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  1. Last year our car was being serviced, had to return the rental and it was coon the weekend so we had to walk to our car that was 2 miles away. Just happened that on that day it was 90 and sunny so I told my daughter that I was going to call an Uber. We found some shade and I noticed that a cop was in the adjacent parking lot so I went over and asked him if it was possible to give us a ride for my daughter was ready to pass out from the heat and a ride couldn't be there for some time. Without hesitation he gave us a ride, didn't finish his lunch just put it on the passenger side and made sure we got our vehicle. I tried several times to buy him a coffee but he just said he was glad to help.
  2. I've met Ted a couple of times in Michigan at the bowhunters jamboree, he's actually a nice guy who'll spend time with you but if you're not into his personality he can come across wrong.
  3. My wife's neurologist wanted her to try it for her chronic unrelenting muscular pain, told her about this topic and she said no damb way that she will register if she's going to be denied her 2nd amendment right!! This woman is in constant pain but in no way will she relinquish her rights.
  4. This stuff is made in Windsor Ontario, I grew up 20 minutes from the plant had friends that worked there. Definitely should be enjoyed.
  5. Ya but at least we don't talk like we have a mouthful of marbles! 🤣
  6. was bill also short? Could be an Aleutian Canada goose that got displaced by a storm.
  7. Good luck I know that I can't seem to take this kind of cold anymore!
  8. First big game animal was a doe. 90lbs dressed. October 4th 1995, High Country Ultra Extreme, 100 grn muzzy, 2413 shaft. 32 yrd shot 25yrd recovery. It's vivid in my mind to this day, 3 days later got married to my sweet lovely wife. Would do it all over again she's supporting, and has always supported me with hunting.
  9. My doors were frozen shut on my work truck had to use our family vehicle for work today!
  10. Don't know I personally never had a problem with Kip, will need to find someone else around here. Don't know of anybody near Jackson.
  11. I'm in, it's a nice offer and a handsome looking knife.
  12. You're either a glutton for punishment or served time in a Russian prison , why would you subject yourself to this punishment again!!
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