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  1. Canadian Bacon

    Newbie decoy spread question .

    Ya but at least we don't talk like we have a mouthful of marbles! 🤣
  2. Canadian Bacon

    white winged Canada goose pics

    was bill also short? Could be an Aleutian Canada goose that got displaced by a storm.
  3. Canadian Bacon

    Last day hail Mary

    Good luck I know that I can't seem to take this kind of cold anymore!
  4. Canadian Bacon

    Your first big game

    First big game animal was a doe. 90lbs dressed. October 4th 1995, High Country Ultra Extreme, 100 grn muzzy, 2413 shaft. 32 yrd shot 25yrd recovery. It's vivid in my mind to this day, 3 days later got married to my sweet lovely wife. Would do it all over again she's supporting, and has always supported me with hunting.
  5. Canadian Bacon

    Start Your Vehicles ASAP

    My doors were frozen shut on my work truck had to use our family vehicle for work today!
  6. Canadian Bacon

    Hunters Butcher Permanently Closed

  7. Canadian Bacon

    Hunters Butcher Permanently Closed

    Don't know I personally never had a problem with Kip, will need to find someone else around here. Don't know of anybody near Jackson.
  8. Canadian Bacon

    January 2019 NJW&W Giveaway! WINNER Selected!

    I'm in, it's a nice offer and a handsome looking knife.
  9. Canadian Bacon

    merganser part deux

    You're either a glutton for punishment or served time in a Russian prison , why would you subject yourself to this punishment again!!
  10. You don't!!! They're strictly fish eaters.
  11. Canadian Bacon

    Ok Rack and Nice Beaver!!!!!

    True 😁
  12. Canadian Bacon

    Ok Rack and Nice Beaver!!!!!

    Much better post than guys talking about getting neutered!!!
  13. Canadian Bacon

    Darton Maverick ll SOLD!

    Can you get longer modules or is it a cam change?
  14. Canadian Bacon

    That sucks

    Well that was unexpected!
  15. Canadian Bacon

    Traditions/superstitions that bring you luck.....

    I've had the same face mask that I have used for the last 24yrs.