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  1. I use the original Double Bull T5, can shoot from all positions shooting sitting or kneeling.
  2. Looks like it would be great in a blind for a crossbow.
  3. I have the same bow love mine best bow I could find in a 31" draw.
  4. https://youtu.be/2IEFdV1frGk Well let's see if this works.
  5. Bought one last year just to try something new, after the rebate & it happened to be on sale just $120.00 out of pocket! It's definitely an accurate crossbow, the trigger does have a long pull but isn't annoying. Got it to help get my daughter into shooting archery for she loves shooting the rifle so this is more up her ally than a traditional bow for the time being. Shot a groundhog last week with it, all I can say is that it's deadly , not sure if I would hunt with it only because I truly enjoy shooting traditional & compound. Oh who am I kidding I probably will use it if it's freezing and I'm bundled up like "Randy" and can't draw a regular bow.
  6. Can't wait to see what he looks like when his belly hair finally grows back, can't believe that they fix them when they're so young.
  7. I know that there's cat guys on here, got him last week for my birthday/ father's day present. Captain Calvin .
  8. I've used them for a couple of years, most deer don't go past 40 yards before piling up. You can see 2" plus exit on this buck.
  9. They just sent out an email saying it by mistake.
  10. Last year our car was being serviced, had to return the rental and it was coon the weekend so we had to walk to our car that was 2 miles away. Just happened that on that day it was 90 and sunny so I told my daughter that I was going to call an Uber. We found some shade and I noticed that a cop was in the adjacent parking lot so I went over and asked him if it was possible to give us a ride for my daughter was ready to pass out from the heat and a ride couldn't be there for some time. Without hesitation he gave us a ride, didn't finish his lunch just put it on the passenger side and made sure we got our vehicle. I tried several times to buy him a coffee but he just said he was glad to help.
  11. I've met Ted a couple of times in Michigan at the bowhunters jamboree, he's actually a nice guy who'll spend time with you but if you're not into his personality he can come across wrong.
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