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  1. It's a great round, little recoil and accurate. I have a one that I put a synthetic stock on.
  2. One crazy looking beast! Brian Butcher Kansas deer.
  3. Took this picture today, the haze was so thick that you could look at the sun with sunglasses. You can actually see the flames around the sun.
  4. Thin them out, where they are double reduce to one better quality and larger peaches. This is from experience we had a small orchard of 400 trees.
  5. They're great been buying Angus at Walmart for years now, just can't beat their prices!
  6. Seeing the thread before had to go out and get one! My daughter & I are going to share this one.
  7. Whatch you talkin about Willis ? Wes speak fine, it are spellin that's aint so good!
  8. She wasn't messing around!
  9. I'm originally from Canada and my physical appearance let's you know that I love bacon!!
  10. Holiday City in Toms River have seen some giants while working in there.
  11. yup pretty sure most can't even define the meaning
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