8. I have one you can have, need to find it
  9. Just wait for them to do this aim a little high! It's a real pic this guy was resting on my target 🤣.
  10. Artie at Just mount it in Bayville 732-930-3934 He also does hydro dipping if you want to add some patten or dress it up
  11. Covert Pro with illuminated dot. Used it for a few months but just doesn't work for me because of my glasses. They retail for about $225.00. Looking to get $100.00. Thanks Dan
  12. Good video, you have way more patience than I do. If that was my video it would only be about 1 minute long would have killed her at first chance lol!
  13. 100 grn swhacker exit wound. Entering at last rib on left side out through brisket. Only shooting 61 lbs at 31" draw.
  14. Layer up and get a Heater Body Suit you're never going to get cold, and have freedom of movement to boot!
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